THE NEW LIFE… twinj – fs – Part 3

THE NEW LIFE….Twinj-fs
(Love created it)..
Finally, I found the reason to live….Till today , I was living without a reason and finally got the new reason to live. Kunj, I love him and today I found the real Kunj. Although he is child of big businessman, he didn’t accept his family business and followed his dream. And you know he has one best friend also, Yuvraj. They are best friends since their childhood, like us but actually not like us because we are sisters right Mahi. You know Kunj rarely smile and laughs. He has already killed his happiness and he is alive till now because of his art and his best friend yuvraj. So now Kunj will live a life. The new life which will be colourful, childish and full of joy. I will make him alive, spiritually. You know Mahi, he doesn’t believe in love because he never got love from his parents. His big brother is like Shadow of his father so his father loved his brother only but not him. His mother is no more living. So, he never got love except his best friend yuvraj…….
Common Di, now don’t drop your tears for his past. Now make your future with him with full of happiness and new colour of love and joy. I know you will be able to make your place in his heart. By the way no-one can live without loving you. You are sweet so.

Really , ab to diabetes hi ho jayega. Never mind we both are sweet so our mom has diabetes???? .
(Twinkle and Mahi were sisters with the interval of 2 years. They were bought up by their mom only . Their father had died in car accident. Their mother was like friend for them. They both were free to do anything but not wrong thing. Both the girls never took their freedom into negative path. Kunj and Yuvi were childhood best friend who can do anything for each other. Kunj was serious man but Yuvi was just opposite. He was positive and he could do anything for his best friend and so was Kunj. Let’s see their talk.)
Yuvi, you know she has sister also. I think so you need to meet her. We both will marry two sisters and be together in same house.

Pagal ho Gaya he Tu ( in angry tone), I hate such jokes. This Yuvi was her and will remain of her. What happened then if she is not with me, I can feel her here, her smell. I can hear her laughter. I will not love someone else.. (There was a moment of silence there which was broken by Yuvi, again hidding his tears and seeing that Kunj was hurt.)
Finally you agreed that you love twinkle bhavi. And no girl can handle me not even her sister.
When I said I love her…
Then from where in your mind the thought of marriage came. By the way accept it that you love her, Kunj Sarna.
(Blushing), when I said that I love her. I think so due to the lectures of your hitler, you got hearing problem. I am feeling tired and I already told about her and her sister, Mahi. Good night, yuvi. And Yuvi move on, Began your new life and day after tomorrow we 4 are going for movie.
Wow.. Yaar. By the way I have moved on (smiling). And who 4 are going.
Twinkle and me , Mahi and You.
(That news was like disaster to Yuvi. He began to fight with Kunj but agreed. Hope now both two boys will find the new reason to live…)

Thank you everyone for your familiar response on previous writing……hope you all will like this also…

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  1. Presha

    Loved it..
    Post soon…
    Love u..

    1. Shina

      Thank you..

  2. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome but a bit confusing
    Kunj love twinkle and uv also love twinkle. Than what about mahi
    Any ways amazing. Post next soon

    1. Shina

      Actually I am trying something new….then the actual serial…

  3. Twinj

    Hey billu
    Literally very suprised to see u so soon…yah u broke ur record…. very suprised…again a blast…muahhhhhhhhhh ?????????????????…..apreciate ur writing… new life… begining of new life… pyaar toh dono ko hochuka hae twinkI ko bhi aur kunj ko bhi asb to sirf yuhi bache hae…uv aur mahi ki luv stry bhi jaldi start hojaye toh????… awesome..I guess it shkukd be twinj n yuhi fs…yuhi luv stry bhi hae na…. god diabetes????… so means to say u too should have diabetes as I am very sweet?? but mean whike u are bitter so my sweetness is balancing ur bitterness??…. hae ki nahi…so don’t be late next time as well…movie time hmmm…hate u as always my janglli…

    1. Shina

      Thank you chuchundri… u are salty… because salt is tasty then sugar right…I was always a good writer ???????…
      And love you too??????

  4. SidMin23

    Nice post soon

    1. Shina

      Thank you

  5. amazing episode
    post soon

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      Thank you…..I will try to post as soon as possible

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  7. Ramya

    Awesome one dear

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      Thank you so much ???

    1. Shina

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  8. Baby

    loved it shina ♥
    cute n osm ♥

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