THE NEW LIFE… twinj – fs – Part 1

(Love created it)…

This is my life as Kunj Sarna as an artist or painter in common word. I am an artist or in common word dreamer. I imagine many things and bring that imagination into the realistic world in the form of art, painting and colour it with different colours whether dark or light colour. But there is one problem, I am a good artist but it is very difficult for me to sell a single piece also. It is so because each time when I draw any new art, although I colour it with beautiful colour it look incomplete. I don’t know, why? It looks like dead or withering flower. There is always something that is missing in it and my art look incomplete like me, sad, unhappy and something that has lost its worth. There is only reason that I am alive is because of my art, in hope that one day it will be alive, happy and complete.
February 14,
Today is Valentine’s day. All of my friends were busy with their so called girlfriends, wasting money unnecessarily for gifts, breakfast, lunch, date… Thanks to God!!! I don’t have girlfriends…but I was also busy with my soulmate, my art.
But today something strange happened. A new feeling waked up in my heart. It was absolutely new for me. Her eyes, was like sea in full moon night which was glittering, revealing the beauty of peace, happiness, satisfaction, when at the same time I was moon who was drinking every drop of that beauty. Her smile was like a medicine which has power to heal every pain of heart. When her thick black hair was playing or actually teasing her and when she was removing her hair from her face, I felt as if someone is removing darkness and inviting golden morning. She was like a breeze because whenever her beauty touch my face, I felt as if my brain relax there, my eyes would be fresh and there is love everywhere. She was childish and naughty like small baby. She loved children. I saw her distributing sweets to children, playing with them and spreading love and celebrating valentine’s day…Her name was Twinkle Taneja…
Wait….Why am I describing her beauty. Kunj, it is just an attraction. Seriously, then why my heart is always remembering her? Why I stepped out from my taxi and went that orphanage just to join her? Why I asked her to be my friend? Why was I speechless when she was talking to me? Damn!!! What is happening to me. Why am I eagerly waiting for these 12 hours to be passed so that I could meet her. Am I in love???? No, I can’t… I should not. Love always give pain. It will be the reason for people weakness. I must control my heart before the love disease attack me. We can be just good friend. My heart is saying no, but why?
(But today one thing strange happened to Kunj. Today, the art he made was beautiful, it looked happy. Today there was a little life in his art. It was reflecting love, peace, happiness. The art was looking beautiful…..the full moon just touching the sea and it’s silver reflection on the see was the symbol that the artist was happy, after long time….❤❤❤)

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  1. marvellous

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

    post soonest can’t wait to read the next

    love u a lot


    1. Shina

      Thank you a lot…..and love u too….
      Thank you again for your nice response….

  2. nice awsm written

    1. Shina

      Thank you…..

  3. Presha

    Loved it…
    Post soon

    1. Shina

      Thank you for your good response…..

  4. Twinj

    Hey billu
    Welcome to the tEI tu family…tumhe toh pata he hoga yaha sab log crazu hae…coz u know how crazy I am????…like what did u write gosh…..u wtite superb…the way u described twinkle’s beauty was awesome….I never thought someones beauty could be described in a such a beautiful way…seriously I am in a phrase of being ur fan…u nailed it….love it muahhhhhh????? new life …..marvellous….post asap…post asap…warning!!!!…I swear I will iritate u so much if u won’t post asap…plzzz post asap…..hate ya billu….

    1. Shina

      Ty…..chuchu….I love you toooo

    1. Shina

      Thank you

  5. Sohi

    Very amazing plot dear
    Are you new hear

    Welcome to tei telly updates
    Ur really a nice writer
    Do continue

    1. Shina

      Thank you…..yes I m new….and thank you for your familiar response…

  6. Hey shina
    That was just so awesome….kunj a painter the plot seems interesting…new life…hope their love story starts very soon….welcome to the family…post soon….

  7. Wow awesome
    Love your writing style
    The way u described everything was perfect

  8. Ramya

    Hey it’s just amazing
    The way u described is super

  9. Baby

    ohhhh my goodness………..♥
    srsly loved it…….♥
    kya likhti ho yr…..kahan gayab thiiiiiiiii……..♥
    itne time se kun nhi likha well……♥
    welcome to tei family……….♥
    srsly hahaha friends…….?
    mein toh baat hi aisiiee kr rhi hun jaisiiee saalon purine dosti hai humari……….hahaha…..♥
    loved it……♥
    beautiful ♥
    lods of love…….♥

  10. Nishfd

    Fabulous. …
    Its beautifully written. ..
    Love it. .

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