New life by my prince (part-2)

Hey guys meet me moni. Thank u for your response. Now i will start my ff.

Ayaan mehra.

Joyful, fun loving, most eligible bachelor in california. Every girl in St. Lans college will die for him. But ayaan never sees anyone. Now also he laughed at myrah by the way she is looking at him.

Myrah got angry on him by his laughing she thought to scold him but before she tried to speak he goes from there. She then remember her friends are waiting for her & she goes to meet them.

By seeing them she goes to them at locker.

“Sam! Jay!” She embraced them both into tight hug.

“Myrah!!!” They both shouted by hugging back her.

Myrah : So where are u both going first?

She wants any one should be with her in lesson.

Jay after thinking says he have to go for sports. Jay also loves rugby but americans will not play rugby but football. So he joined their.

Sam says that she have to go for drama because she is a drama queen.

Jay: So what are you having myrah?

Myrah: Oh i forgot to check myself. Then she checked her time table & she mumbles by seeing it. Because it’s maths & she hates it.

She began to make a fake cry by shaking her shoulders. Both sam & jay tries to pat her shoulder & suddenly all three of them burst out
in laugh.

Myrah thinks that she had met them only 2 weeks back but they just behave like her besties.

Samantha Joseph she is so sweet and simple. She has a deep browned eyes which dance sometimes with joy. She had a sun touched skin cheeks with dimples with s*xy & juicy light pink lips. She had a perfect curved body with height of 5’5.

Jay is of 6 feet muscular body by playing football. He looks most handsome by his knockout smile , with strong blond hair with spikes & brown eyes .

As soon as bell rangs, we all says good bye to each other & leaves to respected classes. By going to class myrah stopped in middle because she don’t know where to go & she forgot to ask sam & jay details. Great.

She goes around the halls by following numbering systems & suddenly she will hit a huge wall & misses her balance & falls down.

“Awwww….today is the worst day in my life i think.” Oh my god it was not a wall but her prince charming ayaan. May be about 6ft 4 inch & he was hot.

Myrah’s pov

Her eyes slowing goes on his god like physique, from his tight black top showing off his hard muscles. Wow he must have been a model by
his face. He had light haze eyes that could melt anyone’s heart as it did to me. And non forgettable those lush pink lips, so so so kissable. I just want to go close to him move my
fingers into his rough & short hair pushing his lips into mine.

She observes a grin on his face & she got to
know y because he notices her starring at him. She shook her head to come out of her day dreaming.

Myrah : Hey watch you before going.

She tries to act cool to cover her

Ayyan: Hello i am here since a long time u r the one who dashed me. He says smiling wide.

Myrah : Whatever i just need to go to class. She tried to push him but failed because he drags her close to him & holds her by her waist.

Ayaan: Wow wait a sec little leopard r u from india. I got it from your accent.

But she didn’t listen to him she was busy in releasing herself from his grip. Suddenly she realised one word.

Myrah : did u just call me leopard? She pulled back faced him angry in her voice & raised finger on his face.

Ayaan: Now i am sure that you are from india. By the u are looking s*xy too.

She get confused he was looking her up to down like eye raping. Lastly he stared at her face into her deep blue eyes. It was bit awkward for her. She tries to make herself comfortable by tucking her long hair back of her ear & trying to hide her blushing.

She talks to herself that ” he says that i am s*xy wow” she smiles cutely.

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