A New Life-part 4

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Part 4

Six months later….

Anika is seen walking down the dark hallway towards her room. She opens the door to see Shivay sleeping already. She walks up to the foot of the bed and picks up her pillow and blanket and goes over to the couch to sleep. As she lays down to rest all she can do was reminisce on the last few months.

The first four months after the hearing of their divorce case, Anika had moved into the Oberoi guest house. She paid her rent to Dadi and through Dadi had also started paying her debt off to Shivay. When Anika had left the Oberoi mansion after signing the divorce papers, she had found a job in a small event planning business where she was one of the event organizers. With Dadi’s permission she continued working there after the hearing. She would leave in the morning and come late at night. Some days she would stay home if she didn’t have to be anywhere and those days were filled with laughter as OmRu, Priyanka, Sowmya and sometimes even Dadi and Janvi would join the group. They would talk nonsense and just have a good and fun time.

Anika didn’t step inside the Oberoi mansion unless Dadi through OmRu called her to come for some work. Usually it involved with a family tradition, Pooja, or some event. Anika just usually kept to herself and tried to stay invisible to the family, but with OmRu that was always impossible. She ignored Shivay at all costs unless the work Dadi had for her had to do directly with Shivay but even then she wouldn’t talk to him. She would just do her work and leave from there without any sort of comment or look towards him.

To Shivay’s credit, he had tried talking to her on numerous occasions, but failed at all times. Anika was not ready to forget everything that had happened between them. With each passing day, Shivay was feeling more and more relentless with Anika’s avoidance towards him. Although he couldn’t understand his feelings on that he did understand that Anika ignoring him was hurting more than he thought would ever.

But it all changed that one disastrous night.


Anika was coming home from work when she was stopped by a few drunken goons. She tried to walk around them and even threatened them about beating them with her chamali, but it didn’t stop the goons, as they kept coming towards her.

“I said stop, don’t touch me, you don’t know what I will do.” Anika was doing her best not to show her fear and was trying to stay strong.

“Madamji, what are you going to do. We are only trying to help you. Look its very late at night, you could stay with us for the night and go home in the morning. See we are only trying to look out for you. Come now.” As they said this they move forward towards Anika, as she kept walking backwards.

As the cat and mouse game started progressing, Anika pulled off her bag from her shoulder and threw it at the goons before starting to run from there. The goons were running behind her. As Anika was looking back to see where the goons were she didn’t see the car that was coming from the right of her, and within seconds Anika was struck by the car and was laying in her own pool of blood. The goons who were chasing her stopped dead in their track. They looked at each other, “hey let’s get out of here before the police come.” Saying this they ran from there, but not before throwing Anika’s bag at her.

The driver of the car came out and upon seeing Anika’s condition picked her up and put her in his car and took her to the nearby hospital. When they reached the hospital the doctors took Anika in and asked the man to do the paperwork but upon knowing that he was just a good samaritan they asked him to see if he can find out about her. Realizing he had her bag with him he took out her belongings to find her ID card. Then he found her phone. He took it out and called the first number he found in her call log.

“Hello Anika Bhabhi. Did you miss me already? Let me just say…” but Rudra was cut off by the man.

“Yes, hello, is this Anika’s house?” The man asked.

“Anika bhabi? Yes I’m her brother-in-law. Who are you? And why do you have Anika bhabi’s phone?” Rudra questioned him, with a hint of anger lacing in his voice.

“um, your sister-in-law met with an accident and I brought her to the hospital. The doctors are operating on her and needed someone to do the paperwork. I had her bag with me and found her phone in there and just dialled the first number from her call log.” The man was just about to continue, but was stopped by Rudra’s shout.

“What Bhabi met with an accident? Where is she? How is she doing? Tell me where you guys are and we will come there.” Everyone gathered behind Rudra when they heard him shout, but by the end of his sentence, they were all worried for Anika.

“I brought her to Vasag medical centre. If you guys come now that would be great. They took her into the operating room. I’ll wait here until you guys come.” After getting an agreement from Rudra the two hung up the call.

At Oberoi mansion:

“What happened to Anika?” Dadi was questioning Rudra after hearing his side of the conversation. Everyone heard his scream and rushed to the living room where he stood with Om and Shivay. After hearing his side of the conversation they were worried for Anika.

“Dadi, Bhabi met with an accident. The man who just called me said he found Bhabi and took her to Vasag medical centre. The doctors took her into the operating theatre and they don’t have any news yet.” Rudra was crying as he narrated the conversation to Dadi. Each member of the family were shocked to hear this. Shivay who was listening to Rudra felt like someone had just sucker punched him in his stomach. Without waiting for the rest of the family he ran away and towards his car. OmRu, Dadi and the rest of the family followed behind him.

Vasag medical centre:

They reached the hospital within 15minutes and entered inside. After questioning the receptionist they made their way to the operating theatre. They found the man waiting outside.

The man looked up when he heard some hustle and bustle around him to find a group of people walking towards him.

“Rudra?” he called out.

Rudra walked up to the man, “are you the one who called me about bhabi? How is she doing? Did the doctors come out yet? Please bhaiya, please tell me how Bhabi is doing?” Rudra was pleading to the man while tears were rolling down his eyes. The man can see that Rudra and the others really cared for her.

“I’m sorry, but they are still inside. I haven’t heard anything yet. I was waiting for you guys to come. They said hospital formalities had to be done but because I don’t know anything about her I told the doctors that I would find out about her and see if I can get her family to come. That is why I called you guys.” He said looking at them.

Dadi came up to him and held his hands in hers and thanked him for bringing Anika to the hospital and for calling and informing them about the situation.

“No, please don’t thank me. I feel worse when you guys are thanking me. If it were not for me, she wouldn’t have been in this situation.” He said looking down.

“What do you mean? What did you do?” Shivay roared at the guy.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen. I was coming home from work and she just came out of nowhere. It looked like she was running away from some goons, as when she got hit they just threw her bag at her and ran away. I’m sorry. I wish I had seen her, so I could have stopped or something. I am really sorry.” The man dropped his head with guilt.

“Puthar, you have nothing to be sorry for. A lot of people in this world today would have just let her lay there. But you brought her to the hospital and called us to inform us about her accident and even offered to stay here until we came.” Dadi comforted him. “By the way, what is your name?”

“Aman. Aman Yash.” He told them.

“Aman puthar, thank you so much for saving our bahu’s life.” Dadi thanked him again. Just then the lights to the operating theatre turned off and the doctor stepped out.

He came to the group and informed them that Anika was okay now. She had lost a lot of blood due to the accident. “We did a blood transfusion and she is going to get well. She is unconscious right now but should be getting conscious within the next few hours.” Saying this the doctor left the relived looking family and walked away.

“Thank you god for saving her.” Dadi prayed and thanked god for listening to her prayers.

Precap: Still in flashback. Anika wakes up. Shivay angry. OmRu jokes.

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