A New Life-part 2

Part 2

Two weeks later…

Shivay comes down ready to leave for work when a guard comes in with a courier behind him. “Sir, you have a courier and they want you to sign for it.” The courier guy goes and gives Shivay the envelope and gets his signature and leaves from there.

Shivay opens the envelope and finds himself reading the hearing notice his divorce. It reads that the hearing will be heard in two weeks. Everyone is shocked hearing about this except for the three who are already rejoicing at the fact that they can get started on the wedding preparation.

Once by one everyone leaves from there and Shivay continues looking at the notice. He then gets a phone call and leaves from there.

For the next two weeks Shivay is hassled by OmRu, Sowmya, Priyanka, Dadi and Janvi about how he should take back the divorce proceeding and should accept Anika as his wife. But no matter what Shivay held his own and stated that no matter what he will be divorcing Anika as per plan and will marry Tia right after. Everyone was disappointed at this.

At court…

The Oberoi family plus Tia and her mother were waiting at court for their hearing to start.

“Mom, I just hope that Anika comes and gives Shivay the divorce so that Shivay baby and I can get married and live happily.” Tia tells both Pinky and Mrs. Kapoor.

“Sir, your hearing is next, so we should go in now.” The Oberoi family lawyer tells them. They follow him into the court room and see that Anika is already there and waiting.

“Good she is here, finally I can marry my Shivay baby.” Tia says happily and moves along behind the others to sit on their side of the court. The Oberoi family looks towards Anika but she keeps her head facing forward. After a while they are called and Anika and Shivay stand and go inside the judge’s chamber for their hearing.

Anika and Shivay along with Shivay’s lawyer goes into the judge’s chamber for their hearing. The judge looks at the three and noticing that Anika does not have a lawyer asks her if she is not getting a lawyer.

“No sir, I don’t need a lawyer I just want out of this marriage.” She says this looking straight at the judge. Shivay looks at her but she doesn’t look at him.

“Well counselor, I don’t see the necessity of you here so if you can please wait outside I will speak to the two of them alone. I find it to be only fair that either both of them have a legal representative or neither of them do. So please counselor make yourself home outside of my chamber.”

“Yes sir.” And he leaves from there.

“Please the two of you come in and sit down. We will discuss this issue further and come to a conclusion.” Both Shivay and Anika come forward and sit in front of the judge.

The judge looks at the papers in front of him and then the two of them and starts, “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and Mrs. Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi. It seems the two of you want a divorce so soon after your marriage. Can I ask why? The two of you got married just a month before and now you are here requesting to break your marriage.” The judge asks both of them.

Shivay who was looking at Anika all this time turns his head to the judge and says, “We just don’t find ourselves to be compatible with each other. We made a mistake in this marriage and we want to now get out of it before things get out of control.”

“Is this true Mrs. Oberoi? Is this the reason you want divorce from your husband?”

“Yes. There is no reason to stay in a marriage that is not real.” Anika replies.

“Not real? You are wearing your mangalustra and sindhoor in the name of your husband, how is this not real. You are here today wanting a divorce from the marriage, how is this not real?” The judge questions her.

“I mean, the two of us don’t feel anything for each other, then how can this marriage be real?”

“Then why did you guys get married?” The judge further inquiries.

At this point both Shivay and Anika who has been ignoring him look at each other. Anika quickly turns her head to the other side and says “It was a mistake that we need to rectify. We should have never married each other, in fact I wish I had never met him.” Her voice cracks at the end of her sentence. Shivay looks at her as she says this and can see the tears in her eyes that are threatening to spill over.

The judge looks at them and asks them to wait outside and that he will join the two of them outside in the court room to give his final verdict.

Both Anika and Shivay walks out of the chamber and goes outside. As the family sees them coming outside Dadi walks over to Shivay and Anika and asks what happened and what the judge had told them. Shivay relates to the family members that the judge has asked them to wait and that he will come and tell us the verdict. Anika walks past the family and goes out of the court room and sits on one of the benches there. The Oberoi family members sees her walking out and continue looking at her as she sits there alone on the bench looking off into space. They want to go to her but they don’t know if it is the right thing to do or not. They feel guilty for everything that happened as it is because of their family that she is going through everything that she is.

After a few minutes the judge comes out and request both Anika and Shivay to come forward. Both join the judge in the front of the court house as the rest of the family sit anxiously waiting for what the judge has to say.

“After reviewing your case and hearing what the two of you have to say I have come to my conclusion. First and for most, let us not forget that in order for a divorce process to occur, the parties need to be married for a year at the minimum. The two of you have only been married for less than a month. Counselor, you should have advised your client of this before starting this process. And in that case this matter is now dismissed. If after a year the two of you still want to bring a petition for divorce, then you need to reapply to the court and this time have your counselor advice you on the proceedings of it.

That being said, I want to advice the two of you that marriage is not an easy relationship. The two of you got married, and you both say that it was a mistake, but a binding relation nonetheless. You both are young and have a long way to go. You need to learn to understand each other and only then you will be able to take this relationship ahead. Listening to the two of you earlier, it sounded like you both are scared of accepting this relationship, but what you need to understand that marriage is a scary thing. But you need to be on the same side in order to get through all the difficult times that it will bring.

You may not like the decision made today, but that is the only decision that you both will be getting from any court in this country or any other country. The rule of a divorce petition clearly outlines that in order to petition for a divorce you need to be married for more than a year.

Which the two of you are not. Any other circumstances that can be brought before the court to help you get a divorce is that (a) either of you are having a relationship with someone outside of your marriage, which I have not been given any evidence of in that account, so that is rule out; (b) either of you are inflicting severe and cruel punishment to the other, and by looking at the two of you it can be clearly seen that the two of you are fine and have not been harshly treated, and if there was any kind of cruelty and/or inflicting pain given I was once again not provided any evidence in that regards and finally (c) either of you have been MIA in this marriage for more than 2 years and once again the two of you only have been married for a few weeks, therefore that does not count in this regard.

It was based on all of these facts that I came to my conclusion and have dismissed this matter. I hope the two of you best wishes and hope that you will be able to grow and understand each other and the meaning of marriage soon.” Saying this the judge gets up and leaves.

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