Her new life… Part 2… by Amna


Hey guys back with another episode. Sorry as it is a short update but it was the perfect place to stop this part. I will try to update soon. Alao on the request of some people I have created a wattpad account so you can read there also.
Wattpad: AGSR2016
One week passed since Swara tried to do suicide. Now she completely recovered. Ragini went 3 days later to MM as Swara forced her. Now she was again in Badi as on the next day there is Barsi ceremony of Janki. Swaragini were doing all preparations for the Barsi. In this one week Swasan didn’t even once met. Sanskar did court marriage with Kavita and Swara showed fake happiness to everyone. It was night still there were preparations left so Swaragini did them after sending everyone to sleep. After some time they also slept. Next morning everyone was ready. Swara was wearing a white Anarkali frock (same like the one which Ragini wore at Laksh’s death drama) and the other ladies were wearing white saree. Whole MM was present there except Sanskar and Kavita. It was almost time to start the ceremony when a lady around 30 enter. Swara sees her and is confused. Ragini sees her goes to her and hugs her.

Rag: How are you Massih?

Urv: I am fine Lado how are you?

Rag: I am also fine Massih.

They break the hug. Swara goes forward and bends to take her blessing but Urvashi steps back. Everyone gets shocked. Swara stands straight and Urvashi hugs her. They break the hug.

Urv: Girls shouldn’t touch feets and I am not that much old. How are you Shona?

Swa: I am fine. How are you?

Urv: I am also fine.

Rag: Massih I am very angry with you. Where were you all the time?

Urv: Ragu my bacha I am so sorry. Actually you know na Sahil got shifted to Mumbai recently so got busy in Mumbai.

Rag: Okay fine.

Urvashi goes to Dendayal and Parvati and takes their blessings.

Par: We will do other talks later now the murat is getting over.

They start doing pooja. When it is time to put flower on the picture the priest calls Ragini as she did it all the years. Ragini is about to go when she stops and turns to Swara.

Rag: Swara what are you waiting for? Come!

Swa: Ragini it’s your right you go.

Rag: It’s our right. Remember we are Swaragini. And she is even your mother.

Urv: Shona go. Both daughters of Jiji should do the ritual.

(I am sorry but I don’t know about these rituals so please don’t mind if I do any mistake!) Swaragini together do the ritual and everyone admires their bound which was really special. After the ritual all were sitting together except MM as they went already back. Raglak were still there.

Urv: Sharmishta ji I heard a lot about you and Shona from Maaji and Ragini. Finally we are meeting.

Sha: I am also feeling very nice to meet you.

Urv: Seriously told in the start I was really angry with you Jijaji that you married someone else but now I am feeling that I was absolutely wrong. You did good by doing this marriage. Sharmishta ji if you don’t mind can I ask you something?

Sha: Feel free to ask.

Urv: If you allow me can I call you Jiji? You remember me of Janki Jiji.

Sha: I don’t mind getting a little sister.

They hug each other. All gets engrossed in talking. Urvashi made a great bound with Sharmishta and Swara. Next day Urvashi and Raglak  went back to their places. Swara goes to Sharmishta and Shekhar who were sitting in their room and talks with them about something. They had a little argument about something.

Precap: 1 year leap.

Please give me comments how did you liked it.

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