A New Life (Part 14)

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Anika’s POV

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard my phone ringing. I looked at the display to see the name and was shocked. I picked up the call with hesitation.


“Don’t ask me anything, just come to the ICU at Marina Hospital now and I will explain.” The caller said before the line went dead. I stood up immediately dropping the phone in the process, I was numb inside. Why, why now? Without much thought, I ran, I ran out the doors, as I reached the living room I can see the Oberoi family standing around. They all looked up when they saw me, I can see the confused look on their faces as they see me running, but I don’t acknowledge it as I continue running past them. I can hear Shivay calling out to me but I don’t care. I need to get to the hospital immediately. I ran out of the house and ran straight to one of the cars parked there I didn’t care that it wasn’t mine, I just needed to go now. I got in and asked the driver to take me to Marina Hospital. As we were driving I kept thinking back to the call, why is he calling me now? What has happened? I don’t know what’s going to happen but I was sure that everything was going to change.

I got to the hospital within no times, I guess all of Shivay’s men drive like him, crazy! I ran inside the building and went straight to the ICU. I can hear foot steps behind me I didn’t know who it was but really I didn’t care. I kept running as fast as I can and finally reached the ICU.

As I came to a stop in front of the ICU, I could see a group of people standing around. They all looked up when they saw me. I looked at the faces, but there was only one face I was looking for and I couldn’t see it, “where is he, why isn’t he here?”

Finally I looked towards the the ICU and found a man standing by it. I walked up to him wanting to question him about his phone call but instead he held the door of the ICU open for me, a silent invitation for me to enter the room. I looked to see tears in his eyes as he nodded his head at me to tell me to go inside.

I stalled at the doors for a second scared of what I may see inside, scared of who may be inside. I looked back at the man who once again gave me a silent nod with his head indicating to me that I should go inside, and I did. I stepped inside and stood shocked against the door seeing the person lying on the bed.

“No, no NOOOOOOO…” I screamed while tears were flowing down my eyes. I fell against the now closed door and slid down to the floor while staring at the person lying on the bed.

Shivay’s POV

I don’t know who was on the other line but whatever they said caused her to run out of here. I followed right behind her calling out her name, “Anika….stop….Anika…” but she didn’t stop. She ran past my family who looked on confused, I called out her name again, but she still didn’t stop, instead passed them and continued running. I was following right behind when Om and Rudra caught me.

“Shivay, what’s going on?” Om asked.

“I don’t know, I went to talk to her but she got a phone call and started running. I don’t know what’s going on. I need to go.” I told him as I ran out. I can hear the footsteps of the rest of my family as they followed me out. I got into one of the cars just as the car Anika’s in left the compound. I had the driver follow her.

As we followed behind I was trying to figure out who could have called. I know it can’t be about Sahil, since I made sure that the school called me as well about anything involving him. We kept driving with no sign of her stopping. Then all of a sudden we stopped in front of Marina Hospital.
I looked over to the car Anika was in only to see her jumping out even before it fully stopped. “What is wrong with this girl? She’s definitely gone mad!” I said as I too got of the car and ran behind her. I know the rest of my family is behind me as well, we wall ran behind her and found her running passed the reception desk and towards the ICU.

I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder and turned around to see Om standing behind me. “Who are these people?”

“I don’t know.” I told him. I turned my head around to see Anika walking slowly towards to the man standing by the ICU door. When she got there she looked up at the man and it looked like she wanted to ask him something only for him to open the door for her to enter. With somewhat of a hesitation she slowly moved into the room and the man closed the door behind her.

“What’s going on Billu?” Dadi asked me.

I looked over at Dadi and shook my head. I had no idea what was happening. Who are these people? How does Anika know them? What’s going on? I’m looking around trying to see if there’s anything that I can figure out, but nothing. “What is going on?”

Anika’s POV

“Avi…” I called as I sat against the door. “Avi…” I cried out.

I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do. It took me some time but I slowly got up and walked over to the boy sleeping on the hospital bed. No this can’t be him, no it can’t be. I kept telling myself as I walked over to the bed. I looked at his face and fell to his side in shock. All I could do was stare at the sleeping face. I started to feel suffocated, my breathing started to accelerate as the tears flowed effortlessly from my eyes. I laid my head to rest on his chest as I cried out loud.

“AVI!” I cried out. “What happened Avi? What happened to you?” I kept repeating the words as the tears fell from my eyes and my vision blurred.

I sat up suddenly and started to shake him asking him to get up and look at me but nothing. He just kept his eyes closed and wouldn’t get up.

“Please Avi, get up! Why won’t you listen to me? Please Avi, please!” I kept crying out my pleas to him but for no avail.

I let out one last resigning cry before I drop my head to his chest and cry out.

Shivay’s POV

It’s been over 10 minutes since Anika went inside and we still have no idea of what’s going on here and who these people are. I wanted to go in right behind her but was stopped by the rest of the family. They thought it was best that we waited this out. All I wanted was to know what was going on and what all this had to do with Anika. Why was she scared when she got the call? I just needed answers and I wanted them now. After a lot of going back and forth I agreed to wait it out. We decided to stand to the side and wait for Anika when a man and a women rushed in with a group of doctors behind them.

The man walked right over to the other man who let Anika into the ICU and spoke to him. After a few words the man went back to the doctors and started talking to them. The lady walked over to them and it looked like she was pleading to them. I wonder who these people are.

“Mr. Shivraj?” Bada papa says out loud.

I look at bada papa with confusion, as I don’t know anyone by the name of Shivraj. “Who is that bada papa? How do you know him?” I ask.

“That’s Mr. Shivraj is one of the multi-billionaires of the business world. You wouldn’t know him as he doesn’t come to the forefront of the business anymore. He lets his elder son do the work, while he guides him from behind. You may know his son as Rahul Mehta. His full name is Rahul Mehta Singh Shivraj. Mr. Shivraj believes that everyone has to earn their work and his children follows his belief and therefore doesn’t use the family name when they do business. The family name is only for when it has to do with the family.” Bada papa tells us.

I look at the man as he and the women, presumably his wife continue talking to the doctor. Their eyes show fear as they talk to the doctor. Hopefully whoever is in there isn’t in critical condition.

“Wait Anika is in there.” I say as I look at my family.

Well that’s all for now, I hope you all enjoyed this read.

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