A New Life (Part 10)

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Part 10

Shivay drove like a madman with OmRu in the car to the abandoned building Khanna had mentioned to them. All he could imagine while driving was Anika’s bloodied body sitting in that damn chair. OmRu were doing their best to calm him down, but nothing worked. They kept telling not to worry as Anika was a fighter and would not go so easily. While the words were of comfort, it did nothing to make him feel it, because all he wanted at that moment was to hold Anika in his arms and lock the world away.

Finally after what seemed like eternity, they made it to the abandoned building. Before he could park complete, Shivay got out and ran towards the building with OmRu following closely behind. They ran like crazed people inside the building looking in every nook of the rooms and corners. After running here and there looking for Anika and Daksh, they came to an understanding that they were not there.

“Bhaiya? Where are they? Did we get the wrong address? What happened?” Rudra asked as he looked around the room they were in.

“No Rudra, they were here. Look” Om said as he picked up Anika’s ring. Shivay walked over and took the ring from Om and held it in his hands. He reminisces the moments when he saw Anika wearing it. “He must have known we were coming,” Om told the boys.

Shivay looked at OmRu and asked, “Where is she? She was here just a while ago. Where could they have gone?” Just then the lights turn off and a white light shines through the darkened room. The three look up to see a projector that was not seen before.

“Hahaha…” They all heard laughter and turned their head back to the way the light is shining only to see the projector is projecting a video. Then Daksh appears, “Welcome boys, welcome to my cozy building. I wish I was there to properly welcome you guys, especially after the way you guys looked after me when I stayed with you. But what could I do? My sweetheart was in a lot of pain and I had to take care of her.” He said with a serious smirk while looking directly at Shivay.

“Daksh, what do you want? Why are you doing this? Just let Anika go and we can talk!” Shivay questioned and asked Daksh. He couldn’t see Anika on the video call and it was scaring him. He wanted to know if she was okay, if she was alive. It hurt him to think like that, but the way she looked earlier, with all those blood. He just needed to see her for himself.

“Hahahahaahaha…What did you think Shivay? That I will be there when you arrive? I heard you were coming so I decided to leave from there but how could I leave your darling wife alone by herself especially in that critical state? You never know there could be some crazy person roaming around that could take advantage of her. That’s why as your good friend I thought I’d take her along with me. Don’t worry she’s safe with me, just look.” He turns the camera he’s holding to show Anika. She’s slouched in the corner of the room. Shivay and OmRu who saw Anika’s state were shocked but above all that were worried. They didn’t know what to think, they just hoped to god that she was fine and they could get to her before anything bad happened. OmRu were afraid that if anything happens to her then they wouldn’t be able to save their brother, especially since he only started understanding his feelings towards her.

“Where are you Daksh?” Shivay screamed at him, as he watched Daksh walk over to Anika and sit beside her. “Stay away from her. Don’t you dare touch her!” Shivay screamed at him.

“What are you going to do Shivay? You will not be able to find me and this time you will not be able to save her. I told you before; you have enemies in your own home that wants to see you destroyed.” Daksh laughed.

Then the projector turned off and the lights turned on again. The brothers looked at each other, “how did he know we were coming?” Rudra questioned the question that the other two were wondering themselves.

On the other side…

“Mom, do you think Shivay will save Anika?” Tia asked her mother as the two of them stood to the side of the Oberoi living room while the rest of the Oberoi family sit worried for Anika.

Smiling evilly, Mrs. Kapoor calms Tia saying, “No, he will not be able to save her because they won’t be there when Shivay arrives. When the brothers ran out, I called Daksh to tell him the three were on their way and that he should leave from there. Daksh is a smart young man, he will not be there when those three get there. You don’t worry. I told you before I will take care of Anika, and I did.” Both Mrs. Kapoor and Tia laugh looking at each other.

Back at the abandoned building…

“How did he know we were coming?” Om asked as he looked around for any clue that could help them in finding Anika.

Rudra stops searching and looks at his brothers, “he said there was someone in the house…”Rudra stopped as the other two looked at him. “Who could it be?”

Shivay quickly took his phone out and called Khanna and asked him to leave from the Oberoi house and come out of the compound. Khanna did as asked and once he came out the compound Shivay asked him whether he traced all the phone calls like he had asked him to. And when Khanna confirmed in a positive note, Shivay asked him whether he traced the last call that came to his phone and if so asked where the call came from. Khanna quickly told him that this time it came from a closed down building 2 miles from where they are now, he let him know that the building used to be an orphanage. Shivay thanked him and asked him not to say a word to anyone about what he just told him.

“Shivay, I think we should get the police involved, just in case Daksh does something stupid.” Om told Shivay as he was on the phone with Khanna. Hearing his brother and understanding the situation, Shivay related the message to Khanna and asked him to call ACP Ranveer and to tell him of the situation that is going on and to not discuss this matter to anyone else. Saying this Shivay cancelled the call and then quickly the brothers ran from the building to go and get Anika.

The brothers reached the old orphanage in no times and quietly searched for the two. After a few minutes they found the room where Anika was held hostage but didn’t see Daksh. Shivay ran to Anika and was just picking her up when Daksh came into the room.

“WOW Shivay, you finally found your Juliet, but unfortunately she doesn’t have much time left as you see she lost a lot of blood and…” before he could say anything, Rudra who was behind him hit him in the head with a piece of wood he found on the floor. Daksh fell to the floor, just then ACP Ranveer came from the back and questioned them on everything.

“He kidnapped Anika Bhabhi and held her captive. Look at her, she’s bleeding and we need to take her to the hospital before anything else happens to her.” Rudra told Ranveer. Ranveer looked at Anika and told the three to leave and he will take care of the procedures here.

Just as he was leaving the room, Shivay stopped and turned around to Ranveer, “Thank you, but you need to be careful with him. He must have escaped from prison or he got someone to bail him out. This time I want him in for the rest of his life with no way of coming out. And I want to know who bailed him out!” Saying this he ran out of the building with Anika in his arms. Om took the wheels while Rudra sat in the passenger seat. Shivay slid in the back holding Anika in his arms as they drove to the hospital.

Rudra called Sowmya on their way to the hospital, “Somu, keep your ears open and your mouth shut. Don’t repeat what I say again. We found Anika Bhabhi and got Daksh arrested.” Sowmya wanted to scream with joy but stopped herself as Rudra told her not to say anything to anyone. “Take Dadi with you and come to the hospital. Tell her that you want to go to the temple for Bhabhi and bring her to the hospital. I know she must be worried sick for Bhabhi.” Saying this Rudra cuts the call.

Back at Oberoi mansion…

“Sowmya, who was it? Did they find Anika?” Dadi questions her.

“No Dadi that was a classmate from school wanting help for an assignment.” Dadi’s eyes that were hopeful just seconds ago dimed with that news. “But Dadi, maybe we should go out. Staying here will just keep you worried, maybe we could go to the temple?” Sowmay bated Dadi.

Dadi looked at Sowmya and wanted to say no but instead said yes. She went to get dressed and asked Sowmya to go and get ready fast as well. The two got ready and left for the temple. On the way to the temple, instead of taking the route to the temple, the drive took another route and Dadi questioned him regarding it, but Sowmya told Dadi not to worry and that she will take her to where she wants to go. Dadi looked at Sowmya confusingly but agreed to her.

Back in the car (Obro’s)…

The brothers got to the hospital, and Rudra ran out of the car to get the nurses and a gurney for Anika. They came and rushed Anika into the operation theatre with Shivay holding onto Anika’s hand telling her that while he is there nothing will happen to her. Shivay is stopped at the doors of the operation theatre while Anika is rolled inside.

OmRu come and hold Shivay’s shoulder for support.

After sometime Dadi and Sowmya walk into the hospital. Dadi questions Sowyma on why she brought her here, but Sowmya tells her that in a few minutes you will understand and takes Dadi with her to where the brothers stand shoulder to shoulder in front of the operation theatre waiting for any news on Anika.

“Billu?” Dadi says when she sees them. The three turn around with tears in their eyes. “What happened billu?” Dadi questions.

They narrate everything to her and Sowmya of what happened and tell them what Daksh told them about someone in the house helping him that’s why we didn’t want anyone else to know about them finding Anika. Dadi cried in relief. They all stood/sat around waiting for the doctor to come out and tell them something.

Three hours later…

The light to the operation theatre turned off and the doctor finally came out. “Ms. Anika took a lot of beating. It took us a while, but we were able to revive her. She lost a lot of blood, and we needed to do a transfusion. Luckily we had he blood type and were able to do in easily. She has a head injury and broken ribs. She’s in a critical state; we lost her two times during the operation, and the third time we thought we lost her for good. But she’s a fighter and stayed on and helped us in helping her.” everyone listened to the doctor and was relieved to hear that she was alive but was shocked to hear that they lost her a couple of times and that she almost died in surgery.

“Doctor, how is she doing now? Can we go see her?” Shivay questioned.

“She’s still unconscious but you can go in and see her. Talk to her, she may be unconscious but she will be able to hear you. There is no better medicine in this world than the love from your loved ones. One more thing, there is a possibility of her having amnesia when she wakes up. A lot of head injuries can cause this. Sometimes it can be short term other times it can be a long term issue. I`m not saying this to scare you, but I just want to warn you of the possibilities.” Saying this, the doctor left them to go inside to see Anika.

For the second time in a month, they walked into see Anika bandaged up from head to toe. They were all shocked to see her in such a state. Her closed eyes and motionless body scared them but the doctor’s words of her being out of danger kept them sane.

Precap – I’m still deciding….

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