A New Life-part 1


“Just sign the damn papers and leave this house and my life!” Anika sits near the swimming pool recollecting the day’s event. She remembers being happy about Dadi and OmRu coming back, but moments later that happiness died with Shivay asking her for divorce. She tried telling him that she believed him and that nothing had happened between him and Tia, she even tried telling him that the baby was probably not his, that is if there was a baby, but he just didn’t believe her. “Just stop it Anika, stop with all this nonsense. I guess this is what middle class mentality is all about. Get married to a rich guy and never leave them even if they tell you to. What do you want? Just tell me. What will it take for you to leave my life and this family?” Those words were just enough for her to sign the paper. After everything that had happened with Daksh, she assumed that he would have understood her character, even when he argued with his mother for her sake she thought he knew her, but it must have all been a drama to just get her to sign the paper. And now, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing between them.

She sits looking out the big glass window up at the stars with her tear stained eyes. “There’s nothing left here, there’s no more reason to be in this house. I’ve signed the papers and this marriage is now over. Anika, just get up and leave!” Saying this she got up and went into her room. She opened the door to see Shivay sitting on the edge of the bed. He looks up when he hears the door open to see Anika standing there. She sees him, then looks down and away from him, closes her eyes and opens them up again. She walks towards her wardrobe all the while having Shivay’s eyes on her. She takes out her bag and then starts putting her clothes in it. She does it hurriedly so that she didn’t have to be in the same room with him for long. Shivay sees this and gets tensed.

“What are you doing?” Anika ignores him and continues packing he bag. Shivay gets mad and gets up and stalks towards her.

“I asked you a question, what are you doing?” Anika continues to ignore him and finishes with her packing. She takes the bag and walks past a tensed looking Shivay and out the door.

She goes into Sahil’s room and starts packing his bag with Shivay following behind her. He stands at the door and sees her.

“Anika didi, what are you doing?”

“Sahil just start packing your things, we are leaving now.”

“But why?”

“Sahil just do what your asked to do and don’t question me. We are leaving from here.” Sahil looks on as Anika continues with his packing and then looks at Shivay. He understands something must have happened, so he follows Anika’s instruction and starts packing his stuff. Once all the packing was done Anika takes both bags and starts walking out the door and see Shivay standing against it. She once again ignores him and continues walking.

She comes to the living room and sees all members of Oberoi family as well as Tia and her mom standing there discussing something. Dadi sees Anika first and questions her about her bags. “Anika, are you going somewhere?”

“Yes Dadi, I am leaving.”

Dadi sees Shivay coming down the stairs and goes to him and questions him about same. “What happened Billu? Tell me. Why is Anika leaving with her bags?”

“Dadi, you knew that this marriage is a contract marriage and that I have promised Tia that I will marry her. In order for that to happen Anika and I have to get a divorce. Which will happen soon as both Anika and I have signed the papers and Mirsha is gone with them to court to finalize our divorce. We will meet once again at court to get all of this resolved and after that Anika will no longer be a part of our lives.” Everyone looks on shock except for Pinky, Tia and her mom. Anika stands facing the door and away from Shivay. She controls her tears and starts walking out the door but then stops. She turns her head to the side, closes her eyes reopens them and starts her walking out the door with her brother by her side. Dadi tries to stop her along with OmRu, Sowmy and Priyanka, but Anika ignores all of them and continues out the door.

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