Her new life… Part 1… by Amna


Hey guys back with another episode. In last episode there was a question whether Swasan are cousins. Yes they are cousins. It’s like this. Dp, Rp and Shekhar are brothers. Adarsh and Uttara are children of DP and AP and Parineeta is their adopted daughter. She was the daughter of DP friend. He met with an accident and died that’s why DP adopted her. Swara and Laksh are the children of Shemish. Ragsan are the children of RP and Sujatha. Parish were childhood friends.
The pairs who love/loved each other are Parish, Raglak and Swasan. As they all are cousins they can marry. Even their parents want/wanted the same.

I don’t know whether it’s allowed in India but I many person saw marrying their cousins.
Another thing. There were some people who said me to upload on Wattpad also so I have created an account there also.
Wattpad ID:AGSR2016
Today it was the first day of their college. All together were standing in front of the gate.

San: Guys let’s go.

Rag: Bhai they won’t do ragging na.

Ada: Lado don’t worry we are there.

They all go inside and see a few seniors sitting there.

Boy: Hey(to Sanskar and all) You all come here.

They go there.

San: What is it?

Girl(to boy): Rajat what are you doing. If she get to know we all will be dead.

Boy2: Chill Kavya look she also came.

All look confused to the gate but couldn’t see anything because of the boys who were standing there. But later their view gets clear and all became shocked. It was Swara but not the traditional one like they knew her. It was the modern Swara new to them. She was wearing a pant till thighs and a red crop top perfectly fitting to her body with matching high heels and her hair on the left shoulder. She was only having a bracelet and a pair of sunglasses. She hadn’t much makeup. All boys were drooling over her but she gave them a damn. She soon reaches to her gang (Kavya, Rajat, Rohit, Ankita, Tapan, Mansi, Soya and Zain). She didn’t notice her brothers and all standing there. She takes her sunglasses off and hugs all of them.

Tap: You are looking hot.

Swa: Thanks but I think someone is gonna beaten up.

Man: I also think so.

Ank: Guys let’s later do ragging of others first let us do his ragging.

Roh: I am with you. Go ahead.

Tap: Arre Ankita my Baby, my sweetheart I was just joking. Nobody looks better than you.

Swa: Anki forgive him. Look he is making that cute face to impress you.

Raj: Guys we forgot we have to do ragging.

Swa: Guys I am not in a mood today. Anyways I have heard that our batch is gonna organise the freshers party. We must do it awesome.

Kavy: Swara you spoiled our whole mood today. We already have found someone.

She points to them who are still shocked. Swara turns and sees them. She gets shocked but covers it soon.

Swa: I think this time we will get competitors.

Zain: What do you mean!

Swa: They are the first one after us who came from India. Seems they can’t do anything alone that’s why they came already in a gang.

All start laughing and Swara gives high five to Rohit. All weren’t able to believe that it is the same sweet girl which she was years back.

Swa: Guys let’s go. We have to plan everything and also must do practice.

Tap: Chill Swara we have a lot of time.

Swa: Tapan you know that Swara Bose wants everything perfect.

Ank: Yeah let’s leave.

They all leave from there.

Rag: Bhai was it Shona?

San: No this wasn’t our Shona. She is not like this. Not even her dressing sense.

Lak: This is the girl who is changed because of us and that bastard.

Pari: You are right Lucky. If we would have supported her that day then she wouldn’t be like this.

Utt: But Di we also were helpless.

Kavi: Don’t worry everything will be alright soon.

Sah: But before than that we have to find out where she lives.

Ada: Maybe we can get information from the students head office.

Nik: The classes are about to start.

They also go from there. In the noon they were going home. Adarsh called the detective and said him to spy on Swara. He does so. Before leaving for home they see Swara sitting in a black Porsche and driving away. They also follow her. They notice many cars going behind her. She stops in front of a really big building. On the notice board “Gadodia&co was standing”. A person comes and opens the door for her. Swara comes of the car in a luxurious way and takes off the sunglasses. The people in the car also come out. It was easy recognisable that they were her body guards dressed in formal clothes and with guns. A girl comes to her running.

Girl: Ma’am you have 2 important meetings today.

Swa: Sofia cancel everything today. I want to rest today.

Sof: Yes ma’am.

Swa (to bodyguards): You all also can stop. I want to be alone.

Swara again leaves but none had the guts to disobey her. She comes in front of the mansion. Now only Sanlakada, Niksah were following her. It was the mansion opposite to their. It was more bigger and more beautiful than their. Swara goes inside and after few minutes many people (servants) came out. One old lady had tears in her eyes. One of them calls someone. They hiddenly go inside by jumping the wall from backside to see what is happening. There they get another shock. They see her sitting on a house bar and getting drunk. Her eyes were red and she was just getting drunk. The house was fully messed  Sanlak and Adarsh wanted to go inside and scold her for everything. Hardly 5 minutes passes when her friends storm inside but she was drinking being unaffected. They were shocked seeing her state. All rush to her.

Raj: Swara leave all this.

Swa: Get lost.

Rohit snatches the glas from ger she gets angry.

Swa: What the hell.

At the same time Zain, Tapan and Rohit get a hold of her. She was struggling to get out of their grip. Kavya gets out an injection from her bag and injects it to her. Now the boys let her but Rohit held her from her shoulders. She soon gets unconscious. He carries her in bridal style and takes her inside a room.  He comes back after a time.

Roh: If I once get to know who that bastard and her family is then I won’t leave them.

Soya: Guys I will go and change her clothes.

Ank: I will help you.

They both go inside and come back after some time. At that time the servants also enter and start doing cleaning of the mess.

Man: Guys I think something happened in the college today. I mean she never leaves any meeting and always drinks in the night or on the weekend whenever she drinks.

Tap: Don’t worry we will find it out.

Ank: Guys you all leave I will stay with Swara. And no arguments.

As said all leave from there except Ankita. Sanlakada and Niksah also leave from there in a shocked state. They go to MM. There they tell the girls everything.
How was it?

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