So.. me and Manik became frnds. Unbelievable. I know….
I was walking down the corridor and just roaming. There was no one around. Strange. Where were everyone? I heard sumone singing down the hall. I went… and it was FAB5 singing. Manik was singing too. Oh his voice was so nice. I could go on listening.
I saw her staring at me. Now i could sing better. Just looking at her,would make me better. I dont know why?! She was beautiful and cute.

I wanted to sing too… “Hey Nandini!!” Said Navya. “Hey Navya!” I said. “Enjoying, huh? Manik’s performance? The FAB 5 sings everyday. I like their songs but not them.” Said Navya. “Hmm.. maybe.” I said.
He was singing so gracefully as if hewas born to sing.
Suddenly Navya went up and took the mike and started singing. She also sang well. Everyone started cheering. Manik called me up. I said no. He came down and pulled me up on the stage. I was nervous, but he gave me the mike. I started singing.
Uljhi si baatein dil
Mujhse bhi baantein
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
(Meher.. meher.. meherbaniya)
Khud hi samajh ke mujhe samjha de

To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
(Meher.. meher.. meherbaniya)
Ho meherbani jo dil de zubaani
Keh de wo jo na kabhi kaha hai
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu..


Wow.. she sings so wellll… she sings like an angle. I could like go on singing.

Everyone started cheering. Wow.. that was a blast. It was so good. I wanted to sing from so long. Thanks to Manik.
“Nandini.. u sang so well. I never knew u could sing so well!” Navya said excitingly. “Well ya.. i never knew.. i just tried.” I said.
I was going to my classes. “Wow.. Nandini!! Srsly hats off to u!” Manik said from behind. I turned around. “Oh thanks… Manik. Urs was also so good. I loved it!” I said. “Well yeah.. i know i am grt. No need to tell me that.” He said smirking.
“God.. Manik u r so irritating!” I said nd we laughed.

I went to the cafe. I hate classes. Boring. “Hey Cabir!” I said . “Hey bro! Whts happening?” He asked. “Nothing why?” I asked and sat down. “U know like saving and bringing sumone to sing.” He said. Oh shit… he’s talking abt Nandini. He shouldnt know we r frnds. “Wht?” I asked. “No.. i mean why did u save Nandini? And then today, u bought her up for singing. Is sumthing happening between u two?” H asked. “Umm.. no nothing like that.” I said. “We thought so that it was only like that, Manik” Mukti said from behind. “Oh hello… Mukti. Come sit sit!” I said and pulled a chair. She punched me in the arm (kind of). “Owww… Mukti” I said doing some drama. “No Manik, stop ignoring and diverting the topic.

Straightaway say whts going on. I saw u both laughing too right now!? Do u care abt FAB 5 or wht?” Mukti said. “Areyy.. baba. Theres nothing like that. And she helped me going home that day when i was drunk and so i just said thanks and thats all. End of story. Ta ta.” I said and got up but Cabir pulled me down. “No i dont think so. Dont forgwt we r FAB 5.. We dont thank anyone!! And u forgot she slapped u?” She asked. “No no.. how can i? And i returned it. I put glitter on her face..” and i started smiling remembering the moment. “Wait… why r u smiling?” Mukti asked. Godd.!

“Oh.. i was smiling bcoz u look cute when u r angry” i said and pulled her cheeks. “Manikkk, stop!” Mukti said and we all laughed together. “Ppl.. stop worrying! Theres nothing and u know i love FAB5 and i wont break it and thats a promise.” I said and we did a group hug. I srsly loved them alot. I shouldnt do anything wrong that will break it.


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    Mind blowing….. after all manik realised nandini’s goodness… . Hoping Manan would realise their love for each other…..

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