Aaaa… my head is paning right now. Wht happen last night? And how did i end up in my bed. I was in the party. Then who bought me home?
“Kaka, where r u?” I shouted. He came running. “Manik baba, wht happened?” He said. “Umm .. kaka, how did I come here. I was in the party. I remember not driving, so how did i end up here?” I asked him. “Manik baba, u were drunk aur ek ladki thi. She put u in the car and i took u home.” He said. A girl. Who could it be? Maybe Mukti or Alya. “Who was it? Mukti?” “No not Mukti Madam” he said. “Ohh .. then maybe Alya?” “Nahi baba.. she was new. I just saw her. I never saw her with u ppl.” He told. A new girl. That could be only Nandini. Theres no one else. “Kaka, was it Nandini?” “Yes yes baba.. yes Nandini.. that was her name.. she gave u limbu paani and i left her to the college. Baba i have to go.” He said and left. Wht? Nandini?? How could she help me? Strange.

I got up and changed. I still remember last night. It was weird how manik had come so close to me. “Nandiniii… get up! We r getting late. We have classes. Get up, lazy bones.” She was banging the door. “Areyy.. i am getting ready. Wait a minute.” I got ready and opened the door.
“Oh hey Madhubala … oh wait i forgot Nandini ji?” Cabir said. “Hi Cabir.” I said and ignorned him and went. ” No. No” he said and came in front of me. “Cabir pls move. I need to go!”
“No Nandini.. u cant! FAB5 has surrounded u.. haha haha!” Mukti said. “U slapped Manik right, now u see wht will happen now.” Shes said and was abt to slap me. But then sumone stopped it. When i saw it was Manik. “Manikk.. wht the hell?! Why did u stop me??” Mukti asked. “Mukti, Mukti.. wait. She slapped me and i will take the revenge. And stop now. Let her go. And why should we slap. We dont wanna become like her, do we?” He said. And winked at me. Wait, why did he help him. Its his only ppl and why did he stop them? And why did he wink at me. Is he trying to help me? He puzzles me.
“But Manik, how can u just take her side? U forgot u are in FAB5 or wht?” Mukti asked. “Areyy… just leave it. Ill handle her in my way.” He said and left.
I went to the class and sat. Ppl didnt still come to the class. I came early. I wanted sumone to talk. “Hey! Could i sit here?” Manik asked. Wow .. Manik Malhotra is asking permission from Nandini Murthy. Nandini Murthy u r grt. “Well.. no!” I said and turned my head. “Well, i dont care. I will just sit.” Manik said. “Then why do u ask stupid questions when u only answer them in yur own way?” I asked. “Godd.. like srsly wht do u eat. Can i know? How do u get energy to only argue with me?” He asked.
And we were silent. It was akward. I should thank him. He saved me. But…

I should probably say thanks to her. She helped me yesterday. But how?
“Thanks..” “Thanks for help..” We both said at the same time. We laughed. “Hmm.. i think u should thank me first.. u know like ladies first! So go thank me!” He said. Godd he is so irritating. But.. he was gonna say thanks to me too. So maybe lemme start. “Umm.. so Thanks for helping me get out from there!” I said. “Welcome. Welcome. I know i am grt. But dont forget my revenge is not over. And anyways thanks to you too… u helped me yesterday to go home.. kaka told me everything, so thanks!” He said. “U know wht, i am so grt. I made the Manik Malhotra say thanks to me!” I said grinning.
“Yeah.. well that was bad.. but anyways ‘FRIENDS’ ” he said as he gave me his hand. “Hmm.. ofc!” I said as i shaked his hands.

What will happen when FAB 5 knows abt this and how well will Manik and Nandini understand each other? To knw keep reading and commenting!!!

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