Navya came to my room and saw me crying. “Nandu, dont cry! Just forget it! I told u na not to go near them.. anyways leave it na.” Said Navya. “Navya how can i just forget abt it. Its abt me. He posted my video on youtube and thats not a joke.” I said and started crying. “I know.. i am going now, but be calm. Everything will be alright!”said Navya and she left. Now i didnt have anyone. How can anything be right when this monkey monster is around? Godd save me from him. Why i had to come here. Now i am regretting.
It was night when sumone was knocking on my door. It was Navya. All nicely dress up. “Navyaa.. wht r u doing up so late?” I asked her. “Shhh Nandini.. keep your voice down.. we all going to a party. Join us.” She whispered excitingly. “A secret party?!!! No Navya .. i am not coming. Pls i dont wanna break the rules. And anyways that monkey will also be there!” I said as i went back to sleep. But, no .

Navya pulled my blankets and said, “Areyy yaar, come na nd i dont think he will be there. Just come and if he is there just ignore. Simple” she said. “Very funny.. very simple for u na!” I said. And then all of a sudden she started crying loudly. “Achaa fine ok baba ill come, stop crying now.” I said as i got up to get ready. And immeadiately Navya’s crying stopped. Wow nice acting. Really now i understand why she is called Madhubala. Perfect name for her. I sighed and changed my clothes into a kurti and tights. “Cheeee…. this is wht ull wear in a party? I knew it! Thats why toh i bought a dress for u. Have a look!” She said and showed me the dress. It was red in colour and was very short but beautiful.

“Navya.. do u think like srsly i will wear such a short dress?” I asked her. “Yes ofc” she said and pushed me to the washroom. Godd… now i have to wear it. I wore and came and Navya just stood there staring. “Wht? Is it looking bad or too short” i asked her nervously. “No. U look fab. It really suits u. Red suits yur skin.” “Lets go . Come on !” She said.

We entered a huge hall. It was so good. Navya toh started dancing. I didnt like dancing. So i just stood there. “Oh second madhubala is here! If u didnt know this is a party!!! Hahaaha” said Cabir going on laughing. I wish i could punch his face but i kept myself controlled. “Oh thank you for telling me this is a party and i already know that. And my name is not the second madhubala.. its Nandini. So stop calling me that!” I said angrily. “Hmm.. so sumones come in a party in a hot red dress. Impressive!” Said sumone behind me. Ofc Manik.. who else? “Umm.. ya” I said. “So Nandini ji, wht r u going to do here?” He asked me. Wht will i do here. Ofc ill try dancing, but i dont wanna dance in front of them.

“None of yur buisness. U can go away from here and leave me alone for sumtime.” I said. “Okey dokey.. as u wish!” He said and he left. Thank god he left. Navya forcefully took me to the dance floor and we danced.
Wow man… she is looking so beautiful today. All red. My favourite colour. And she dances also so well. I could go on staring her. But wait why am i thinking all this?? No no Manik control yurself. She cant change u. “Ahem.. Ahem. Whts going on?” Cabir asked. “Umm..nothing. Dancing is going on.” I casually answered.
“No no… why r u staring at Nandini? Do u like her or wht?” He asked me. Do i like her? No no .. how can i like her. Ofc the grt Manik Malhotra is not stupid. “No man, why would i like her… i mean look at her. Shes so small and i hate her already for slapping me.” I said. “Ohhhhh… now i see” he said and left me wondering.

Manik Malhotra.. lets start the fun right now. Lets watch u getting drunk in front of the ppl. That would be fun !

This was the best time i ever had. I have never ever enjoyed like this. Just then I saw Harshad spiking sumones drink. I didnt care. Its his wish. By this tym almost everyone had left. Only me, Navya and those FAB5 were still there.
Then.. i saw manik going to that drink which Hardhad had spiked. I ran up to him. But it was too late.
Wht will happen now? To know keep reading, nd commenting.

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    Amazing episode… It’s like manik is attracted to nandini… and now he gonna be drunk the spiked one.. it will be awesome …. I hope the Manan moments will begins now… Please update soon yaar…

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