First day of college and that was bad. I woke up sneezing for some reason. And there was sumone laughing. Who else could it be – Manik Malhotra. Godd whts his problem now. What did he do now ? Why was i sneezing so badly. “Haha .. Nandini Murthy.. my revenge is over. U look so funny. I am loving it” he said as he bought a mirror in front of me. I screamed. Godd.. i had glitter all over my face and a mustache drawn on my face. “Wht did u do Manik? Godd .. dont u know i am allergic to glitter. Acheee.” I said as i sneezed and scrached my whole face. “Umm.. i didnt know. How would i know, huh?” He said sheepishly. I wanted to kill him right on the spot. How could he do this to me?

I saw her struggling with her sneezing and scratching her whole face. How would i know that she is allergic to glitter? I just did it for fun and to take my revenge. “Atleast help me wash my face.. it has gone into my eyes!” She said to me as i saw her struggling. I dont know how but i went near her and blew in her eyes. She was srsly cute when she was angry.
“Manik wht r u doing? Why r u near me? I told u to take me to the washroom..” “Shh..” I said as i put my fingers on her lips.
She immeadiately became quiet.

He put his fingers on my lips. He was so near. He gently blew air in my eyes and it was so nice. And he then lifted me up and took me to the washroom and put me there.

And he threw water on my eyes. Then it all came out. But i had rashes all on my face all bcoz of that monkey. He cleaned my face with a towel.
“Thankyou very much for yur help .. now u can get out.” I said as i snatched the towel out of his hand. “Godd.. I dont know from where u get so much energy to always argue with me! U should go in a political party.. anyways thanks for letting my revenge get over. He said and and winked his eye and left. Why?Why? Nandini beta.. this is what u wanted na… coming to this college… now suffer with this monkey always jumping around u.

I refreshed myself and went out. I met Navya at the cafeteria. “Hey Nandini .. whts up? And wht happened today morning?” She asked. “Umm.. hey. Nothing happened. Why?” I asked her. “Ur video is viral all around the YouTube. See!” she said and passed me her phone. I saw my own face and that too the glittery face. Godd he posted my video on YouTube. I went up to Manik and turned him. “Godd.. whts yur problem.. why did u post my video on YouTube?” I asked as i pushed him. “Did u ever see yur height over me?” He asked me. Now i saw the height. He was so tall. I was like only a shoulder height of him. “Idc .. but why?” I asked him and again pushed him. “Godd Nandini.. stop pushing me!” And he took my hands and put it backside and held it tightly and came close. “I did it bcoz for the revenge of yur slap .. which u slapped in front of so many ppl.. so this is a return back.” He said and left me. I just didnt say anything and went to my room. “Oh second Madhubala.. dont go nd cry in yur room like a baby” Cabir said and started laughing. “Cabir justt stop it and go away.” Navya said and she came running to me.

Wht will happen now? Will Nandini ever forgive Manik for doing this?

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  1. Surely she will may b not that soon…bt Hamara Manik itna cute hai..koi kaise naraz rhe…sry out of line..lov me…nyc revng…keep going.

  2. Nice update yar…..

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