That girl srsly had guts to slap me in front of everyone. She slapped me !? No … i will take revenge. She has to pay back for this slap. Dear whoever , wait nd see wht happens to u ! Wait and watch.

Oh gods.. wht did i do? How did i slap him? Now toh i am gone. Nandini ab tu ready ho ja….
“Whts yur name?” he shouted at me and asked. “Umm.. Nandini Murthy.” I said. “Ahaaa… Nandini Murthy. Nice name. So dear Nandini ji be ready .. u will pay back for this slap someday. I will not forget!” said Manik and he left.
“U r on the FAB 5 list . Get prepared!” said the fashion girl who Navya told was Alya.

“Nandiniiii..wht did u do? And why? Godddd… u should have known.. now they will not leave me or u… godd nandini nandini!” she said and left me alone in the hall.

I went to my room and sat. I was remembering chacha and chachi who were so far. I was in Mumbai and they were in Chennai. I wish they lived here so that i could go home. Just then a guys came … “Oh u r the famous Nandini, who slapped The Famous Manik Malhotra. I cant believe it. Anyways hi I am Harshad Saxena. Alya’s older bro.” he said. “Oh k” I said. “Oh such a small reply.. you’ll get used to all of this, sweetheart . Dont worry! ” he said. I was getting angry . First of all he is calling me a sweetheart and second he is not going out of my room.
“First of all stop calling me a sweetheart and second of all just get out of my room. I need some privacy.” I said as i showed my hand towards the door. ” Woah… nice temper. I like it! Anyways if u wanna be my gf.. i wouldnt mind u kno…
“Oh just leave it … Harshad”

I heard a voice behind harshad and there was that monster Manik. Harshad turned and said, “Oh hello. Mr.VIP! How r u doing? Well i am doing good !” he said. “Hmmm…. i see that u r doing good, but before before i become bad, get out her room!” he said. Wait a minute, why is he telling him to get out. At one time he was a monster and now he became sweet all of a sudden?
“Get out Harshad.” he said calmy. I liked the way he took him calmy and srsly Harshad went out. I was relieved.
“Why did u help me? I was handling it na? I said. “Bcoz.. u were not handling. And he is a number one cheat. Dont listen to him. He can do anything.” he said. “Why r u telling me? In the morning toh u were a spilt personality. Now u have another personality coming out or wht?” I said in one breath. “Its useless talking to u .. u just argue and dont listen.” “Thankyou for realising it ! ” I said and he left and banged the door.
Godd… like srsly.. how stupid sumbody can be! Monster Manik. Stupid . Navya was right abt them. Drama kings!

What will happen the next day? Will Manik take his revenge? To know, keep reading and commenting .

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