So today i am gonna go to my dream college – SPACE Academy…

Yay! Atlastttttttt i could go.
I was preparing all my luggage when my best frnd called ~ Navya who was already in SPACE before.
“Hello.. Nandini , did u join SPACE?” asked the excited Navya. “Nandini pls tell na fast pls i am getting too excite..”
“Areyy baba.. wait na.. i am telling if u let me tell u” i said as i was frustrated. ” Achaa.. ok baba.. im calming myself down.. ok now tell” said Navya. “Thank God.. ok so my chacha and chaachi gave me a birthday gift .. i know it sounds weird.. but they gave me permission.. i am so excited . How is the coll..” ” Ok Ok .. leave all that, college is gonna start tom, so u gonna join from tom?”asked Navya. “Umm .. i guess so.” “Ok good. Happy packing” said Navya and she cut the call . Weird person !

I packed my stuffs and slept . Tom is a big day for me!
I woke up early and prayed to God in my mind. Aiyyappa i am so happy right now. Now i can go to SPACE. I will do my best to make u proud . And i wish i get grt frnds when i go there. Thankyou very much again.?
I got up and said bye to chacha chaachi and went.
I entered SPACE. It was huge and beautiful. Here is where my music passion will grow.
“Nandini Nandini!” Someone was shouting my name… i saw it was Navya. I ran up to her.
“Hi Navya ! How r u? Long time yaar .. i missed u so much!” I said as i hugged her tight. “Ahaaa.. yes. U have to miss me !! Anyways come lets gets u inside and ill show u around and yur classes.”

Navya showed me around.. it was all so beautiful. “Navya .. i am hungry, can we go to the cafeteria? Pls” I said pleading her. “Oh ofc.. lets go. I am also hungry.” said Navya.
We went and then we passed some boys who were seeing us . “Be beware of these ppl.. they r stupid and think they r very smart.” ” Why? Who r they?” I asked her. “The one on the right is Cabir and next to Cabir is Manik Malhotra and next to him is Dhruv and then Alya and Mukti. They call themselves The FAB 5 !
Drama! ” said Navya.
“Oh …” I said just looking at that Manik Malhotra . He was handsome!
I wish i could talk to him or atleast say hi.. but Navya warned me.. so leave it. But i cant forget his name.
Navya took me to a table and she was ordering when those FAB 5 ppl came over to our table.

“Oh Madhubala.. who did bring … another Madhubala! Haha haha” said Cabir. ” Cabir .. just stop it. U cant just tease everyone who comes here.” said Navya clenching her teeth. “Why? Why cant we? Are u some VIP or wht that we shouldnt tease. We r the FAB 5 .. we do what we want and not do wht others say. Understand?” said the tall guy Manik. Godd ppl here r so bad or wht? I dont like it. I should try helping Navya.
“Umm.. listen stop doing all this and pls leave us alone.” I said. Then Manik leaned closed and said, “Why? Why should we?” he said all this looking in my eyes which was disturbing. But i was getting angry and just slapped him.

Wht do u think will happen now? Wht will be Maniks reaction to this?
Hello guys… how is the story going? I know its going little slow… but it will better in the next update. What would u like to happen? Pls comment and vote if u like the story.

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  1. First think in my mind ryt now is SLAPPPPP…..1st meet…..dangerous situation ny god….finally they meet bt..nyc going…

  2. Awwwww……
    Superb episode dear…..
    Keep going…..

  3. Me but it’s too small pliz try to make it long next time.

    1. Ashna24902

      Yeah…. the coming chapters will be a long and nice update… hope u will like it!

  4. Ya ES is right ashna and ha slap on first meet means sign of something to go very very wrong

  5. Its superb yar…..
    I just loved it
    First meeting was awesome….Liked the bold nandhini

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