A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 21)


Seeing Manik all our memories flooded in my mind.
Seeing Nandini all our memories flooded in my mind. Her smile. Her laughs. Everything.

“Nandini. Wht r u doing here?” Manik asked me. “This is my house. I live here.” I said with no expression and emotion. And Manik just looked at me. “Mama … u know him? He gave me chocolates.” Niara said to me.

I heard wht Niara said. Then suddenly realisation dawned on me. She just said mama to Nandini. “Nandini… niara is yur kid?” I asked her. “Ofc .. wht do u think Manik? She is our kid!” She said tears firming in her eyes. So Niara was our kid. I couldnt be more happy. But Niara was confused.

I bend down to talk to Niara. “Niara… this is yur daddy!” I said to her. “Really mama…?” She asked me. “Yes baby.” I said. And she immeadiately went and hugged Manik. Manik carried her and tickled her. I was happy atlast our family was complete. I also went and joined the hug. “Manik i missed u.” I said smiling. He looked at me and pushed me away. Wht was that! “Nandini stay away from me. First of all i dont even think Niara is my kid.” He said and put Niara down. “Niara go inside.” I said to her sternly. “Ok mama.” She said quietly.
“Wht the hell r u saying Manik. She is yur kid.” I said screaming. “No. It might be sumone elses.” He said calmly. “Wht? Manik? U think like that?” I said crying. “Yes nandini. Wht u did was not correct. I never thought u…” he pulled me closer by my waist and saw in my eyes. He had anger in his eyes. It was not only me leaving him… sumthing more was there, thats why he hates me now. “U. I thought u wouldnt do this to me. But u did. U are like all the other girls. U r cheap.” He said. Enough is enough. Now i wont tolerate it anymore. “And i dont even need niara anymore. She is not mine.” He said angrily. I slapped him. “Manik… enough is enough. Dont say a word against my daughter.”I said. He just looked at me in disgust. “Why did u come here?” I whispered. “Nothing. I am sorry if i came. I never auctually wanted to see ur face.” He turned and went away. Leaving me all alone once again.

Nandini. Nandini. Nandini.
I was so happy to see her after such a long time. But then i remembered everything. Everything she did to me. Every single damn thing. I was so angry i cracked the glass which i was holding.

———————————Before 3 years—————————-
We slept holding hands. That was the best feeling ever i had. In the morning, i kissed her forehead and she smiled. She was so pretty. I left. I dont want anyone coming and banging my door and then finding out i have disappeared. Dad will kill me.

I went to my bed. It was so nice. I felt so happy that time. Suddenly sumone put a handkercheif on my mouth. I struggled to breathe. I couldnt see the person’s face. “Manik. Its ok. This is for your own good only. I love u.” It sounded like Nandini. “Nand…” “Yes Manik .. its me Nandini.” My vision blurred and i saw she was tying my hands and legs. This couldnt be my Nandini. She wont ever do this to me. This is sumone else. “Thanks Manik. All i needed is yur money. Tata Manik.” And I blacked out.

I woke up seeing Nyonika. “Wht the hell. Nyonika. Wht r u doing in my room?” I asked her. “Manik, Nandini tied u up and left this note for u.” She said. “Wht no.. Nandini cant do this to me. Why will she do this to me?” I screamed. “Read it. And you’ll come to know her reality.” Nyonika said. I took the note from her hand.
Helo Manik,
Im so srry . But what do i do? My work is over now. My first love was always money. Thats why i acted to love u so i could get yur money! But i have got my ‘first love’ and now i dont need u. anymore.
♡ Yur Nandu ♡

I couldnt believe that Nandini would write this. “Nyonika.. this cant be Nandini.” I said. “Oh really ? Manik is that her handwriting?” She asked me. I saw it carefully. Yes it was. “No… Nandini cant do this.” I screamed. “Where is Nandini?” I asked. “She left. With all yur money.” She said. “And Manik.. if u still dont believe me. See this photo.” She handed me over a photo which i will never ever forget.

(Think this person as Abhimanyu hugging Nandini and not Manik.)

“I saw her like this after the college. She is doing all this for him only, Manik. Understand. She is a very cruel woman.” Nyonika said. “Aghhh…” i screamed. “Manik. I think u need to rest. I am going.” She said and left. Why Nandini? Why did u do this to me? For money? I hate u for life. I HATE YOU.


Meanwhile in Singhania House.
I was just shaken from top to bottom. From hearing wht Manik said. He called me cheap? Why? What had i done? I went to my room. I was crying. Manik. I had seen him after so long. There wasnt even one moment i wouldnt think abt him. Why god? Why is life so difficult. Just then i heard ma shouting. “Nanduuu… beta.. come here. Look sumthing happened to ur pa.” I got up and ran. “Pa… wht happened?” “He is not responding Nandu. Pls save him.” Ma cried. I quickly called the ambulance.

The ambulance came and took pa to the hospital. The doctors said he had a heart attack. And he a 2 blockage which had to be removed. “Nandini. Listen, we will remove the blockage, but u need to fly to India. He has to do his treatment there.” Dr said. “But doctor will he able to fly? And to India?” I asked. “Yes. We have to. After this operation, u can take him and fly in 2 days and immeadiately start his treatment.” He said. “Ok doctor. We’ll do whtever u say, but pls make him okay.” I said. “Yes Nandini. I will try my best. Nothings gonna happen to yur pa. He is very strong.” He said. I nodded.

I went to Ma. “How is he now?” She asked. “Ma they r doing his operation rn. But in 2 days we need to take him to India. There is no other option. Dr said his treatment should be done there.” I said. “Okay. That is ok. Ill do amything for him.” I hugged ma. “Pa is very strong, ma!” I said.

What will happen now? Will she go to India? Will she go back to her past? To know keep reading nd commenting!

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