A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 20)


I was thinking abt wht Raj uncle said. About my paintings. I looked over them. They were auctually not that bad. I used to do this when i was pregnant with Niara and used to use it as a stress reliever. All my thoughts. All my life. All my depression. All my happiness. Everything was in the canvas. All my feelings just used to come out from my mind to the canvas. Like my hands knew exactly what to draw.

Niara’s screams interrupted my thoughts. “Niarraa.. wht happened?” I said. “Maa.. come here na. I got owie.” Oh gosh.. wht happened to her. I rushed to her. “See.. mama i got hurt in the leg.” She said. “Where baby? Niara.. its just a mosquito bite.” I said relieved. “But its big and red red.” She said wrinkling her nose in disgust. I laughed. “Niara.. maybe the mosquitoes like u.” I said. “No way… they cant like me if i dont like them. Both of them need to like each other.” My innocent baby said. “Hmm.. now the mosquitoes will run behind u. And give u more bites cause u just said u hate them.” She gave me a horrified expression. And started crying. “Ayyo.. niara. I was joking.” I got up and put sum ointment on the bite. “Happy now?” I asked her pulling her cheeks. “Yup mumma… i love u. Never leave me.” She said and hugged me. “I love u too Niara. I will never leave u. U r way too precious for me.” I whispered and my baby showered me kisses.

We were gonna leave today for India. Dad had returned from Sanjeev Uncles place. It seemed he enjoyed too much. “So beta.. u know wht… sanjeevs daughter is very talented. She has good talent in painting. I want her to show her talent to the outside world. I asked her but she refused.” He said. “Oh nice.” I said boringly. “Manikkk.. can u listen. She is srsly very good. We can sponser her. That is a grt oppurtunity. Dont u think?” He asked. “Yeah dad. A big one.” I said. “I knew it. Look at her painting.” He took out his phone and showed me the photo. It was actually beautiful. “Wow.. dad. Shes too good. Tell her na to come with us to India. We can showcase her talent.” I said. “Wow. Our thoughts match¬† but alas she didnt agree.” He said sighing. “Wht? Thats bad. Ill go now and ask her to come. And i want to meet Niara too.” I said. “Ya.. that cutie was asking for u. Go and convince her mom.” He chuckled. I looked at my watch. It was 7:30. Maybe its a decent time to go. I get up and go towards their house.
End of POV

Sumone rang the bell. Who could it be now? “Nandu wait.. ill open tbe door.” Ma said. “Ok ma.. i am upstairs. If u want anything call me.” I said. She smiled and went.

“Oh hello! U r Raj’s son right?” Lata asked. “Hi aunty. And yes u got that correct.” Manik said. “Come in.” She said smiling. “Aunty can i pls meet your daughter?” Lata raised her eyebrows. “Why beta?” She asked. “Umm.. aunty her paintings are very good and i want to showcase and sponser for her. My dad tried to convince.. but i wanted to try again.” I said smiling. “Oh her paintings. I know its beautiful. But she wont agree. But u can try.” She said. “Uncleeeee….” Niara screamed. “Oh hi Niara baby.” “Niara can u take me to yur mama?” I asked her. “Ayyo.. i thought u had chocolates for me.” She pouted. She sounded just like Nandini. “Niara… i have it na.” I gave her the chocolates and she was so happy.

I just stood there watching her and smiling seeing her munching her chocolate. “Achaa.. take me to yur mama.” I said. “Okay.” She said cutely, took my finger and dragged me to the stairs. We went up and i saw the paintings. They were really nice. “My mumma made them.” Niara pinpointed it out. “I know baby. They r very nice.” I said smiling.

“Niara why r u eating chocolates?” Sumone said from behind the pillar. That voice. That voice. I know it. She came out. “Mumma meet this uncle, i was tallking abt him.”she pulled her and bought her out.

I stood there frozen.

Niara pulled my kurti and i struggled and came out. Meeting a man. I saw him and stood frozen.

3 years. 11 months.
It cant be him.
It cant be her.

“Nandini?” Manik whispered. “Manik?” Nandini whispered.
And Niara stood between them confused not knowing that their parents had met after an eternity.

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