A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 19)


“Ok Sanjeev… we’ll take a leave.” Dad said. Yeah right i was also tired from the long flight but my mind kept lingering sumwhere else. That voice.
“Oh yes. Its quite late. U guys can sleep here if u want!” He offered. “No no.. sanjeev. We have already booked the hotel and we have come here only for 2 days to sign the contract. So meet u in office tom.” My dad said. We got up. And i found sumone tugging my pant. It was Niara. “Oh bye baby.” I said. And ticked her. She giggled and kissed my cheek. “Wow Niara.. u dont do that so often.. only to ppl u like?!” He said suprisingly. “I like him.” She said. “Aww.. so sweet niara. I like u too. Ok bye! Ill bring u chocolates tom!” I said.
And i take a leave from there.


“Hello mommy.. im too sleepy.” She said rubbing her eyes. “Ok babu.. lets go sleep.” I sigh and take her to her room.

(Niara’s pinky room)

I place her on the bed. “U know mumma… i saw a so big man. He was daddu’s frnd. He was sooo ssoo big.” I frowned. “The one who u met outside?” “Yaa… he was also so nice. He ticked me. And he also promished me he will bring chocola…” and there she goes sleeping.
I sigh. Who could this man be thay niara likes so much? I dont think too much and go to my room and sleep.

I wake up and go and check on niara. Shes still sleeping. I go down and and start making breakfast. “Goodmorning Nandu beta!” Pa said. “Goodmorning pa.” I hugged him. “So wht is for breakfast today??” “Umm.. maybe idli and dosa.” I said. “Oh wow.. my favourite.” His whole face is lit. “Or maybe fruits only.” I said. And there his lit face is replaced by a grumpy one. “No.. nandu.. not again…” he groans. I laugh. “I was joking pa. Idly and dosa for u.” “Oh grt. I knw my Nandu. Ok bring it fast. Im hungry.” He said hurriedly and went .
I went and kept the idlis on the dining table and gave to pa. “Okay beta.. i have to leave for office. Cann u pack these for me?” “Sure pa.” I said and packed it. He was getting ready to go.. i need to do fast.
“Nanddu.. mera tiffin.” Pa shouting. “Ya pa.. comin!” I screamed. I run and give the tiffin. “Thankyou nandu beta.” He kisses my forehead. “Bye” i said.

(conference room)

“So hello Raj and Manik. Pls sign the contract.” Sanjeev said. “Ya ofc. Thats why we came!” Raj said. This is boring. ‘No Manik u r made the CEO of the company for sum reason. Act mature.’ My mind lectures me.
I straightened my back. “Yes uncle. The deal is fixed. We would like to join hands with u.” I said smiling and we handshaked indicating we were at peace. “Okay.. so dinner at my place.” Sanjeev said. “Nah nah.. im goving the treat. Lets go have out.” Dad said. “No no.. u need to taste my Latas food. She makes lovely authentic indian food. You r coming and thats it.” He said warning. “Okay i guess. He wins.” My dad and i surrender. “Yes.. my place at 7:30.” He says. “But uncle.. i wont come. I have some work and i m going out with my frnds. So i will not be able to make it.” I said. Although i wanted to meet niara. And that made me remembered her chocolates. Ill buy and give to dad. “Okay.. its ok. U enjoy. Till then me and my buddy will enjoy.” They sidehugged each other. I shook my head and laughed.

At 7:30 pm
Nandini’s POV
Sumone ranged the bell. I went and opened the door. It wa Mr. Malhotra. Pa had told me about it. “Hello.. mr. Malhotra.” I said givi g him a warm smile. “Pls come in.” I said. “Aha.. so u r my buddy’s beautiful daughter.” He said. I flinch as he says that. If only he knew. “Oh yes. Im nandini.” I said.
“Raajj…” pa said. “Sanju…” he said. They went and hugged each other. So cute. “So u met my daughter,huh?” Pa asked. “Yes. And shes extremely pretty too.” I blush. “And where is that cutiepie?” Oh he meant niara. “Uncle.. shes here. Ill call her and come. Pls sit and yur foods ready too..” i said. And go to the kitchen. Niara was playing there with ma’s sari. “Niara.. daddu’s calling u.”i said. “Okay.” She hopped and went.
“Nandu.. u dont get tired or wht looking after the house. Let me help you.” Ma said. “Maa.. dont worry na. Lets go take sum food for them.” I said. “Ya before they come inside and start asking.” I chuckled.
We went outside and served. After sum time the dinner was done. “Wow.. sanjeev. This was tooo good.” He said. “All credits go to my beautiful wife and daughter.” Pa said looking at us. “So nandu… where is yur husband?” I froze. My husband. Ofc. But i dont have one. Luckily my pa answered it. “Oh Raj.. its a long story. He left her and went and she came back here with niara.” He said. “Oh… im so sorry to hear that.” “Anyways.. niara.. i have bought yur chocolates.” Niara screamed. “Yayya.. uncle wher ish that uncle.” Raj uncle was confused. “Oh my son! Who came with me yesterday?  He asked her. “Ya him only…” niara said. “He didnt come today beta. He has work baby.” He said. “Oh. Tell him thankie from me for chocolates.” She pouted.
And ran away. “Such a cute little bacha she is.” He chuckled.

I was cleaning the table. And uncle was with pa. “Nandini.” I turned back. It was Raj uncle. “Yes uncle.. do u need any help?” I asked. “You make such beauticul paintings.” He said. “Oh thank you uncle.” I smiled. “Why dont u display it?” “Umm… uncle.. i dont paint so well that it has to be displayed. And im already so busy with niara nd the house.” I told him. “Hmm… then do one thing u and niara come with me to india. I can sponsor u guys and i am looking for this oppurtunity.” He said. India. No not India. I promised i wont go back to India. “No uncle. Its okay. Thats a big offer. And my paintings arent that good also.” I said. “No Nandu beta.. dont think like that. I will talk to Sanjeev abt this. And u also think abt it.” He patted my shoulder and smiled. I returned the smile. “Yes uncle. I will think about it.” I said.

Wht will Nandini do now? Will she go back to India where she promised she would never step? To know keep reading and commenting!
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