A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 17)


“Niara…. come here fast baby!” I said to my 2yrs baby. Yes.. u guessed it right. I have a baby and I am the mom. Life just changed my whole course. “Hi mumma… mumma u no Wht.. today in school… it is Father’s Day. I made this card for him.” She showed me her cute drawing.

I hid my tears. She never knew her dad, but u guys know him… it’s Manik. “Mumma.. Temme na where is daddy. I want to shee him and give him this.” Niara said. “Bubu.. ur daddy is here only na..” I said. “Where?” She started searching the whole house. “I can’t find him. Did u hide him?” She asked. I bit my lip. In a way yes I did that. “No baby.. I am mumma and yur daddy. Anyways… who wants chocolates?” I said. “Meeeee” she screamed. “Ok.. don’t shout niaru. You’ll wake up Nani.” I said and took her to the kitchen.

Yes Nani. Not my real mom. Niara doesn’t know that she is not her real Nani, but she loves her more than me. Actually she the most wonderful person in the whole world. Lata Singhania and Sanjeev Singhania.

These are the best people in the whole world. They have helped me and Niara in every way. These r the ppl who took so good care of me and Niara . They never let me feel me and my daughter as outsiders. Before 3 years…..


After I signed those papers, I didn’t have anything. I called Abhi. Well abhi is my best friend. “Hi abhi.” I said. “Hi nandu. What’s up?” He asked. “Abhi can I come home and stay with u?” I asked. “Ya ofc. But Wht happened?” He asked. “Nothing I’ll tell u later.”
I went and stayed with him for few days.

After a sum days or so,
I was leaving from there. I can’t depend on him for everything. Nyonika gave me enough money that I’ll go and settle sumwhere else. I said bye to him and left. I was walking in the road. I wanted to die. ‘Wht about your Manik’ my heart asked. Manik I’m sorry. I can’t help doing all this. I was in my thoughts and suddenly a truck came and was abt to dash me. But sumone pulled me over. It was a lady. I fainted.
Manik I’m sorry. I love u so much. That was the only thing I was thinking

I woke to be in sumones house. I saw two middle aged people. “Beta, are u fine?” Asked the lady. “I am fine aunty but Wht happened there?” I tried to recollect. “First tell me what yur name” she asked. “I am Nandini.” I said touching my head as i tried to sit up. “Aaram se, be careful. Nandini, how can u die like that beta.” She asked. “Aunty I was tired of life.” I said. “But aunts why did u save my life?” I asked her.
“Because of this.” Sumone came inside holding a picture.

I was shocked. It was me. I mean it was similar to my face. “We saved u because we thought we got our daughter back.” Said the uncle. “Uncle but..” “Achaa, beta where are your parents. They might be worried abt u.” Uncle asked. “Umm.. uncle I don’t have anyone.” I said crying. They seemed to be looking at each other. “It’s ok uncle. Ill go.” I said. “No no beta… pls stay here. We will feel we have got our daughter back.” Aunts said. “Umm aunty can I know Wht happened to yur daughter?” I asked. “She died in a car accident.” She said tears forming. “I am so sorry aunty. U can take mad yur daughter.” I hugged her. “And now call us ma and pa.” Aunty said. I smiled.

Since then they are the only loving family I know ….

Then came Niara into my life.
I didn’t know I was pregnant. One day, I fainted and ma took me to the hospital. And the doctor said I was 2 months pregnant. There werent horrified. They knew the story. I had told them everything. From that time, Ma was so happy she started preparing things for the baby.
After 9 months, I gave birth to a healthy cute little girl. She was perfect. She was of course Maniks daughter. She had his brown chocolate eyes. I wish Manik was there with me at this time, but he would hate me for all of this . But Manik should know, he had a cute little princess. Sumday he will come to know. I named her Niara. Niara Singhania. And not Malhotra, because Manik didn’t know and Ma and Pa wanted Singhania, so her birth certificate was Niara singhania.

———————END OF FLASHBACK——————

This is it. This is my life now. I am happy with it. I am happy with my Niara, Ma and Pa.
A small happy family.

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