A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 16)


Nandini’s POV
“Manik I know I am going away from you. But this is the only right thing to do. Maybe destiny only doesn’t want us to live together.” I thought

——————–LEAP OF 3 YEARS———————-

In Malhotra Mansion.
Manik had became the owner of the Malhotra Industries. It was a proud moment for Raj Malhotra (Manik’s dad) to see his son following his footsteps and becoming the CEO. “Congrats Manik! I am proud of you.” Raj Malhotra said. “Thanks so much dad. It all because of you.” Manik said and hugged his dad. Just then his other family came. FAB5 !! “Congrats bro…. now toh we can enjoy na. We need party, Manik.” Cabir said. “Ofcourse… Cabira. How that can be possible that we don’t party. Let’s do it!” And all of them ran off. “They are just like kids. So excited. I am happy that Manik got such good frnds. I am so happpy.” Raj Malhotra thought and smiled.

“Goshhh…. srsly . This is the best party ever!!!!” Mukti screamed. “Shshh… Mukti! Jungly billi.” Manik said. “Nahi…. !” Mukti said. “Guys come on na let’s do sumthing.” Alya said. “Yaaa..,  truth or dare.” Mukti said. “Ok let’s do it.” Manik said.

So they started playing truth and dare . Cabir bought a bowl full of chits. “Ok me starting first.” Mukti said. She spinned the bottle. The question came to Alya and answer came to Dhruv. “Yayya….” Alya said. “So Dhruv…. Truth or dare?” She asked. “Ummm… maybe dare.” Dhruv said. “Ok… so I dare u to…. I dare u to dance.” She said smiling. “Hmm… dance infront of everyone. No no pls.” Dhruv said. “Achaaa fyn… dance with me.” Alya said. Dhruv just stared at her. “What? U can’t do it?” She asked. “Ofc I can do…. Can I dance with u?” Dhruv extended his hand. And they were dancing with the romantic song. They looked so cute together. Manik thought. I wish there was sumone with me too. ‘Nandini is there na with u just like Alya and Dhruv.’ My stupid heart said. Nandini. I hate that name. I hate her. I hate everything what happened between us. I hate myself to get fooled by such a girl. I hate her. I hate myself. After Nandini had gone…. I couldn’t do anything… I never knew she would do anything like this to me. Manik control yourself . Leave her. Don’t remember her, dumb heart.

Everyone were clapping. I realized they had finished the dance. I also clapped. “Wow… guys u ppl were so grt. U look so cute together.” I said. And Alya blushed. “Just like you and Nandini.” Cabir blurted. I just looked at him. Everyone gasped. Cabir realized Wht he had said. And I just glared at him. “Cabir… uska naam mat lo.” I gritted my teeth. He just shrugged. I got pissed of and I ran away from there to my room.

I went to my room. I took my guitar and just roughly started playing. Her name. I hate her name. Why did she do this. Didn’t I love her? I loved her so much and she broke my trust. If I ever meet her …..no I don’t want to meet her or see her stupid face again. Tears started forming on my face.

(Manik with his guitar except he was crying not smiling)
Why did Manik hate Nandini? What is gonna happen when destiny makes them meet again? Will Manik forgive Nandini? To know keep reading , voting and commenting.

Hi guys. How’s the story going on???? I know this is a short update, I’m sorry. From the next update it will be a good one and yes one important thing.

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