A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 15)

I got up and I didn’t find Manik. But I woke up to this sight! There was a pink note near the table. Sumthing was written. I started reading.
The cuddles in
the morning make
make me feel so good.
The kisses would make me alright.
So on this day so bright,
I am yearning for your love.

I smiled. Oh my god…. This Manik na is like so dramatic…. but I like it the way he is…. so cute! I smiled to myself. Last night was the best night ever. I got up and saw the time…. gosh… IT WAS 7:15. Oh my god. I need to rush. I quickly got ready and rushed off to college without having breakfast. Breakfast was the only way I could be energetic and peaceful. But Manik is there, na! He will be your breakfast. My dreaming heart said. “Ayyo… my heart is way too dramatic than Manik.” I thought.

I reached and went and searched for Manik. He wasn’t anywhere. I went to FAB 5 jamming room. “Hi guys… do u know where Manik is?” I just went and asked like that, that I didn’t realize that they would wonder why I would be searching for Manik . Buddhu me. “We don’t know… he hasn’t come yet… wait a minute. Why are u so concerned?” Mukti asked. “Ummm…just like that.” I said sheepishly. “What, huh?” Mukti said. “Areyyy Mukti…. She searching for Manik as she is her spot girl now… u know,she has to follow him everywhere that’s why.” Cabir said and winked at me. Thank god for this guy … my life was saved. “Ya… I am his sport girl and he told me to come and meet him here.” I shrugged. “How can he tell like that?” Mukti said becoming more angry. “Areyyy, Mukti! Why u worrying? And she came here because Manik said right? So there might be a reason. Just chill.” Alya said. I don’t know why but I thought the way she was speaking,it sounded she was sad. “Ok, so go out and wait.” Mukti said. “Ok.” I said and left. Where the hell did Manik go???? Now I feeling scared.. did sumthing happen to him?!?

I was waiting outside. Just then Cabir came. “Nandini…. where is Manik?” He asked me. I just glared at him. “Oops sorry…. that’s why toh u came inside searching for him.” He said. I just sighed. “Cabir… do u have any idea where is he?” Now it was his turn  to look at me. “Srry…. but I am so like ….. aghhh idk Whts happening to me.” I said. “Idk… srsly. Where did he disappear.” He said. Just then the peon came. “Are u Nandini Murthy?” He asked. “Yes. I am. Wht happened?” “Sumone is calling at the terrace. Please go fast.” He went away. Oh my god…. maybe its my Manik …… “Bye Cabir. Thank u so much for supporting me and Manik.” I said. “Aaaa… no probs.” He said and waved.

I went running to the terrace. He wasn’t there. God… maybe wants to suprise me. Well, he is srsly irritating me. “Manik…. Manik.” I shouted for him. I went to the railing and was seeing the view. I thought abt me and Manik together and abt last night. I was so happy abt last night. It was the best night ever.

I was in my thoughts when sumone pushed me and I screamed and slipped. “Aeeaeeaaeeeaeea” but sumone caught my hand . I turned and saw it was none other than…….

NYONIKA MALHOTRA. “Nyonika .” I gritted my teeth. “Yes Nandini Murthy.. Its me again.” She smiled. “Nyonika where is Manik?” I asked.  “I should ask u. Where is he and I warned u to stay away from him, right?” She said. “Nyonika… I don’t find any concern over yur face knowing Manik has not come to college.” “Why should I?” She smiled. Now I was confused. “What do u mean?” “I mean that Manik is safe from u. Far from u.” “Where is Manik? Pls Nyonika why are u doing all this?” “Don’t u think I don’t know Wht u r up to …. taking away manik’s money and then going away.” “I wouldn’t ever dream of doing that. I really love him.” I said tears already showering down.

“Pls… just shut up. And sign the paper that u will leave.” She handed me the papers. “And yes… I have given u 10,000 rupees. So that u can live peacefully and let me and my son live peacefully.” She said. “Oh pls …. Manik doesn’t even think u as a mom.” I said. I turned away. She took out her laptop. “Here, look at this. If u still don’t want to sign the papers…. it’s up to u.” I saw and gasped. Manik was tied and was unconscious.
“Nyonikaaaa….  how can u do this.” I screamed. “So sign the paper… so I can release him and so that he is free. If u don’t… u know Wht will happen.”
She gave me the papers and the pen. I didn’t know Wht should I do. If I don’t sign, then sumthing could happen to Manik. God… why r u doing this to me… u r letting Manan break? I have to decide….

Wht will Nandini do? Will she sign the papers or not? To know keep reading!!

Hola guys…. srry for the short update. I had to keep it short , u know for the suspense. So guys, how’s the story going on till now? And thank u so much for so many views and so many comments ….. 😍😘.
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  1. anushka shetty

    Noooooo nadini plzz don’t sign d papers…….dear plzz no separation….. Manan humesha keep them together ……

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