A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 14)


I badly wanted Manik to come fast. Where r u??? Harshad came back again. “Get up!” He said. I just glared. “Oh yes… how can u?” He noticed the problem for the first time. He came near me. “And listen if u try to run away or do any such things…I will shoot u.” He said smiling and bought out his gun. Aiyappa what have u done to me? How do I escape? I nodded. He untied the ropes and pulled me. “Where r u taking me???” I struggled. “Nandini… a suprise for u!” He took me sumwhere I didn’t know and tied my eyes with a black cloth. “Harshad.. Wht r u doing!? Why.” I shrieked. And he threw me sumwhere. Sumthing cold. And I was drowning.

Me and Cabir reached Harshad’s house. Nandini. Where r u?? I am coming to save you. I muttered. I went and tried to break the door. “What is your problem, Manik?” Harshad came out and said. “Harshad… tell me where is Nandini? Right now or else really I will kill u.” I said angrily. “Wht happened to her… is she alright and why do u think she would in my house.” I showed him her phone and the message. I pushed him and went inside. I checked everywhere. “Manik… Wht r u doing here!??” Alya said. “Alya…. say to your brother… He has done something to Nandini…” I said. “Wht? Manik why would Nandini be here and why do u care?” She asked. Now I was losing my patience. “BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND I NEED HER.” I screamed. Alya looked at me. “Manik..I thought… I thought u loved me.” “No Alya… u were always my best friend and always will be… but I never got the feeling with u like I did with Nandini.. I am sorry Alya . Pls Alya save her . Pls help her.” Alya still looked at me and then at Harshad. “Bhai where is Nandini?” She asked sternly. “Alya idk.” He said. Just then Cabir came running. “Manik… sumone is shouting near the water tank on the terrace. I ran and I knew Nandini was there sumwhere. We went up and I opened the tank and jumped in. I saw Nandini drowning.

I WAS DROWNING. I shouted for help, but no one came. Now I couldn’t breathe. Just then two strong hands picked me with difficulty and lay me down. “Nandini… open your eyes.” Sumone said. I couldn’t see the face, but I knew who it was. Manik. “Nandini… pls..” And I blacked out.

I found myself in the hospital.

How did I end up here!? I tried to sit up. “Nandini… pls just lay down.” Manik said and looked at my face. His eyes were puffy and red. I cupped his face with my hands and said, “Manik.. why r u crying? U know na i am strong na? I am okay” I said. “No.. its all my fault.” Looking at him… he looked like a cute baby and then he did a suprising thing. He hugged me so tight.. it was so good to be back in his embrace after the horrifying experience……….

“I will kill that Harshad… how dare does he do that.” Suddenly his phone started ringing. “God.. what’s her problem.. Nyonika.” He muttered. Nyonika. I forgot abt her. But how can I just leave Manik like that. Is she mad or wht? Does Manik think the same way that I will take all his money and disappear.
Manik went outside. Just then Cabir came inside. “Hi Nandini. How r u feeling?” He asked. I was surprised Cabir coming to me and asking. “I am good, just that I am a little surprised.” I said. “Haan.. ofc u have to be surprised… I always sumhow make people suprise.” He said smiling. I smiled back too. “U r a joker.” I muttered. “I heard that!” He exclaimed. “Grt … u heard.” I said. Manik was so lucky to have such frnds… which make u feel like family.”So, Wht about Manik?” He asked suddenly. “Nothing.” I said quietly. “See I know.. Manik loves u a lot. I know u love him a lot too.” He said. I just looked at him. How could he know. Ofc.. maniks buddy. “I know.” I said. “I never seen Manik so mad after a girl like this. Just promise me u will never break his heart and always be with him hamesha.” He said. “Cabir.. is this even a question to ask. Ofc I will never break his heart and I will be with him and love him so much.” I said smiling. “Promise?” He held out his hand. I promised. “Thank god… my job is over taking care of him… now u can take the job…phewww.” He sighed and smiled. “Cabirrr.” I said and we laughed. Just then Manik came. “Umm… why u both are laughing? Sumthing abt me?” He narrowed his eyes. “Areyy Manik … I was just talking to Nandini.. abt yur temper and how u can save yourself.” Cabir said. “U will toh go now… Cabir” and they were running here and there.

I was discharged and I went home. Manik texted me.
Manik- Hey! How u feeling now?
Nandini- Good…. but missing sumone…?
Manik- ohhh! Who? Is it me?
Nandini- Areyy no… sumone else who is very special to me…?
Manik- Who? Tell me na…?
Nandini- U
Manik-I knew it! Hah!

And then Manik didnt reply back. That was strange. And i tried to sleep off.
I was sleeping and heard some noise. Maybe a theif. And i suddenly got up and felt sumones hand on my mouth. I tried to scream. “Nandini… stop. Its me… ow. Stop biting me” he took his hand off. Ofcourse u ppl know him before i do…. The Great Manik Malhotra! “Manik… how did u come in? Why r u here? Do u know the time????” I asked in panic. “Areyy baba…. shanti! Can’t I come?” He looked at me with puppy eyes and sad face. “Quit showing me yur sad face.” I said. He came and sat beside me. “See Nandini…. no one can ever snatch u from me… not even Nyonika or Harshad and if they do…. I willl tear apart the worlds and come and find u.” He said cupping my face. “I know Manik …. u will always protect me and I love u for that!” I said and hugged him. And he kissed my forehead. And then on my cheeks. And I knew Wht was going to happen next. “Manik, no don’t u think it’s too early..” and I felt his lips on mine. I was startled, I mean I was excited …. my first kisss. I don’t know how I felt.

I pushed him. “What man?” He looked at me. “Manik… pls not now. Isn’t it like too early?” I said. “Ok baba… as u wish! At least can I sleep with u holding hands?” “Ya… ”  I said and we slept off. “Nandini I love you.” Manik muttered. “Manik I love you too.” I whispered and we slept holding hands.
Little did they know that this was their last night together.

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  1. Episode is awesome but ending last night together mean what’s gonna happen again

  2. anushka shetty

    Nc episode dear ……but Wt was DAT their last night together… Matlab…….no plzzzz no separation… Plzzzz

  3. Naaz

    Awww.. so romantic yaar… Good to know that manik finds nandini… today’s episode was tremendous…. waiting for the next episode… plz update soon dear….

  4. But why is it the’re last night together?

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