“Nandini… stop acting and get up. It’s not that much and ya u r playing games with me, huh? Spiking my drink. I will not leave u.” Manik said. “Manik…how can u think like that. I never did it.” I said. I was shocked. How can he do this to me. “And u !” He pointed to Navya. “Get lost with that idiot.” And they left.

“Hahaha.. Poor Nandini. She got trapped in my plan. Like srsly. It was so fun seeing yur face. Did u get so much hurt. Let me check.” Harshad said as he came near to check. “Back off Harshad… u are stupid.” I said. “Oh… I love girls with so much temper in them. And how I pushed u in my plan. It was me who spiked Maniks drink. Because he is a fool.” Harshad said.

“Wow.. Harshad.” Manik clapped his hands.” “Thankyou srsly…. for spilling yur dirty work.” He glared at Harshad. Harshad looked at him in horror. “Manik..” and Manik punched him on his face. “Nandini.. u will pay back for this. I will see to it.” Harshad said to me. “Tata… Harshad, it’s time for u to go.” He said and pushed him.
“Thank you Nandini for tht message. U Were smart enough to message me. I didn’t know that.” He said. “Good u realised I am smarter than u.” Isaid.

I knew Harshad will spill his works because he was excited of not getting caught. That’s why I messaged Manik to catch Harshad red handed.

And surprisingly he understood. Thank God. Only me, Navya and Manik knew abt it.


So that was it. Harshad got caught for his own deeds.

I never thought Nandini will do this. I mean if she only did it.. why would she help me?
“Why did u help her, Manik” Mukti asked me. Godd…. now again she started. “Bcoz it was the right thing to do.” I said and sat down. I was tired of this drama of Harshad. “And Harshad.. he spiked yur drink… that is totally him and I will not leave him for that.” Mukti said angrily. “Come on… Mukti. Its all over now. I handled it na. Leave it.” I said. “I mean u saved her and that’s not what we do.” She said. “Mukti u very well know Harshad. He was using her and he could do anything to her and tht was not necessary.” I said. Mukti took my thought and tried to consider it.

“But Manik… if she is actually with Harshad and saving each other, then?” She asked. “Mukti. Mukti..stop asking questions. Pure time … bas sawal hi he tumare pass. Why don’t u become a journalist.. nice job for u … it’s suits u!!” I said giggling. “Manikkkk…” “Achaa… baba sorry. Much order karegi. Bahut bhug lagi he.” I said.

I was washing the blood of my head. Godd. It was paining. He pushed my really hard. “Nandini… do u want anything. Should I bring anything?” Navya asked. “No Navya… it’s all right. U sit . Don’t worry. I’m all right.” I said to her from the washroom.
I wanted the ice. “Navya.. ice dedo na… pls” I said. “Areyy Navya. Kaha ho tum?” I asked. She wasn’t responding.

I saw her asking for the ice pack. Should I give her? Navya was not there. Let me give her. I took the ice and went inside.
“Nav..!” I said and saw Manik. “Tum.. ab yaha kya let rage ho mere bathroom me?” I asked. How could he come inside. “And where is Navya? Navya Navya!” I screamed. “Nandini.. shut up.” He said and put his big hand on my mouth to shut me. “Mmmm..” I tried to speak. “Nandini…sshhhh” he said and I obeyed him. He gently rub the area hurt with the ice. It was so nice. If it was sum other boy.. I would have punched him.. but Manik… idk why I didn’t feel like telling him to go away. “Is it paining?” He asked me. “No.” I said like a kid. “Good.” He said.
“Manik thankyou.” I said after he finished rubbing. “It Welcome.” He said. “Wow.. Manik Malhotra… I am grt.. I made u say welcome..’ I said and started laughing. “Haha.. very funny. I said and I too started laughing.

She was so cute while she was laughing. She looked like an angel. Suddenly my mind asked me question. Do I love Nandini. Could I have feelings for her. No no.. I don’t think so. But yes whenever I am near her I feel happy… she makes me happy and a feeling comes. Whatever the feeling is im liking it. And I like being near Nandini.


Wht do u think will happen now? Will Manik realise he has fallen in love with Nandini? And does Nandini have the same feelings for Manik? Keep reading and commenting to know more.

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