I kept on blushing for sum reason. Two times he did the same thing and then saving me from FAB5 . Idk really wht is happening to me. Do I have feelings for him? Did I start loving him?! And anyways why would Manik love me? Maybe it’s a one sided love.
I went down with this thought. And went to my classes.

I saw Nandini coming down the hall. “Hi Nandini!” I said. She blushed. Ohh…. I loved that blush of hers. “Hi Manik” she said. I just wanted to hear my name from her. “So… How is yur head now?” I asked her. “It’s good. And why is Manik Malhotra today walking with Nandini Murthy and not with FAB5,huh?” She asked. I pulled her and pinned her to the wall. “Why not!?” I said. I srsly didn’t know wht was I doing. She was surprised, I could very well see that. “Umm…. Idk.” She said. I just kept on looking in her eyes and she in mine. Her eyes were beautiful like an Angels. Well mine were not bad either. “Manik, leave me . I need to go to my classes.” She was blushing hard. I left her and she ran away and i started smiling.

I kept on blushing. “Eh, hello! Why r u so red today? Did u come running?” Navya asked. I nodded my head into a yes. I just sat down. I couldn’t do anything, it was like I was still paralyze by his touch. He was just so ….. Idk. I loved him and he loved me. Wht was I thinking. No no. We can’t be together. FAB5 is his life and he won’t break them. My phone vibrated. It was a message from sumone. Manik.
Manik- Can u pls skip class today? I have to tell u sumthing,
Nandini- No way! Are u mad?
Manik- Yeah! Mad in love with u
Nandini- Shut up, Manik. I’ll see if I can come. But where?
Manik- Don’t worry, I’ll find u.

He was such a stupid. I wanted to skip classes too. “Sir, I am not feeling well, could I go out for sumtime.” I asked him like a kid. “Ok go.” He said. “Nandini are u alright?” Navya asked me. “I am fine… I’ll come. Bye” I said and ran. I was searching for him. Where was he? Suddenly sumone pulled me in a room. It was Manik the great. I saw the whole room was decorated with hearts. “Hey beautiful!” He said. “Manik wht is all this?” I asked him. “Umm…. Nothing.” He said. He kissed me on the cheek. That bought me back to Earth. “Nandini… I love u. Idk wht will I do without u. I feel so happy being with u.” He said.

“Manik, but FAB 5 doesn’t know about it and u wouldn’t break it na?” I said to him. He looked at me. “FAB5…. We’ll do sumthing, but pls don’t ruin it now.” He said. “Manik..” I said. “Shush. Nandini.” He kept his fingers on my lips. “Listen… I need to go now. That professor will kill me” I said. “Chill Nandini and if he does anything to u I will kill him.” He said. That’s why I loved him bcoz he was so protective of me. I loosens his grip and ran outside. And dashed into sumone. It was a lady. It was the principal- Nyonika. “I am sorry ma’am!” I said. “Oh, Nandini! I finally get to meet u.” She said in an angry tone. “Come to my office right now!” She said and went. “Wht now?” I went to her office.
She was seated there. “So what’s the problem?” I asked her. “That’s the question I should ask u Nandini Murthy! What’s yur problem?” She said. “Well I don’t have any problem.” I said. “Nandini… I am warning u stay away from Manik.” She said. Manik. Why ? “Why?” I asked. “Bcoz he is trapped in yur ugly plan. I know u r using him to get money and then just dumping him. I couldn’t believe my ears. I wouldn’t ever do that. “Ma’am pls… Stop interfering in others lives.” I said in a angry tone. “Nandini no… U will just trouble him and u r a curse for him. U have to sign a contract that u will never go near him and will leave the state and go sumwhere else and study. “Nyonika… Wht? ” I said and tears were rolling down. “Yes. U heard it. U r leaving, so sign the contract and leave Manik.” She said. “I will never sign the contract and u cannot separate us. U do not have heart in u and u are separating others. We will never separate and God cannot separate us too… Our love is like that.” I said and threw the papers and ran away.

“Srsly.. I am a curse to Manik?” I asked myself. No my heart said. How can I be. I love him. I went to my room.  I went out for sum fresh air. I will never sign that contract. Whatever it takes. Suddenly sumbody grabbed my hand. It was Manik. “Manik, wht r u doing here?” I said trying to hide my tears. “Nandini, I can’t come to u and why r u crying” he said and gently cupped my face with his hands. “Nothing Manik…. Manik can I ask u a question?” I said. “Yeah, wht?” “Nyonika..” I said. He turned and gripped me hard. “Did she say anything to u, because if she said anything and that’s wht making u cry, I will not leave her.” He said in an angry tone. No, I shouldn’t mention Nyonika to him. He hates her. That will ruin everything between us. “No nothing like that… I was crying because I was remembering my family.” I said. “Ok.” He calmed down a little.
“Manik i am tired. I am sleepy.” I said. “Ok… Go and goodnight” and he kissed me on my forehead. And hugged him tightly, so tightly that i didn’t want to leave him. “Nandini, Kya hua?” He asked and he hugged me too. “Manik, pls no more questions. Just hug me.” I said. “I am good at that.” He said smiling. I felt so safe in his embrace, that no one could pull me ever from him.

I broke the hug and said goodnight and I left from there. Seeing him will always make me remember Nyonika and I’ll start crying thinking of her. Suddenly sumone pulled me and this time it was not Manik.

Wht is gonna happen now? Who is this person? Will Manik find out? To know, keep reading, voting , commenting and sharing

Hey guys, at last I crossed 1000 words. Yuhoo!! So ppl who do u think would it be? Pls comment yur thoughts . And thank you for so much love.

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