I woke up and went out to see the view. It was beautiful. The sunrise was the most beautiful thing anyone could see.

“Hello!” Sumone whispered. I jumped and turned backed. It was Manik. “What Manik?! Stop scaring me everytime.” He started laughing. “Haha… U should have looked at yur face.” He said still giggling,

“And anyways why u doing here?!” I asked irritably as he ruined my beautiful view. “Hmmmm… So i need permission..” “Ofc… U need permission before coming inside.” I said. “I mean I need permission to roam around too? And.. Umm I was looking for Cabir. And yur door was open. So…” He shrugged.
Manik…… How dare u? U r sooooo…. !” I said. And ran behind him. I tripped on sumthin and fell and Manik caught me.

She was abt to fall…. But sumhow I caught her. She was so beautiful. I tucked her hair behind and I don’t know how that happened. It was as if her touch was affecting me.

I blushed and he left me. And I fell down. Such an idiot. “Ow..!” I said and he just left like that.
I got ready and went for my classes.

“Hey nandu!” Navya said. “Hey!” Whats up?” I asked. “Oh hello! I am talking to u. Where r u lost?! Are u searching for sumone????” She asked nd snapped her fingers in front of me.
Huh oh. I was actually lost sumwhere. I dont why. Nandini get out of it. “Huh..nothing like that.. Anyways what were u telling?” I asked her. “Areyy.. Nandini… I forgot why I was gonna say…god. Ok leave it! Let’s go!” She said.

“Guys come, let’s go for the classes.” I said. “Woah wo.. Wait Mr. Manik. Aaj itni jaldi class jaane ke liye?! Kyu? Kripya batayen Ji!” He said. “Cabir. Cabir. Nothing like that ok.” I said. “No no…. Absolutely no problem. It just that it’s very unusual for Manik Malhotra to attend classes at the first ring, u know!?” He said giggling. “Abeyy.. Chal yaar…!” I said and pulled him with him.
I can’t tell him why i want to go to the class. I want to know wht happened in the party.
And I need to talk to Nandini.

I went to my usual seat and sat down. Navya joined me. And then the celebrities enter. FAB5. Godd… So irritating. “Nandini” Navya said. “Hmm..” I said. “Wht do they think abt themselves?” She said. I thought for a minute. “Bandars!!” I said and we both laughed. “Suits them! Nandini a good one!” She said still laughing.
“Oh Madhubala Ji… Why r u laughing? Laughing at yur selfs? And anything funny?” Cabir said. “U r funny.” Navya said. “Oh thanks.. I know that… Wait u r making fun of me!? Agh
The class was boring. Atlast it ended. VI went out and waited for Navya. Manik came out and waited until FAB5 went and came to me. Now why was he coming here?
“Hey! So I wanted to ask u sumthin.” He said. “Oh wow… So Sumone wants to ask sum thing. Ask. I don’t have time.” I said showing sum attitude. “Nandini this is serious… Who made me drink in the party?” He asked eyeing me suspiciously. “Manik, really u think I did it. How can u think… I just harshad spiking yur drink and u came and drank it, so was it my fault? How can u do that? I said and turned and was trying, to get away. “Wait Nandini.” He shouted and he grabbed by shoulders roughly. “Why did u say? Harshad..” He asked. “Manik it’s hurting pls leave me and ya I said Harshad. He spiked yur drink. I was gonna come and say to u.” I said. I was scared. “Nandini. Nandini. Why u didn’t tell me before.” He said and ran off. I knew where he’ll go to Harshad.

“Harshad… U were the one who spiked my drink right?” He asked Harshad and pushed him. “No.. Who told u? Why would I do that?” He said. “Harshad don’t lie. Nandini saw u doing.” Manik said. I reached there and tried to stop them. They were hitting each other badly. “Guys, pls stop” I said as I tried to separate them. “Nandini why did u tell him? I thought it was a secret between us.” He said. I looked at him in horror. And Manik too stopped hitting him. “No Harshad…. Manik he is lying. I didn’t do anything.” And Harshad pushed me. I crashed my head to the wall. I took my fingers and saw it was bleeding.

“Nandini….” Navya said. “Are u ok?” She asked. “I am ok, thanks to this idiot.” I glared at Manik.

Wht is going to happen now? Will Manik go and help Nandini infront of FAB5 and all the ppl. To keep knowing, read and keep commenting!!

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