So its a good day today to ask Chacchi .. only if she would allow me !” said Nandini.
“Nanduuuu, come down and have yur breakfast!” screamed her chaachi from downstairs. Goddd this chaachi !!! Irritating me like srsly who has such a loud noise.. well my one nd only chaachi ofc !! I giggled as i walked down to eat my breakfast. ” What is yur problem Chaachi? Why cant u leave me in peace ? And anyways u dont let me go to the college i always dreamed of – The SPACE Academy! ” I cutely pouted trying to make my face look angry.
And my dear Chaachi just sighed and went back to her work. THAT WAS NOT SRSLY FAIR….???
“Maharani ji … we cant afford your palace (meaning the college fees) and anyways we r putting u in such a nice college here..” said chaachi. ” No.. no i dont wanna go .. thats why toh i am telling u i dont like going there !” I said. I went to my room and started sulking and daydreaming abt the college.. How gooood Life would be there…..
Would Nandini ever go to her dream college ? Will she ever fulfill her dreams !
Guys pls tell wht do u think abt this chapter.. U can also suggest wht would happen next !!! Pls vote and comment
~ Ashna

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