A new life (Episode 3)

Hi this is salo back wid my ff ….i made my mind to quit it but a friend requested me sk here it goes…this is originally written by me….


I could not believe my eyes POSITIVE??
I sneaked out to the pharmacy,to buy another test,maybe it was wrong,YES IT IS WRONG….

I was playing with my fork unknowingly…..it has been 10 minutes but it feels like i have not seen her for ages…
II smiled thinking how much i used to hate her….now that thought only makes me hate myself..i looked outside to avoid these thoughts…this was the time when i saw anika sneaking out of the pharmacy…wait is she hiding something??

Anika came and sit before shivaye…
Shivaye:what took u so late??
Anika:I was constipated…
Shivaye did not say anything furthur and took his bag up frm d table…and started to explore it
Anika:What r u doing ???
Shivaye (taking out a box): what is this doing here???
Anika snatched it frm shivaye and said that it was fr free
Shivaye:Okk what were the results
Anika:which results??? Meine toh koi bhi test vest nahi diya
Shivaye : don’t act smart….mujhe pata hai ki tumhe. bhi pata hai ki tum kya bolna chahata hun…

shivaye: “N- negative

Shivaye :”I don’t believe you

Anika: why not??

Shivaye: becuz ii can read ur eyes

Anika:fine…it was POSITIVE

Shivaye: r u joking??

Anika: wen ii say that it was negative u don’t believe me nd wen i say it was positive still u don’t believe me….u r just impossible…

Shivaye was not listening to her at all his face was open all d while..anika shook him to get him back to senses but he didn’t reciprocate…

Anika:shut ur mouth up otherwide mosquito will enter nd tmmrw news will come:
Shivaye suddenly stood up held anika by his hands and started making round with her it was only when that anika shouted, shivaye stopped

Anika: r u nuts?? Aisi harkat Kaun karta hai public mein….log kya sochenge??

Shivaye: tum kabse yeh Sab sochne lagi?? Unhe jo sochna hai sochne do…it is the best moment of my life…no our life and the start of a NEW LIFE..

Anika looked in shivaye’s eyes ….he was Luking dsmn cute..she thought

She smiled at her husband’s antics and relaxed her head on his shoulder thinking :
ab do do bachon ko ssmbhalna padega mujhe…

Bye Bye this is not the last part i wuld b back soon and Srry fr d late nd short update

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    Thank god yrr … u didn’t stopped it..
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