A new life (Episode 2)

guys this is salo…back wid my second ff…this is not written by me originally……it is a cut short of a ff on a Korean drama playful kiss…I would post my first ff oberois ki shaadi asap….Srry fr being so laaaaaaaaate becuz I had gone out of station fr some days



(all above hearts for our shivika)


Anika woke up first the next morning. It was about 8:00 AM.

“Anika, we are not leaving for another four hours! Get back into bed”, Shivaye mumbled from bed.

“But Shivaye, we are going shopping today, remember?”

“Of course I remember, you were pretty much going on about it the whole night”

Shivaye grabbed her arm and pulled her back into bed. He lifted the covers over her and they cuddled.

Shivaye could feel Anika smile against his chest.

“What are you smiling about?” he muttered.

“Nothing…” she answered.


I thought it was a dream at first, but I knew it wasn’t because I could feel the soft thumping of his heart and the slow rising and falling of his chest. Maybe I should get up more often so he will do it more, he will won’t he?

At some point, I must have fallen asleep because my eyes feel really heavy when I open them now.

“Shivaye? Should we get up now?”

To my surprise, his eyes were already open and were staring into space.

“Why are you so hot, Anika?” he asked.

“Hot? As in fever hot?”I peel myself away from him.

“Yes. Fever hot” He brought a hand up to my forehead.

“Do I have a fever?” I can feel panic rising up from inside of me, what if we can’t go shopping?!

“Yes, you do…”

“But we can still go shopping right?”

“Only if your fever dies down a little, then yes, we can go shopping”

“It will die down, trust me!” I reply indignantly.


I watch like a hawk while she was taking medicine after breakfast. her immune system is rather strong. Oh well, it must be some kind of bug that is going around.

It’ll be only another hour until we leave, but she is still looking rather pale.

“Anika, are you sure you want to go at this state?”

“At what state? I am fine!”

“Whatever”, I say.

She is all bright and smiley when she gets into the car

The high street is bustling with busy shoppers.

“Look, there’s a phone shop!” She lets go of my hand and runs away like a little kid seeing a toy shop. But then again, if she did see a toy shop, she’ll run towards it like this anyway.

I scan my eye across some of the couple cases. They all look rather cheesy, there are pink heart ones, teddy bear ones and some quotes ones.

Since we can’t find our desired ones, we head to the shopkeeper.

“Hi, my wife and I are looking for couple cases and I think we need a bit of guidance, the ones on display aren’t our taste”, I say politely.

“Ah, couple cases, eh? Most couples who pay me a visit get into a heated debate on what to get, you’ve made a good decision to come to me. What patterns did you have in mind?” the shop keeper asks.

“Hearts” Anika says.

“Polka Dots”, I say in unison.

Anika turns to me with a quizzical look on her face, “Since when did you like polka dots?”

“Since ages ago. Can you please take out some designs, sir?”

The shopkeeper looks rather torn to be doing what I say, or doing what Anika says.

He reluctantly takes some polka designs down.

Instantly, one catches my eye.

There’s a black one and a white one. One of them has a black background and medium sized white polka dots, and the other one is the opposite. Ha Ni’s eyes swivel round to what I am looking at.

“No. I don’t want that one”, she says stubbornly.


We end up with a pastel blue and pastel pink polka dotted case! I look down at Shivaye who is holding his phone tightly.

“It’s nice isn’t it? It’s got elements of what we both want on it!”

He reaches down to take my phone to compare it.

“It’s alright I guess…”

“Shivaye, I am hungry”

As we turn the corner, I am starting to feel queasy again. I clutch Shivaye’s arm to stop myself from falling. What on earth did I eat yesterday to cause me to be like this?

“Are you alright?” he says as he surveys me in alarm.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just had a dizzy spell”, I think back to everything I ate yesterday.

Toaat tea saira banno nood-
Oh wait. It’s the noodles . It was about a month out of date when I ate it.

“I think I have food poisoning”, I say worriedly to Shivaye, “I am just going to pop down to that pharmacy to get medicine, and then we’ll go to that cafe, okay?”

He glares at me sternly before walking away.

The pharmacy is quiet and smells brand new. I buy some tablets and things the person behind the till says to buy for food poisoning.

“Rs.1000 please”, chimes the person behind the till.

I hand over the money.

“Oh! You spent just enough to get a free pregnancy test”, the person says happily.

What? What kind of freebie is that?

“Oh… um… okay, thanks”

I walk out with the test in my hand, but I can’t let Shivaye see it. I quickly stuff it at the bottom of my bag.

“Hey! Shivaye!”


I see Anika walk out of the pharmacy. She runs towards me. She’s pale once again.

“Hang on a minute, I want to go to the toilet….” She puts down all her stuff and bounds to the toilet before I can protest. She comes back looking better.

We order some salad and sit there in silence.

“Oh! Look it’s Nisha…ur assistant right??

My head snaps up from my phone. It is them. I can’t help but give a chuckle. So they did work out after all. Maybe wedding bells will be ringing soon…

“Shivaye, I think I left my phone in the bathroom”, she gets up and goes again.

I believed her until I saw her phone on the table.


It feels like I am going to heave my insides out. I rinse my face and pop a mint in my mouth. I take out my pregnancy test from my coat pocket. I couldn’t possibly do it now… could I? Anyway, it’s going to come out negative so I might as well have fun with it!

I smile to myself and follow the instructions on the packet.

I wave the test in the air, waiting for the result. Oh. I can only see one line. Well, a fat lot of use that was. I put the test on the side of the sink. My tummy rumbles violently, looks like it’s screaming for food again.

I am about to chuck the test into the bin when I notice two lines on the result bit. Wait… two lines? Does that mean…

Oh God.

Hey guys i would be back soon wid oberoi ki shaadi…but update of this ff would b much fasty….above I had said that I deserve no credit but after editing this I think I deserve at least ,1 per cent credit….it was a huge task

Taking ur leave it is salo

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