A New Journey …. happy bday tammatar ~ OS by Presha

Hey guys back again…
Not with my ff but an OS for my bestie my tammatar..Tamanaa….

Happy birthday dear…
May all ur wishescomes true…
Love u lots….
? ?????????????????????????????????????????…

Enjoy ur day….

Lets begin….

It was a normal day for the sarna family….mens were in the office nd the women were doing chatting…but our twinkle was lost somewhere os should i say thinking something….there was a unique or different glow on her face…she was waiting for kunj….

It has been2 years to twinj marriage ….they r madily in love with eo nd have consuminated there marriage too….

Everyone noticed the glow on twinkles face nd our bebe understood why it was nd she was happy to but wanted to know from twinkle… .

It was evening every man of the house returned grom office…twinkle served them tea nd then went to her room nd kunj followedher after sometime..
Twinkle was standing in front of the mirror keeping her hands on her tummy wen kunj came nd back hugged her…she smiled nd turned she slide her hand on his neck …they hsd an eyeloch wen twinkle took kunj hand nd kept it on her tummy nd indicated him by her eyes….kunj didnt understood so twinkle came close to him nd whispered in his ears that u r going to became father kunj i m pregnant…….

After hearing this kunj happiness has no bounds he just carried twinkle and spinned her wen twinkle said kunj stop i m feeling dizzy…kunj immediatelt stopped nd put her down nd cupped her face said r u fine na nd she yess nd he hugged her……
Later they spent sometime together nd went down nd informed everyone nd they all were so happy as it was a New Journey that was going to start….

That’s all…
It ended…
Hope u like it…
Once again Happy Bday Tamanna…
God bless u…
Enjoy ur day to thr fullest…
Loads of love…

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  1. Nishfd

    Cute OS……

  2. Monaa

    Soo sweet.. N yeah! Bebe is too intelligent!! ??

    1. Ritzi

      He monaa…when r u posting yr epi…pls post it soon

      1. Monaa

        Sorry dear.. My exams are going on.. But will try to post soon.. Thanks

  3. Ek tha raja ek thi rani dono ki zindagi aage badh gyi thts it ur story was like SAVAGE. Sorry to say tht but when u write something people expect it to be a new,different ,interesting but u guy’s have taken it like a joke better is u just u don’t write or came up with an good idea

    1. Aamna_2690

      Hey Miss Whatever?
      N Who gave u the right to taunt anyone like this?Or tell them how to write?If u think it was so boring or was just savage then write urself n prove it to us?If u People think it was Bad or savage then don’t read them?But dare u again comment like this?N who said that Stories are always meant to be Interesting… New or with Different Concept?Sometimes they have to be Sober n Easy going n Light
      ?N don’t u think it is the Nature of Life to Move on?It doesn’t mean to stop at a point?N have Problems n then their solutions n then again Villians n All… Life is not as always as Like those Serials?That always having Suspense… Drama… Thriller n those stupid stories repeating?It was Really Good?N if u still think it isn’t than write something urself??

    2. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Excuse me! Aap jo bhi ho miss./ Mr. Frank! Aap ko koi haq nahi hai kisike story ko tag deneki! Atleast she wrote something for me! She didn’t even know that today was my birthday! I m surprised she wrote this in the short period of time! I just love her! Don’t u dare say anything to her! You are no one to point on her writing! For me its best! I know u have ur own POV but plz try to be polite!

      1. Hey I am sorry if I hurted u.. it was actually my mistake tht for the 1st time I commented I should have been the same silent reader and bythe way as a fan I just told tht I am once again sorry for my behaviour and after now I won’t be commenting so I am sorry for wht I did

      2. Presha

        Hey miss frank…
        Sorry to hurt u to…
        Nd thank u for commenting being a silent reader u commented that means a lot….
        Nd plz do comment

    3. Haye again one basher
      Oyii agar alti faltu bola bhi na preshu ke bate mein jaan le lungi ??????kamini bhag

      1. Presha

        Hey guys…
        Be calm…
        Dont ming her words

    4. Baby

      ohh dear frank…
      we didn’t meant to hurt u bt yeah saying a stry savage dat was somewhat really bad to be heard……
      bt plsss do bcum a cmntr n nt a silent reader…..
      not getting rude on any point…..
      jst wanna tell dat yeah aamnaa dii was crct wat she said was really true some stories shuld b sweet and sober……
      hey preshu loved it a lot dear……♥
      amazing cute short loved it….♥
      lods of love preshu..♥

  4. Aamna_2690

    Preshu dear??
    See I am Back?It was Fabulous dear??Fantastic ??And a Sweet One ?don’t Focus on talks of these useless people??It was Cute preshu??Post more?N Request preshu??Could u please while posting Ur FF’next episode give me the previous episodes link??Cause u know na… I am back after long??love u preshu??

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

    PRETTY!!!!!!! Yaar thank you so much! this is just so Amazing! you don’t know how Happy You Made me! you are so cut! Love you so so much! I really don’t know how to describe my happiness!

    This Os was just so cute! Beautifully written! Amazing work! Beautiful! Awesome!
    And Thanks Again

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  6. Ritzi

    Awesome as always…sweet nd short…

  7. SidMin23

    Sweet and awesome ? babe is intelligent and twinj were happy to be parent and happy birthday tamanna

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thank you sidmin! ??

      With Love,
      Urs Tamanna

  8. the os was
    awesome fabulous
    fantastic outstanding
    marvellous too good

    and mr. Frank
    who the hell you’re
    to comment and
    say such bad
    things about
    presha di’s
    os. you have
    no right to
    criticise any

  9. Ramya

    Awesome preshu
    Amazing so cute
    Love u keep smiling
    Happy bday tamanna

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thank you so much Ramya for ur wishes!

      With Love,
      Urs Tamanna

  10. Twinj

    Hey presha
    That was so cute…awwwww
    Really loved it….loved the storyline..
    Just ignore the bashers….Love u….
    Keep writing….n post ur ff very soon

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous…..
    N ignore the bashers

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