A New Journey at every step of life (episode 1)


Recap : intduction of BOSS, his flirtious and encouraging nature, preparations for someone special’s arrival, funny conservation of BOSS and ARMAAN.

“dad where are you?” shouted armann quickly entering the BOSS cabin. He was breathing fastly which shows that he came running over there.
“ahh ! what happened why are you shoutin? What storm storm has come?”questioned BOSS lifting his head up from in which he was engrossed when his ladla son came like a storm himself and even after knowing that his son was not less than any storm himself but still he was enquiring his son about what storm has come .

“Storm ! You are staying storm. No!no!no! not storm. It is it is bigger than storm. Its like earth is gonna burst. No ! no! No! Not only earth is gonna burst , it is like earth quake is gonna come and will shake all of us and especially me and i will be going to flow in flood”replied armaan with such expressions on his face like he is shaking with earth quake and flood is gonna take him away with him and earth waiting for him opening its mouth.
But soon he was snapped out of his thoughts on listening his father’s voice “shut up stop blabbering. Tell me clearly what has happened? Why are yyou freaking out?”
“Dad ! am i not your own son?”said armann quickly turning inti serious young man from freaking boy.

“What!”came shocked voice of BOSS on hearing his son’s question and make him stand on his seat
“have you gone mad or what? Haan tell me, what is this stupid question.”said BOSS with great frustation on listening his son’s stupid question which he don’t know why it came in his mind.But whatever reason might be , he wanted to know what made his son asked this question.
“now you will keep standing like this aur mera saara din khaarab karoge , yaa moon se phooto gay bhi, NAALAIK”again said BOSS on seeing his son standing quietly like a statue.
“aur nahi toh kya. If i was your real son wouldn’t you have informed me about this”finally spoke armann while making a crying face like a baby.

“stop talking in riddles and tell me what i have not told you”replies BOSS frustedly vut calmer than before as he came to khnow his son was speaking that bulshit of not being his real son to make situation dramatic as he is himself DRAMA.

“Dad! Dad you have not informed me that HE is coming. From whom even earth start trembling when he step on it!”said armann dramatically as if earth was trembling in reality.
BOSS left a slight chuckle and said “stop it ! he is a human notany monster who will suck your blood. By the way tell me didn’t you knew befor about his arrival?”
“Thats why i have said na that i am not your real son otherwise you have informed me about it.”said armaan while pouting .
“Oh my child! Don’t say like that , you remain too busy in flirting naa,that you didn’t even notice changes in workplace”said BOSS in mocking way.
“you are saying as you don’t flirt at all”replied armann scaratically.
“oh come on i only flirt with laila”said BOSS in dreamy look like he was romancing laila in his dream.
“ Is laila your girl friend ? what will mom think about you?”said laksh coming little closer to his dad.
“shut up armaan. Don’t you have any shame you are calling your mom with her name”said BOSS.”
Armaan laughed a little and said “ What should i do ? whenever she is in office as your DARLING SECRETARY , she behaves like that only.”

“Yeah yeah ! i know that. You know she herself said that she will work in my office as my secretar. I told her that there is no need but she always said that you along with your son enjoy in office leaving me poor behind all alone.aur waise bhi mujh se aab akele nahi raha jata.Maazi pecha hi nahi chorta I ALSO DON’T WANT TO LEFT IT INSTEAD I WANT TO REMIND IT”HIS voice become shaky at the end .
On seeing the condition of his father he too get sad and started to remember some past moments along with dad but he soon recovers and said to lighten the moon “ by the way tell me dad. You only flirt with mom and don’t love …!!! ”
Before he complete his sentence his dad interrupted and said “ i love her alot. You know she is my soul mate , my love, my heart my life, my……”
“oh dad! Leave that and tell me when HE is coming”said armaan breaking the flow of his dad’s philosphy.

“kya yaar sare ke sare romance ka maza kirkira kardiya”said his dad while making faces.
Both laughed on this.
ARMAAN: Ok leave this . seriously tell me naa when he is coming
Armaan: so that i can drug my grave naa . you knw safety purpose.(he said this while laughing)
DAD: you shameless who say like this about HIS OWN BROTHER who is returning after ten long years.
“i missed him alot DAD. How can i forget about him. Whatever i say but he was my brother naa and even he is. It doesn’t matter he thinks same or not.”said armaan with tears forming in his eyes. His dad patted his head. Armaan smiled a little and said “you made me senti. Okay. Leave it. Now tell me when HE is coming?”
Dad : I don’t know.
Armaan : what do you mean dad? Haven’t he informed you?
Dad :no he didn’t. Two days back he called me and informed that he will be coming but did not inform when he will come!

Armaan : Stupid suprises of my stupid brother. Okay leave it. When he will come, we will see. Now i am going you have wasted my whole time
Dad : yeah time of flirting.
Armaan : Is it so? Then i have inherited this thing from you. You also keep flirting.
Dad: I flirt with your mom not any other girl.
“will girls be willing to flirt with you?” said armaan in low audible voice.
Dad: What are you murmuring to yourself. Speak loudly.
Armaan: I was saying that till i get mom of my children , i will remain like this(saying this armaan ran out of the cabin without waiting his dad’s reply)
“what! Are you fine? Or i made mistake in understanding you that you were born mental? Oh my god ! he will not search for a girl for himself , he will search mom of his childrens, it means that he will first have childrens then……………oh no no what i am saying this boy has also made me mad”dad talked to himself then he continued the work which he was doing before his GREAT SON ARMAAN came.

Person 1: They did wrong with me. I will behave only this way.
Person 2: Oh my god! How many times should i repeat my words?
Person 1: but what have you said is really true?
Person 2: don’t you believe me?
Person 1: you are the only one whom i can believe.
Person 2: yeah yeah i know(with scarastic smile)
Person 1: no no i am serious when they ………..
Person 2: Shut up! Now don’t start weeping again like a girl whose bidaai is happening even she doesn’t weep like this.
At this both started laughing. Then they hug each other with strong determinaton in their eyes.


A Black mercedies stop at the gate. Guards quickly open the back door. A man of tall height in pant coat came out, he has glasses on his eyes and his face cannot be seen.
BOSS was briefing the staff that HE can come any time. I have already shown you his pic . so when he will come make sure that everything remains fine. With this all get dispersed.
THE man who came out of his mercidies and was examining the board on which ARORA and SONS LIMITED was written in broad letters.

He smiled and entered the office. As soon he entered in the hall , everyone greeted him by standing and saying “good morning sir”
One of staff came near him and said that sir , you cabin is this way. He followed him and enter the cabin. As soon as he entered his cabin , he was surprised that everything was according to his taste. He ordered the staff to leave him.
After few minutes, he stormed out of the cabin and said,where is consignment files of ASL.
Everyone got startled on loud voice, as no one spoke in such loud voice before.
MAN: I am asking something. Have you all gone deaf?
On listening shouting armaan came from his cabin and said waht is happening? Who is shouting?
Armaan saw tall heighted man standing ,he was facing towards otherside. Armaan walked up to that man and said that who are you and why were you shouting and why do you need our company’s consignment files?
The man turned his towards armaan and he is the is relived to be PERSON. Armaan got surprised and happy at the same time , he quickly hugged that man.
Man also smiled a little which is not noticed by anyone but one person was seeing him from outside the hall as hall is made of glass walls. That person also smiled a little.
Armaan and that man was still hugging and armaan said i cannot believe this. When did you come? And why did not you come to meet me?

The man pushed himself away from the hug and said why should i come to meet you? Who are you to me?
Armaan : Bhai! You are my brother. You remember we use to have alot of fun together and we use to pull each others legs, you always used to make fun of me as no girl used to pay heed to me.
Man : no i don’t remember.
Armaan: oh yoou don’t remember when my half century happened.
Everyone present over there was listening to them, the thought about first g=hal century of their armaan sir while palying math but armaan and that man goes into flasback.
Young armaan was in college , when he saw a hot girl entering in college , he went towards her and said
Armaan naam toh suna hi hoga! While forwarding his hand for shake.
Girl: Nahi suna. (saying this she started to walk past the armaan)
But armaan came forward and said by the way in which class are you studying? Second year replied girl rudely. Oh i am in fourth year.by the will will you have coffee with me in canteein? No thanks i have a class. Saying this girl left to leave.armaan said loudly no PROBLEM. BYE . the girl turned, armaan imagined that girl will wave her beautiful hands to him, and will give him flying kiss and will say bye darling, but he was snapped out of the thoughts when girl said bye bye BHAI. The word bhai made armaan stumble and he loses his balancebut another boy hold him and said, careful armaan. He was revealed to be younger man. What bhai? Haan you made hal century , now you should give us treat naa. Armaan got alert on halff century words and look towards guy
Armaan:half century! When did i made, you know naa i don’t play cricket.
Another boy: Who is saying in cricket ? every one know that my bhai is looserin cricket.
Armaan(playfully hit boy): then what are you talking about?
Another boy: i am taking about recent happening.

Armaan:what happene recently.
Another boy:that girl who went just now.
Armaan:yeah caled me bhai
Suddenly armaan realised waht his brother meant and he run behind him and said , bhai i would not leave you,
What else can you do, as every girl leaves you. Said boy running
Girls dont leave me . ok said armaan still running behind that boy.
Yeah yeah they don’t leave you, they just called you bhai. You have made hal century by calling youself bhai from these girls , now i am waiting for you century. When you make century naa. Mein puray shehar mein laadoo bantunga. Replied boy still running
Aaron ke bachee, i will not leave you today, to meri methai baant mein bantey ga, tere chanay mein pehle phurwaoon gaa.saying this armaan stated running more fastly behind aaron.

Both smiles remembering it, one more person smiles thinking about it with tears forming in his eyes but no one noticed him.
Both armaan and aaron were snapped out of their thoughts on listening the voice of MR AHNAF ARORA, whi is boss for others, but for these two siblings, he is their dearest father.
Dad saw aaron and quickly run towards him and said aaron my child when did you come. Saying this he kept his hand on aarons head , as if making sure he is in real.
Aaron did not react on seeing his dad but mr ahnaf said, come to my cabin.
Saying this he went to his cabin followed by aaron and armaan. After the trio left the other staff engrossed in their work. Now that mysterious man who was keping eye on brothers conservation became sad as he will not beable to knoe what will happen next, but he was quite sure that every thing will be fine.

So how was the chapter? Do you like the bonding of armaan and aaron in past? What do you think will they remain same in future?who is that mysterious man and what relation he has with arora family?

To know more, keep reading. At last , i request everyone to please please comment and encourage me. If you think it not good then i will not right further.
Thankyou, bye.

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  1. Awesome episode, loved the flash back…very funnyyyy. ….the story is going really well. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. Hey dear its amazing. i loved the story. Update soon deaR.

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