A New Journey at every step of life (intro)


Hello everyone. I dont know about people writing fanfics but i must say that all of you are superb and i really like them

. I am also going to start a story. But i want to admit one thing that i have no eperience of writing and i also dont know whether you guys gonna like it or not, still i request everyone visiting this site that please do read my story and comment.


ZYAN ARORA (played by varun kapoor aka sanskar of swaragini) He is main male lead.he is full mystery which will be revealed as story will progress.

INAYA KAPOOR (played by helly shah aka swara of swaragini) she is main lead while her character will be revealed later.

there also many characters but i am not mentioning in intro. but I guarantee you will going to have a bumpy ride full of family masala, pain,emotions,fear ,hate,friends, love, romance and much more.

Starting Of “JOURNEY”

A huge office is shown consisting of many portions with unlimited rooms in which things are place like perfactionist , staff is running here and there and shouting like a storm is gonna come.The place if fully crowded but still managed.The place is not only crowded by noisy.

Higher staff is giving orders like
“Have you read malothra’s file?”
“What about USA deal ? Is that finalised?”
“Where are karma industries paper? OH MY GOD! OMG! You people are such careless. WHY have you not placed whole year progress report? Don’t you know that HE WILL KILL ALL OF YOU if HE diid not fing progress report on HIS table”

Higher officers were sounding like these but their staff and other people are very confused that way today there is so much hustle bustle in this place which used to be calm, silent and peaceful but they did not know their lives are gonna change with this new entry for whom such preparations are going on because these are preparations going on for starting a new journey. but as the say some people cannot keep calm and thus due to their curiosity make themselves fell into trouble. Same happened when one of the employee asked higher official
“Who is going to come ? who is that perfactionist and wants everything perfect?And most importantly why would he nedd our company files and why he is going to come?WHO IS He!!!”

A sligh smile crept on lips of the officer as someone said something funny, he left without saying anything but even in his silence his smile said ; “Don’t worry Beta ji ! let him come . you all will know who is he and why is he here ”

Several hours passed like that.Everyone was busy intheir own work. As clock strike twelve everyone got exhausted as today they started working at 6 am . Everyone got settled ontheir places as they heard very familiar but autorative voice of their BOSS who is in his sixties
He came forward on dice and toke mike and addresed the whole office in larde auditorium where many thousand people including every person of that working place were present. He said
“ Hello ladies and gentle man , boys and girls, officers and staff, clerks and flirts (everyone present there smile on their boss )in short every single person presnt here including my gorgious secretary who loking like a tomato in red dress .By the way will you like to go on a coffee with me (everyone burst into laugher listening to their boss flirtious talks)(the boss also smiled sheepisly

and continued his talks)oh i am sorry . So where was i .”
“Sir you were still on hello ” replised his secretary laughing silently in her great not so old, handsome,rich, married , funny and flirtious boss
“OH my beautiful secretary you are tempting me with your sweet and melidous voice I WONDER WHEN WILL YOU AGREE TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME?”
“SIR we are in infront everyone and you are here to anounce something special” said secretary LEILA looking in her surroundings

“oh iam relly sorry but what should i do sub ko flirting ati nahi or meri jaati nahi ”replied BOSS lookin towards his staff all people laughed out loud
Then BOSS said in serious tone
“Ok jokes and fun apart . First of all iwill appreciate all you r eforts from cleaning this work place to managing all files,making progress files ,setting all thing according to my order so well done and a round of applause to yourselves”a laud applause is heard bringing a slight smile on faces of evry person as they get assurance that their hardwork is not wasted and some one is there to appreciate them

BOSS continued
“But all of you must be wandering that why office is changed this much,from old boring decor to madern fascinating deorations ,from dark curtains llike some wedding is goona happen to light soothing colour curtains ,red rosed present in vases of whole building to yelloe and white lilies because according to person for whom this is happening ‘red color is associated to happiness and roses are related to heart so red roses should not be in work plce but it should be given to one to whom your heart happiness lies’”after saying this BOSS got silent as some memories flashed through his mind but he quickly recoverd as he find a soothing hand on his shoulder of his secretary assuring that everything will be fine and this is not righttime to think about anything else.The boss then said
“so witout wasting much mor time i want to announce somethin important that from now onwards THIS PERSON who is going to come will take over the company and will lead it further ”THE BOSS looked at the faaces of employes who had hung down on listening that someone else is gonna take over the place of their boss and then again continued
“hey don’t make faces like iam gona die i havejust said that he will be your boss but i haven’t said that i am gonna leave and let you all in piece. I will be here only but not as your boss but i will be HIS BOSS ”

“And all you mustbe thinking that who is he so let him come then he will introduce himself in his own style but for now you all can have some rest and there are no more consignments also for today or tomorrow so all of you can leave to your respective apartments whenever anyone of you be needed he or she will be called so for now bye all of you have a nice day ahead and also nice meeting with your new BOSS”

Ater listening everyone left the place and went to their respective appartments which were alloted to them.
The boss also went to his cabin with his secretary laila .He sit inhis cabin which is vey large,with large cupboards full of books and files,large comfy sofasand beautiful decoration pieces. BOSS sit onhis chair and closed his eyes his secretary stand near him and said “ don’t worry everything is gonna fine”
“How? Do you think so. It has been ten years. Are you listening ten long years ! he has been away from us. I also don’t know he will be same or not. I fear to see him in any bad state. I fear laila i fear.”replied boss with tears forming in his eyes which were flirtious while ago but now they are so dull

Laila let a deep sigh and said, “ i know what happened yeats back was not right. It should not have happened. We should not have let him go. But we were helpless but now he is coming naa. We will see whatever happen. I have full faith in ALLAH that he will not let my son fall apart. He is great and has everything planned before. You don’t worry. Everything will be fine and i don’t want to see my boss dull. Waise mein soch rahi thi i should agree to go on date with my old handsome boss(said with smirk)”
Boss got up from his seat and hug her “you know how to lift up my mood. Whatever leave that .but tell me am i looking old to you”asked boss from laila while leaving her from his hug
Suddenly door opened with a loud bang a handsome ,young,hot and charming young man entered the cabin rushing towerds boss and laila but stop seeing their clossiness and said; “ahh! I don’t khnow you will do these tpe of thes tings in office. What if some else come in cabin what will they think. Haan ke iss umar mein kaise harqateein kar rehay hain.”

The boss and laila separated and boss angrily come towards that person and said “what happened to my age haan. I am still young and handsome. Larkiyaan marti hain mujpe”
“young and handsome! That too you”said that man mockingly
“So what do i look old to you?” asked boss while setting his collar
“Aur nahi toh kiya” replies that man

“so you mean i have gone old”asked our boss while his anger is raising slowly and steadily
“you are accepting yourself. What should i say?”said that man while avoiding eye conact with boss and looking towards ceiling.after some secondswhen no responedid not come from bossand saw boss boiling in anger and can burst any moment so he said “ ok ok don’t get angry. I will tell you seriously”
Boss become calm listening this because that man is going to accept that he is ypung and handsome. With this thought he looked towards man and smile as alloeing him to say biggest realit of life while laila who was standing silently observing the talks between two smiled slightly as i khne whats going to come.

That man said with a very serious face as if he got defeated and is going to surrender in front of boss that “ i am really sorry. I was arguning baselessly.the truth is clear like water that….”
“That” asked boss signaling him to continue
“That that that you you”said that man observing his surroundings as if searching for some escape
“ yeah that me wahat . hurry up answer”said boss losing his calm seeing that man stammering on saying the thing which is according to him biggest fact
“That you have gone old”said that man at once running outside eith opening the door with jerk
The boss boiled in ager and looked towards the side where that man learned and said loudly “ buddha hoga tera baap”
That man replied while coming near to door and bringing his head slightly inside as if fearing that bomb is going to explode only on his head “ i was also saying this naa that you have gone old”by saying this he ran outside

“Tujhe toh baad mein dekhounga mein armaan ke bache”said the boss shouting loudly while standing on his toesand then turn towards laila who was laughing but quickly covered her mouth with her hands to control her laughter on seeing boss angry face towards her. But she failed and let a loud chuckle and on hearing it boss stormed out of cabin leaving door behind with loud thud.

So how was that. I know there was no entery of leads but don’t worry it gonna happen soon
But for now tell me about the episode. Did you like it? Please comment and give me support and your feed back and tell me you opinion that who is that someone for whom everything is changed?
Who is he? What has he relation with boss?

Is laila have some special place in life of boss or he was just flirting?
Who is armann to get such guts to talk like that infront of boss?
Do you also think that boss has gone old or you believe that how old man grows hearts remains child?
Please comment and let me know your opinions.and don’t worry i will update soon but for now bye all of you.

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  1. Awesome, wowwww lovely intro. ….I just loved it…..the boss is very jolly n keep his employees happy n appreciate their hard work for the company….his friendly nature n flirting was cute…but also he had hidden pain inside his heart…..I loved Armaan’s childish act n funny talks between boss n his son armaan….the scene was hilaaaaaaarious. ….the new boss might be the lead Zyan arora…he can be boss’s son as well but something bad happened 10 years back which made him so mysterious. …n now he is coming back n they don’t know how he will behave with them….very interesting n exciting story. …plzzzz continue dear. …I love dll love to read this unique amazing story. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. I must say you have very excellent writing skills. …plz continue dear. ..all the best. ..

  2. Hi Roma ! thank you very much for your motivation. I was literally expecting that no one would like my story , as i have no writing experience and i have not even written any story before but i am thankful to god that you liked it. once again thank you and keep reading the story. I will InshaAllah update soon.

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