A New Journey at every step of life (episode 2)


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Recap : Aaron’s entry and his conservation with armaan and some flashback, a mystery man keeping eye on all happenings.

Trio aryaan, armaan and their dad ahnaf were present there but no one was speaking anything. It was not like that they have nothing to talk about instead they were wondering from where to talk.but mr ahnaf broke the silence and said
Dad : do you still hate me for what i have done, aaron?
Aaron :When did i hate you!

Dad looked towards aaron in shock and said in unbelievable tone “ you never hated me ???”
“No !”replied aaron
“No , not a single moment, not a single sec, not even when i use to miss my family, not even when i use to get scared an wanted to sleep in my mother’s embrace but i could not find her,not even when i want protective shield of my father, not even when i used to miss my siblings fun and company, not even when i used to top and wanted my father to pat my back and tell me that i am proud of you son,not even when i use to get scolded and punished for the mistakes which i have never done and no one there to protect me , i never hated you,you know……..i……………i” his voice started to break but he continued

“I wanted to hate you, because due to your stupid conditions i have been deprived of my family’s love all these years , beacause of your condition of joining the business, i have been asked to leave the house,what was my fault, haan just that i wanted to persue my dreams,i wanted to be a engineer, you was not able to cope up my dreams so you told me to leave the house, you did not care or me but even then i was not able to hate you, although i wanted to hate you but was unable to due to…………….. ”saying this aaron broke into tears and sat down on floor. Armaan was also in tears and mr ahnaf’s condition was not better either. , Years back he realiased his mistake of not supporting his son, but it was too late, he thought his son has gone far, but now seen his son broken infront of his eyes he could not take it longer , he bent down and made aaron stand in front of him and folded his hands and lower his gaze and said,

“ i am sory beta, i could not become a good father, neither could fulfil my duties, i am sorry beta, please forgive, after you went i realised my mistakes but till then you were not ready to come back, please forgive me , please please forgive me……please…”saying this he sat on his knees

Aaron quickly unfolded his hands and make him stand and said
“ what is gone is gone, it wil lnot come back, right. And as i am sory too, mein apke samne khud ko saheih sabit karne mein is kadar laggaya keh in saare saalon mein i did not try to contact you even once , iam sorry too aur baap bachoon ke samne hath bandthe huye achay nahi lagte”at this both mr ahnaf and aaron hugged each other , armaan who was standing silently and seeing father son love could not take this emotional scene any longer and said
“wah ji wah dusrey betay ke aate hi humeein bhool gaye”

At this both also took armaan in their hug and trio hug each other. The trio were in same position when laila entered in the cabin and said whats happening here?who is he?
Aaron turned toward laila and said maa. Seeing aaron after so many years she took him in her embrace and kissed him on his forhead and cheeks , his hands ans said beta when did you come, why did not you come to meet me? Do you have any idead how much i missed you. Saying this she hugged aaron tighter.
Several seconds passed like that and laila started to give explanation about his behaviour in past but aaron interrupted him and said maa no need to say anything , now every thing is fine , every thing is sorted out.

Listening this she looked toward her husbands and her sons and all nodded their head in assurance. After that they all had a family hug.but suddenly laila pulled away and said to aaron
Laila: I am angry on you(said while turning her face towards other side)
Aaron :what ! but why(asked in confusion)

Laila:you are asking me why?(said in annoyed voice now facing aaron)
Aaron :when we don’t know the answer of something then we ask naa why, when ,how , isn’t it so?(saying this he looked towards his dad and armaan for support and they nodded their head in agreement)
Laila: haan haan why would you know, i became sandwhich between father son duo fight( said in dramatic sad voice)
Aaron :ok we are sorry naa(holding hi ears)
Laila: but i am angry and i am going(saying this she left the cabin)
Aaron :listen mom wait naa(aaron runs outside but her mom did not stopped and he again came in his dad’s cabin and said when did it happen)
Dad : what!
Aaron : my mom become melodramatic!(in unbelievable tone)

Dad: oh this
Aaron : yeah ! i become shocked on seeing her she is saying that she will not talk to me jab tak mein unhe manaaon ga nahi
Armaan: bhai ! we are also in state of shock(said while coming close to aaron and putting his hands on aroon’s shoulder)
Aaron: what do you mean? She became melodramatic on seeing me
Armaan; yeah
Dad : i think so
Laila who came before few seconds listened the word melodramatic about her and get furious and stormed into cabin startling the trio , they all looked at each other then at laila who is standing in anger in front of them and bursted out

Laila : what all of you think yourself? Am i melodramatic? Haan aaron, armaan tell me, mein drame baaz hoon aur bache toh bache baray meian bhi subhanallah, at least i did not expect this from you mr ahnaf(saying this she stormed out of cabin in anger)
Dad : now see because of you my darling got angry, do what ever to convince her, mein toh chala usse manaey nahi toh meri kher nahi(saying this he rushed behind laila calling her name)
Both armaan and aaron looked towards the door and then each other and burst out laughing
Aaroon: (still laughing)oh my gog i did not believe in my absence such drastic changes happened
Armaan(also laughing) yeah i too realised today
After laughing their heart out armaan looked toeard aaron and said “ i missed you”
Aaron: i missed you too. Ab aise kya dekhra hai, mujay apni izzat buhat pyari hai
Armaan ; shut upp

Then both hugged each other and said in union NOW MISSION MAA MANO STARTED.

So how was chapter, sorry for no entry of hero or herione but don’t worry , i will sure made one of their entry innext episodes.but for that i have to continue to write and for writing i want to know are my readers liking this story, which you will tell me through comments , so please please comment, if you are not liking my story then i will stop writing it.
Thank you

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  1. Awesome episode, I just loved this family union….so sweeeeeet dramatic n lovely episode. …..just one suggestion dearrrr…if you don’t mind….as you know it’s world wide Web n so many different languages readers here who won’t know hindi, so plz if you include English translation of hindi quotes then I believe the readers will love it…….i loved it very much. …n want you to continue this lovely story…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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