Hi friends ur friend DIVYA and PRIYA is back!!!!!

Let’s begin in previous episode we read ragsan introduction and sanskar position in his family…

Scene 1

As run rise falling on d beautiful angel face it’s shining bright as a crystal…
She slowly open her twinkling eyes and yawning like a small kid ahaaaaaa…
She slowly press d button..a GP of people rush inside within fraction..good morning ma’am

Ji ma’am hot bath is ready cloths r on d table for breakfast we made different varieties then as per ur time table no plan for outing full day ur spending in home..
Ma’am today Friday u r so ur wearing pink color anarkalli suit then here ur cold coffee..?
Maid give to swara.
Swara sip it then maid clean her mouth with hand karchief..
then ma’am big saheb told u hv to eat breakfast within 7 then u hv call him at exact 10 he has to talk with u…..

Swara:k now where is dad..
Bg (bodyguards ): ma’am he is US he has meeting with foreign clients..he will return within dis week..
Swara u may go now..
Guards : k ma’am hv a nice day
Swara: dad always go with meetings y can’t he spend day with me..he doesn’t know i.m alone in dis house…so bad of u dad..from childhood onwards ur doing same…

So friends dis is swara age 20 d only daughter of shekar gododia swara has no mother her entire childhood life spend with guards,maids,parks,TV, then with so called palace like home..her father always busy with meetings company work etc..swara doesn’t know what is sad,what is difficulties she doesn’t face any difficulties in life..bec she is billionaire. She saw only happiness in her saddenes given entry …. .but don’t worry time will show what is saddddddd..????

Scene 2

Ragini is ready for 24th customer has she looks ultimate beauty..she standing near d mirror and combing her hair..

Ragini ragini where r u beti..
Ragini : mom I’m here
Meera:ragini beti r u busy..
Ragini : no mom wat tell me anything serious..
Meera: no beti not like tat I want to say something but
Ragini :mom wat but tel me mom.ur my mom more than mother ur everything to me u don’t ask permission to speak with me. U order me mom u command don’t request me it’s hurts me mom..
Meera: nothing like tat ragini as I know our business is going in slow process it’s very difficult to a days we hv to pay more money for police as we should pay for police ride..then now a days pupil demand for new we doesn’t hv much money to buy a new girls as dey demand more when we buy from other state or country..
More than its difficult to maintain daily needs in dis expensive world.. I. M so much fear for it ragini how to lead further process..??,
Then all customers pay less money they axpecting new flesh…in dis old girls little more money is paid only to u i.m so much worried ragini. .

Ragini :mom u don’t worry mom ever thing will be k mom.everthing has a solution we hv to think tats it.

Mom we hv 20 girls at present dis area is so far from village side..many can’t come as it is a less population city..many flesh like rs doesn’t know about us we hv to make them attractive by new present we can’t go new place bec as u told due less money we can’t purchase new u don’t worry as u told we all 20 girls will work hard..u send to me many customer as u can,as time going our if business get improve we can shift new area and we can buy new girls..
Meera:thank ragini I know ur my maharani ur everything to me without u my business is incomplete but ragini.
Ragini:wat mom tell me.

Meera:today police will come but I don’t hv money to pay to him.if I say tomorrow i wil pay also he won’t excuse me So I. M so much worried..more than he is asking new girl.
Ragini:how much his age
Meera:may 55 or something above it
Ragini:then i hv seen or used him
Meera:no beta he is old I didn’t send to u more than he won’t give
Ragini :k mom today evening u send to me I will tc for him..
Meera:but ragini he is old dr..
Ragini :mom once if v entire in to dis field v should not c age or otherthing. .if v hold bat we should just hit it tats it. No prb for me send to me mom..I will give him much treat..??
Meera:thank u so much my ragini ur my true daughter really ur d backbone of me..I. m glad I give life to dis loving beti.

Mom:y ur asking me thanks mom..if i compare with tat difficult life nothing dis life do u remember when I. M 3 years old I. M sitting and crying on d road u c me and told one thing..


” mumma mumma mumma I want u mummma pls come back mumma mumma I .m hungry mummma so much hungry mumma..mumma where r u come mumma I want u mummma pls mumma pls pls sssss ahaaaaaah ahaaaaaahhhh

While retuning from dance programme while going meera hears baby crying somewhere she came in search of baby..
Later she c a baby very small she is crying like he’ll by seeing her she can understand baby doesn’t eat anything she is in some dilemma her eyes r swallon her chubby cheeks become red by rubbing her tears.her hairs flying which is not all combed form so many days..most important thing she is a girl of age 3 years very cute intelligent..
Ragini:don’t beat me don’t beat me leave me leave me pls pls ..

Meera:no beti I won’t beat u y should I beat u..
Ragini :u won’t beat me promise u won’t beat me..
Meera: promise beti I won’t beat u..k now come with me..
Ragini :y should I come u..who r u..
Meera :I. M like ur untiee..
Ragini :ur my untiee na..untiee I. M so much hungry pls give me food unty. Unty pls take me far untiee. .untie u know mumma (it’s mute)
Meera:ragini u don’t worry if u come with me I will give u everything .u hv many friends to play..more than food I will give ur mother love…???
Ragini :untiee
Meera :today onwards u call me mom k
Ragini :k mom
Meera:by d way Wats ur name
Ragini :my name is RANI

meera:ur name is rani ur cute like rani only beti today onwards ur name is not RANI ur name is RAGINI if anyone ask u u shd say RAGINI NOT RANI k beti
RAGINI :K MOM my name is ragini..
Meera:k now we should leave she take rani with and grow up as ragini..

Flashback ends

Ragini :really mom from dat day onwards ur giving a heart full of motherly love.even my real mother is their also she can’t able to give dis much..ur not only mother but my “life saviour” u give not only to me for many girls..with ur big heart ur women with very big u mom..I really thankful to u mom to dis entire life..
Mom:beti don’t say like tat even u give me everything I dis words ur making me unknown person..but really i thank u beti bec of u we r leading casual life..thank u ragini for all..
Ragini :mom u don’t know some hero told in serial mom shd not say thanks ur my mom my lovely bubbly cute mom love u mom..
Mom : k beti love u tc I will make arrangements to evening customer so bye
Ragini :bye cute mom..??

So friends dis is meera age 48 she is very loving caring mother specially she likes ragini so much her wish is after death ragini should look after dis business but one thing I should say when she it’s comes to businesses she doesn’t care any relation even if ragini try to elope…?? But good thing is she understands girl feeling she excuse once but more than tat she won’t excuse..

Friends it’s for today don’t worry when heroine gives entry to hero life it gives more intrest..

Precap:sujata slaps sanskar..swara and her father phone conversation ragini’s dealing with customer. ..

Friends many asks where u get dis story and many ask dis story is in kannada no friends dis story u cannot find anywhere even if u search in Web also u can’t bec it’s purely my imagination it’s my dream project . .from past 2 months back i decide to write one shot regarding my title I hv already written also in my book as swasan pair but again I think in different way if i add ragini character y can’t I write as a fiction then again I change story line and write as a fiction dr really i didn’t stole anywhere it’s my imagination story..really i don’t know any watt pad or any Web also I don’t hv time to read or copy also..bec of u all I. M giving torcher to my mobile..daily I. M updating in my mobile..u don’t know i love my mobile so much it’s my heart beat it’s my best friend..I. m giving so much pain to her really it’s hurts me for ur sake I. M giving torcher..I. m ready to do murder also…???

Friends 24th customer is ready..??for 25 the Def sanskar will give entry..pls keep waiting. .?then when I reveal ragini ‘s past tats d end of dis story. ..?? .until next episode pls miss me every moment of ur life..I may come in ur dreams Urs rock star divya signing off..pls telly updates pls update my all updates without missing anything really don’t give so much twists for updating..for every successful chocolate I will give successful story….he he he …

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  1. Mica

    being billionaire’s heir without love, being poor with full of love.. it’s swara and ragini have incomplete life…2 chappy in a raw ??? great job divya.. ty

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx u so much u always support me keep reading I hv updated 3rd part pls do read tat one 4th also ready but depends on ur response..frnds respect my fiction character not d pair u think about prostitution girls and Thier suffering

  2. nice concept…can u pls reveal the pairs?,,,,,

    1. Divyashankar

      Pairs u shd read 3 to 4 episode to know d pair more than pairs pls respect my story characters pls keep reading

  3. yah ur story is really unique…. i love ur ff n plz make it as swasan pair ….if possible

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx u so much u always support me keep reading I hv updated 3rd part pls do read tat one 4th also ready but depends on ur response..frnds respect my fiction character not d pair u think about prostitution girls and Thier suffering

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx keep reading dr u comment means a lot

  4. Ur story is awesome……really interesting……..superb concept…..
    Keep rocking dear

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx u so much u always support me keep reading I hv updated 3rd part pls do read tat one 4th also ready but depends on ur response..frnds respect my fiction character not d pair u think about prostitution girls and Thier suffering

  5. superb ff cant wait for ep 3

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx u so much u always support me keep reading I hv updated 3rd part pls do read tat one 4th also ready but depends on ur response..frnds respect my fiction character not d pair u think about prostitution girls and Thier suffering

  6. Its very different… Loving it

  7. Apurva Desai

    Swasan pair but ragini ko lucky k sath fit kardo

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