Hey guyssss so I am kiara. I love rikara or gaurika Jodi so much and I thought to write a os on them!! Hope you all like it!!! Let’s start.

I’ll start from when kali brings gauri to haveli and omkara comes looking for kali.

It’s the day of puja and kali tells gauri to do the puja so they can sacrifice chulbul’s life. Om is held by kali thakurs goons. Gauri in her mind thinks I’m sorry omkara ji but if I don’t do this then kali thakur will kill bua maa. She gets up with the sword while omkara from the back shouts gauri no please leave chulbul. He keeps screaming but gauri doesn’t listen but is teary eyed for omkara. Omkara is teary eyed for chulbul and thinks no I can’t let my chulbul die in front of me. He uses all his force and pushes all the goons away and runs to gauri. He pushes her and takes chulbul away with the wheelchair. Kali thakur gets mad at gauri for letting omkara run away. He asks his men to catch omkara.

He is running away with the wheelchair but suddenly one of kali thakur’s men throws a rock at omkara’s leg and he falls down. Kali thakur comes and takes the wheelchair away. He beats omkara while he shouts no let chulbul go. Gauri at haveli thinks I’ll have to go to omkara in chulbul and tell him to leave or kali will kill him. She gets into the chulbul get up and goes to omkara. She sees kali holding om at gun point and thinks no I can’t let my husbad die in front of me. I’ll have to save him. She runs and says omkara ji. Om heard her and it’s as if he got a life back. Kali thakur thinks hmm so gauri is here. Gauri teary eyed asks omkara to leave. He says no how can I leave without you. She says please omkara ji. He says chulbul why do you keep telling me to leave. I will not go without taking you. She says why don’t you understand please. He says chulbul give me a reason why I should leave.

They keep arguing and kali gets fed up and shouts enough. He pulls gauri back on knife point and says omkara do what he says or you will see chulbul dead. Om says no im not leaving without chulbul. Om slowly walks towards kali and gauri and holds the knife. He pushes chulbul and the wig and glasses fall down. Om says to kali I told you to leave my chulbul. Kali sees gauri in her real avatar and smiles. Om looks back and sees gauri. He says you? She looks on shocked. Om is shocked as well. She gets up and says omkara ji please let me explain.

He shouts enough! How dare you lie to me!? Why did you do that!? She listens to all his scolds and finally says omkara ji please let me explain. He stays quiet. She says I was doing this for your family. He says meaning? She says I did this to save bua maa or he would’ve killed her. Kali thakur says okay let’s say I kidnapped bua maa. Om why don’t you call her and ask where she is? Om calls bua maa but not on speaker. He talks ear to ear with her and says hello where are you? She says home. Om says did you go anywhere? Bua maa says omki I need to tell you something. She says something but it’s muted. He is shocked and says okay bua maa take care bye. He hangs up and sees kali and gauri. He says bua maa said she’s home.

Gauri is shocked. She says no omkara ji please believe me kali really kidnapped bua maa. Om shouts enough gauri. I’ve had enough of your lies. I don’t care anymore. He looks at kali and says look kali this enemity is between you and this girl so it’s up to you what you want to do with her. He holds gauri’s arm and pushes her towards him. She looks at om shocked. He says to kali do whatever you want with her. She’s yours now. He leaves in anger. Kali smiles and looks at gauri. He says so the bird came back to her cage. He takes out chains and ties her hands and legs and carried her in his arms and puts her in the car and drives back to the haveli. They reach the haveli and kali pushes gauri into the room.

Her head collides with the bed and it bleeds. Gauri cries uncontrollably. He ties her hands with one side of the bed and legs on other. He says this is your real place. He says stay here and be ready for our marriage tomorrow. He is about to leave when he stops. Gauri thinks why did kali stop. He comes back and says no not like this. He unties her and throws her on the bed. She is hell scared and thinks what will kali do. He comes on the bed and gauri gets scared. He takes her hands and puts each hand on either side of the bed and ties them up with the bed. He then takes her each leg and ties each leg with the bed and says now better. He is about to leave but comes again and says wait I forgot another place. He gets the other set of chains and puts them around her waist chaining each side of the bed so she can’t turn her body. He says this is better and this way your body won’t feel pain and I’ll get to see you laying down 24/7.

He leaves whereas gauri feels so scared. She cries loud and thinks omkara ji I really didn’t betray you. The song main phir bhi tumko chaunga plays from half girlfriend. She cries and cries. It’s night now. The camera moves and it shows the room window being opened from the outside. Gauri is crying so she doesn’t notice the window. An person in a black hood comes in. The person locks the window then goes to the door and locks it. The person moves to the bed and sits on gauri’s side. She feels one side of the bed heavy and looks at the hooded person. She gets scared and says who are you? The hooded person takes off his hood and shows his face. She is shocked and says you? It’s revealed to be omkara!! He is teary eyed too and says yes me. She says omkara ji. He is teary eyed and says gauri I’m so sorry. She is confused and puzzled. She says sorry? For what? He says for doubting you? For thinking that you care just for money. She says it means..he says yes gauri I know everything. She says how? He tells her when he called bua maa

Om: bua maa are you home?
Bua maa: omki don’t worry about that but listen to me carefully. I was kidnapped by kali thakur’s people and they captivated me for 3 days. In between I got a little consciousness and heard kali telling gauri that if she doesn’t do what he says then their goons will kill me. Omki chulbul is gauri and she is doing everything for you. Please save her from kali’s clutches. Om is shocked hearing the same thing from his bua maa. At first he doesn’t believe bua maa but after gauri keeps telling him to believe her he thinks bua maa is saying right. He decides to see.

Om: okay bua maa take care bye
They hang up and he looks at kali then gauri. He acts to hate kali and gauri and pushes her towards him and leaves but actually he hides behind a tree hearing them. He hears everything kali said and how he chained her and put her in the jeep and omkara feels bad for doubting gauri all this time. He thinks he has to save her. He recalls his moments with chulbul and thinks all this time my moments and my fun was actually with MY WIFE gauri. He says gauri omkara singh oberoi I’m coming to save you. He smiles and leaves.

Flashback ends
Gauri hears this and is shocked. She cries and says omkara ji. He puts his finger on her lips and says shhh keep quiet or kali will hear. He sees her hand and feet bleeding because of the chains and her forehead bleeding as her head collided with the bed. He gets mad and his hands turn into a fist. His eyes are boiling red and thinks kali thakur I won’t spare you. He says gauri you are bleeding so much. She just cries. She’s happy and shocked. Om tries opening the chains but he doesn’t have the keys. He finds a knife in the room and starts cutting the chain with full force. The hand and leg chain comes out but he spots the chain around her waist. He says how do I cut this with a knife?

Gauri says omkara ji please take me away from this. Om says yes gauri don’t worry we’ll both leave. Let me first unchain you. She says please omkara ji hurry. I’m feeling pain. He feels bad and guilty and says yeah let me try. I can’t do it with the knife or it might cut you. I’ll try something else. He uses his hands to break it. Gauri feels something as he touches her waist as she was wearing a ghagra choli. She had a blouse and an skirt at the bottom. The whole waist was see through as blouse covers just the chest area and skirt is below the belly. She thinks omkara ji has touched me for the first time. It feels so different being touched by your husband. The chain doesn’t open with his hands. He thinks and thinks then comes with an idea. He says I’m sorry gauri but this may feel a bit uncomfortable but I’ll have to do this. She says omkara ji why are you saying like that? You’re my husbad…he feels happy, proud, and guilt at the same time. He says I’ve done so wrong with you all this time but you still don’t hate me. She says how can I hate my god? You are my husband. You have full rights on me.

Omkara smiles at that. He says okay gauri here I go. She thinks what will he do but before she even thought about the outcomes she suddenly felt a soft lip like touch on her belly. Yes it was omkara’s lips. He was pulling the chain with his teeth. She was getting currents in her body and her heart was beating very fast. Finally omkara managed to open the chain. He saw chain marks on her white silky belly and her white hands and legs. He said gauri I’m so sorry. She doesn’t listen but immediately hugs omkara tight and says please omkara ji don’t say sorry. It wasn’t your fault. It’s all kali thakur. He hugs her back tight and flows with the emotions and says I love you gauri. She hears him and breaks the hug. She says what’d you say? Omkara holds her face and says I love you gauri omkara Singh oberoi!! She is so happy to hear that. She hugs him and says I love you too omkara ji. Both hug each other and flow into emotions. He says okay we need to leave. She nods and grabs her things. They climb down the ladder and both flea away in the jeep. Kali thakur comes and says where is gauri and suddenly 3,2,1 and boom.

The haveli blasts and kali thakur’s chapter is finished. Yes omkara planted bombs around his house. Omkara brings gauri home and bua maa and Jhanvi welcome them. They have a cute family moment then bua maa says now you both go to your room. It’s your first night. Gauri and om blush and om says no bua maa it’s our night but not the 1st wedding night. Our marriage happened long ago right gauri. She blushes and bua maa says ohooo. Omkara says bua maaaa. She laughs and says okay now both go. They go to their room. They are about to shut the door when jhanvi and bua maa come in. Omkara says mom what now? Bua maa says listen and she pulls both om and gauri near her and whispers “soon make me hear the good news” om confused but gauri understands and om says what good news? Bua maa hits his head and says duffer my little omki or little gauri. Om says what but then realizes and blushes while gauri is red as a tomato.

Jhanvi laughs and says okay bua maa now let’s leave the love birds alone. They leave and om locks the door. Gauri blushes and om says so you heard what bua maa said na? Wanna start now? She blushes and comes closer to him. She takes his hands and makes him hold her waist by using her hands and placing his hands on her waist and she encircles his neck with her arms. Omkara pulls her closer and gauri comes near his ear and says “whenever you say omkara ji” she kisses his cheek on that same side and comes back. Om raises his eye brow and says okay whenever I say mrs.gauri omkara singh oberoi. She nods. He says okay so first you will call me om just om. Not om ji or omkara ji or omkara. Just om. She blushes and says how can I? He pulls her closer from her waist and says just om. She looks down then at him and shyly says om.

He says hayeeee it’s so sweet hearing it from your mouth. She smiles. He pulls her and then carries her in bridal style and makes her lie on the bed. He comes on top of her and puts his one hand on her bare belly as she was wearing a ghagra choli and other on her face. He comes closer and kisses her lips. They enjoy that long and passionate kiss. He kisses her lower lip while she reciprocates and kisses his upper lip. Both there tongues mingle in and kiss each other passionately. He moves to her eyes and kisses each of them. Then her each cheek. Then her nose. Then her forehead. Then her chin. Then her jaw. Then he moves down to her neck and buries his face inside her neck and leaves wet kisses all over her neck. She feels emotions and plays with his hair and has her other hand on his shoulder. He moves down and kisses her bare belly. He starts taking his and her clothes off and lights start to fade. The night saw their passionate night. The song aaj phir tumpe plays in the BG. the night was the witness to their new found love. One year later gauri gave birth to twins a girl and a boy named ayush and ayushi.

So guys this was my first try on the OS. Please let me know how y’all thought about it!!!! Kiara signing off and will may be back soon.

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