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Hi guys,this is my second ff(after Teen Love) and i’m hoping for more support.So here we go

Swara Gadodia:a model.Ex-wife of Sanskar Maheshwari.Mother to Aaliyana and Arhaan

Sanskar Maheshwari:India’s top jewellery designer.Ex-husband of Swara Gadodia

Lakshya & Ragini:Husband and wife,lakshya brother of Sanskar and Ragini sister of Swara,parents to Aliya and Ahaan

A girl is walking down the ramp.2 children are cheering and applauding.She walks down and stops,waves at the camera and walks back.

Lady:Swara,I’m telling you,you won’t get anything better than this
Swara:Yes but I’m not going to model for that.I don’t think you’ve realised but I have 2 kids
Lady:So you won’t do it
Swara:No sorry
Lady:You won’t get an offer better than this EVER
Swara:You’ve told me this a lot.Sorry I’m not doing it(She walks off.Two children run up to her)
Child 1:Mama.I passed
Swara:(she smiles)well done good girl Aliyana and you Arhaan
Aliyana:failed as usual(Arhaan gives her a death glare)
Swara:Don’t say that,but you deserved it I told you not to play out but revise but did you.No!
Arhaan:i’ll try better next time I promise pakka
Swara:Ok! so who wants Ice-Cream
Aliyana & Arhaan:me
Swara:Common lets go

A man is sitting in a meeting.they are looking at a laptop with pictures of girls.
Man:Ok we’re not finding anyone
Man 2:Mr Maheshwari.I know a model who will be perfect for this however she is very busy.
Sanskar:Ok so contact her and lets see if she agrees or not
Man 2:As you wish Mr Maheshwari

OK guys so that’s the opener to this new fanfiction and comment down below if I should continue.Thanks and Bye.

Credit to: ANONYMOUS

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  1. Nyc nd seems quite amazing plz update nxt part nd i hope that u will continue this ff upto end

    1. thnks and i will try my best

  2. Awsm start

    1. thanks and happy u like it

    1. thanks

  3. Amazing
    I think swasan children will unite them

    1. thanks and we’ll see if swasan children unite them

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