New Found Love Lost episode 4


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Arhaan:Hi mama
Swara:hi arhaan and aliyana what have you done

Arhaan goes up to Swra and puts his hands around her neck:I promise ill pass teh etst
Arhaan:Arhan wala pakka promise
Swara:And you Aliyana
Aliyana is eating she shows a thumbs u sign
Swara:If you don’t pass this time i don’t know what i’ll do with you
Arhaan:Mama u sed that last tym
Swraa:Well this time i mean it now sit down and eat

Laksya:Sanskar Have you called her yet
Sanskar:Yh but some kids picked up and they wudnt give it to her,I think she has kids
Laksya:Ha to Ragini has kids but shes still the most beautiful girl in the world
Sanskar:hai hai mere bhai
Lakshya:Shut up try again tomorrow
Sanskar:Ok ill say goodnight to aliya and Ahan Are you reading to them or me
Lakshya:me thyll never go sleep with you

Swara tucks the kids up in bed and reads to them.She then also sleeps.In teh morning both houses are in chaos

Aliyana:(crying)Mama i dont know anything
Swara:Hey kiddo its Ok,you revised hard didnt you
Aliyana nods:Yh
Swra:So youll do good right
Arhaan:mama i cant find my tie MAAAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAA
swara:comon stop crying your a strong girlinnit
Swara:ha ayi
aliyana gives her ahug and swara reciporates

Swra goes to help Arhan and Aliyana continues going over her notes .they are finally ready and finally set off.On the other side Ragini is helping her kids to get ready for school.
Aliya:Uncle will take us tday
Ahan:yh I want uncle to take us too.
Ragini:promise you’ll pass
Aliya nd ahaan:pakka promise
Ragin Good let me call him

Sanskar is driving them to school,Swara is too.
Sanskar:so we are here finished all revision
Sanskar:good girl now pass for me OK..
Ahan:OK now come on drop us off
Sanskar:ha chal

Sanskar and Swara both get out of the car and both feel weird
Sanskar and Swara:OK you go to class
Swara:I’ll be here at home time nd I’m expecting good news
Aliyana and arhan kiss her on her cheek:bye mama love you
Sanskar to ahan nd aliya:bye

Sanskar goes to call the model Swara is walking
Swara thinks:the market is near here I should get some food from there ha
Sanskar is calling someone and Swara phone rings

Sanskar:Hello is this Ananya
Swara:Sorry wat
Sanskar:Ananya Kamran
Swara:Ha sorry yes
Sanskar:Well I have an assignment for you,
Swara: sorry I am currently busy plz send the details too my email address thank you and bye(she cuts the call)
Sanskar:She hhasan attidude but still I’m in need of her so…I gotta do what I have to do

Swara is busy with photoshoots nd house work.She sees it’s 3 so goes to pik her kids up.Sanskar also goes to pik aliya nd ahan.he is driving carelessly nd bumps into swaras car.Swara beeps
Swara:Are you blind or wat
Sanskar: or wat
Swara: Shut up now move
Sanskar has a fb
Sanskar and Swara are not friends as of yet. Sanskar bumps into her nd she drops her books.
Sanskar:Are you blind or wat
Swara:Or wat and she walks off.

Swara beeps nd he comes to hius senses he moves his car and goes.Sewara is waiting and sitting on the bench. Aliyana comes running to her:mama guess wat
Aliyana’:I passed wohooooo
Swara:yh wat bout arhaan
Aliyana:dunno but he looks sad
Arhan comes comes looking down nd sad
Swara:how was if did you pass
Arhan:yayyy I passed nd he runs all around
Swara:Aliyana go get him
She runs after him nd bumps into Sanskar
Sanskar:watch it
Aliyana: watch wat your face
Sanskar: Hey shut up hasn’t your mother taught you respect
Swara:more than you can ever teach me arhan come here
Arhan: wat
Aliyana:Hey how dare u badmouth my mama
Arhan:wat did he do
Aliyana:nothing and she gives him a smile nd look she then stamps on his foot arhan then slits on it. RUUUUUN
They run and hold swaras hand
Arhan: Mama let’s gho
Swara:Ha but wats the hurry calm down
Aliyana: Mama chal

Swara with kids are in the car.

Swra:So because of you both passing lets have apizza party huh
Arhan:Yh and can I invite Amar a
Aliyana:And me Zayan

Precap:Yay I got a new assighment and pizzza party.

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  1. M still thinking why Sanky didn’t speak with Swara? and also bcoz kid’s name are same it is lil confusing..

    1. Sanskar did speak with Swara however Swara referred to herself as Ananya Kamran as she does not want anything of the past to have an affect on her and her childrens present.And sorry if you are finding the names hard to understand

      Swara and Sanskars kids;Aliyana and Arhan
      Lakshya and Raginis kids:Aliya and Ahan

  2. Awesome

  3. Nice bt little bit confusing

    1. Swara and Sanskar were married before however they split up due to misunderstandings.Swara has 2 childrena nd names them similar to ragini and Lakshyas.Swara refers to herself as Ananya Kamran to avoid her past.Hope this helps you understand

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