New found love lost episode 2


Hi Guys so Im back.

Swara,Aliyana and Arhaan are in the ice-cream shop.

Swara:What flavours do you want
Arhan:and mint

Swara has a FB
Sanskar and Swara are in school.
Sanskar:She wont agree
Freind:And if she does then!just ask
Sanskar:Ok!Hey Swara
Sanskar:Do you want some ice-cream later
Swara:Are you asking me on a date
Sanskar:Do you want me to?
Swara:Go on
They both smile and go to the ice-cream shop.
Sanskar:What flavour do you want
Sanskar:And mint
Swara:eugh that’s disgusting
Sanskar:Try it then you’ll see
Swara:Its fine

Aliyana:Mama ice-cream
Swara:huh yeh.
She takes ice-cream and they sit outside.
Aliyana:eugh that’s disgusting
Arhan:Shut up!And you should try it then comment
Swara:Ok stop fighting about ice-cream now(she gets a phone call but rejects it)

Man:Sir shes rejecting teh call
Sanskar:Keep calling actually give me her number
Man:Ok sir
Sanskar:Thankyou,you may go
Man:Good night sir
Sanskar:Good night

Sanskar reaches home.2 kids run up to him and hug him.
Sanskar:Hi(he bends down)Look what Ive got
Sanskar:First tell me how was the test
Sanskar:Who passed and who failed
Kid 1:I passed
Sanskar:Well done Ahaan(and gives him a chocolate)and you Aliya
Ahaan:Failed as usual
Sanskar:Lakshya told you to revise but did you no you went to play didn’t you
Aliya:Ill try harder promise
Sanskar:Good girl and here(He gives her a chocolate)

Lakshya comes
Lakshya:You spoil them too much Sanskar
Sanskar:So what if I had kids I would have done the same
Lakshya:You would have had some had you not chucked Swara out of the house
Ragini:Lakshya,yaha aja
Sanskar:Ja Joru ka ghulam
Lakshya:Ok revise you two (he looks at Aliya and Ahaan)and Aliya you better pass this time
Sanskar:Ja na
Lakshya:Ha aayi
Sanskar:OK you two come with me!(They go to his room)So what test do you have
Aliya:You’re gonna fail in that
Ahaan:And what test do you have
Ahaan:Ha Ha so you’re really going to pass in that dream on
Sanskar:OK both of you stop fighting and revise OK

Sanskar is revising with kids and Swara is also revising with Aliyana and Arhaan

Arhaan & Aliyana:I’m hungry
Swasan:Revise for 30 minutes then you can have food OK

PRECAP:TEST WEEK and contacting you

OK so thats ep 2 hope you enjoyed it and comment down below

Credit to: ANONYMOUS

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  1. Nice epi..
    swara is chucked out na.. dhn hw cn swasan gives same reply : do revidion nd hv food later….???
    Are dhy givng revision seperatly..
    Waiting fir nxt part…
    can u post it asap…

    1. Yh because OF their divorce tyhey are living separate and they still have the same connection and so say the same thing

  2. confused ?? what happened ?? can u pls explain me the plot ?

    1. Swara and Sanskar were married before however due to some misunderstanding Swara was chucked out.She was pregnant with twins and because of the promise they bad made tyo eachother she keeps the child and names them similar to Raginis children but Sanskar doesn’t know.This ff explores the new found love which was lost.Hope this helped you understand more.

  3. Superb bt a bit short dear plz update nxt part soon nd plz long update ur ff is interesting nd quite different

  4. Awesome

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