A New found family (Twinj) epi 1

So presenting to you the first update..
Part 1

Everything was going fine in Twinj’s life.
Twinkle forgave her So Called Dad For Kunj’s sake and also for her mother, but it was kunj who who emotionally blackmailed her.
“Plz twinkle mere liye itna nahi kar sakti kya? Plz yar favour samajh ke hi karde”
Twinkle forgave RT on this statement and if her mother forgave him than she ll forgive him for her, because she has all rights to be happy.

Though kunj forced her to forgive RT but he never forced her to accept him wholeheartedly, if any situation appeared where twinkle has to do any rituals or be sweet to him he would just escape her from that situation.
She remembered the day when on there remarrying day, everyone fed them sweets.
Twinkle fed to leela but when it came to RT twinkle was not in a mood, so kunj came and called her.
“Twinkle jaldi aa mujhe tujhse zaruri kam hai” kunj spoke and dragged her out of there house.
Twinkle spoke “thanku kunj.”
Kunj understood and spoke “jab tu mere liye unhe maaf kar sakti hai toh main itna toh kar hi sakti hu.”
Twinkle smiled, and to avoid whole situation they went for a small walk. And when everything was done, they came back to house saying it was important work.
RT and Leela noticed that twinkle forgave him but doesn’t talk to him. But they can’t help it, because twinkle never spoke anything it was kunj who helped her.

One fine day twinkle’s step sister came into view. Twinkle knew about her, as adopted sister.
She accepted her sister with whole heart.
She spend most of the hours with her.

Twinkle to mahi “mahi kal kunj ka bday hai and 2weeks bad hamari anniversary. I am so excited”
Mahi asked “wow kuch plan kia jiju ke liye?”
Twinkle replied “ha maine socha hai main kal surprise party dungi uske liye.”
Mahi in her mind “isse acha mauka mujhe nahi milega.”

Twinkle talked to everyone and told them about there plan. Rest of the day she did all preparations.

Next day. Kunj woke up with enthusiasm. He was happy, it was his first birthday with twinkle. Though they fight a lot, biker a lot, bht he can’t imagine a life where there was no twinkle. Don’t know why but he just can’t imagine his life without her.
He got up, got ready and went down in order to get blessings from everyone.
But to his shock, all were busy in their work, his face fell when even twinkle didn’t wished him.
All upset he went to college, his friends wished him, his whole day was good he cut one cake with them. But the fact that his wife didn’t wished him, hurt him.

In evening, he went to a place where he could sit alone and spend some time because he was really hurt that twinkle and other family members didn’t wished him.
He was in his thoughts when he felt a hand on his thigh and realised mahi sitting with him. With a s*xy suit, showing her cleavage.
Kunj jerked her hand away and spoke “yeh kya kar rahi ho mahi tum?”
Mahi spoke seductively “oh common jiju, dont tell me that you don’t know what i am trying to do. We are grown ups now. And vaise bhi aaj apka bday hai so thought of giving you a pleasurable gift” she came close to him only to be pushed back.
“Shut up. Jiju hu mein tumhara, tumhari behen ka pati. Sharam karo mahi” kunj spoke in anger.
“Jisne kare sharam uske futte karam jiju. Or vaise bhi jo meri behen apko nahi de pai vo main apko deti jiju” she spoke.
Kunj spoke confused “what do you mean?”
Mahi spoke “ab itne bhi bhole mat bano. I know ki aap dono ke beetch pati patni jaisa koi rishta nahi hai. And ek bat toh apko admit karni hogi i am better than her in every sense. Baki ek chance do i will show you that i am better in bed too.”
Kunj got so angry that slapped him “just shut up. Apni gandi zuban se meri biwi ka nam mat lena. Tumse lakh guna achi hai vo” saying so he left from there.
Mahi was so angry she spoke to herself “ab btati hu main tum miya biwi ko ki mahi kya chiz hai”

Kunj wanted to tell these things to twinkle so he drove the car as soon as possible.
He reached home, as he entered he got surprised seeing all family members Standing there singing song for him. He plastered a smile on his face and took blessings from all, after all twinkle came and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear “happy birthday mere khadoos pati”
Kunj remembered every single word of mahi and hugged her tightly from waist. Twinkle sensing something weird broke the hug and asked “kya hua?”
Kunj spoke “mujhe tujhse bat karni hai”
Twinkle spoke “abhi?”
Kunj replied “ha twinkle. Plz chal na.” Twinkle nodded, he held her hand and was about to take her away when police reached there.
Bebe asked “inspector sahab aap yaha? Kya hua”
Inspector replied “Kunj Sarna kon hai? Unke khilaf rape ka case aya hai”
Everyone were shocked, more than all twinkle.
Kunj replied “kya bakwas kar Rahe hai. Kisne?”
Inspector replied “aapki sali Mahi ne. Aapne uska rape kia hai.”
Than entered mahi in a devastated state.
Kunj was helpless. He didn’t bothered about world, he turned to twinkle and spoke “twinkle maine kuch nHi kia plz mera yakeen kar.”
Twinkle stood there like a statue. Police arrested kunj.
Leela handled mahi, RT wqs so angry that he held twinkle’s hand and spoke “chalo twinkle. Tum ab is ghar mein or nahi rahogi.”
Twinkle stood there, didn’t moved a bit. He again tried this twinkle spoke “kyu jau? Yeh mera ghar hai. Or main nahi manti ki mera pati aisa kuch karega. She turned to mahi and spoke “tujhe sharam nahi ayi apni jiju pe itna ganda ilzam lagate hue. Chi”
RT spoke “twinkle kya bakwas kar rahi ho. Meri beti jhuth nahi bol sakti”
Twinkle spoke “apki beti? Mujhe pata hai ki yeh adopted hai.”
All were shocked, mahi was infuriated.
RT spoke “chup hoja twinkle. Adopted tu nahi vo hai.”
Twinkle felt like God is playing pranks with her. First yuvi, than rt kunj accused of rape nd now she is adopted. She feels like killing herself.

Mahi spoke “kitni ghatia ladki hai tu twinkle. Teri behen ka rape hua or tu apne pati ki side le rahi hai. I wonder kis baap ka ganda khoon daud raha hai tere andar jo tu itni ghatiya hai, dekhle tere karmo ki saza hai jo tu aaj bilkul akeli hai Or vaise bhi tujhe jaisi ladkia yh deserve karti hai, ab kabhi hamare ghar mat aio”
Bebe slapped her hard and before she could say something, she got another slap from usha.
“How dare you speak toh my DIL like this. Tameez se bat karo beti hai yeh meri. Pehle mere bete pe jhuthe ilzam lagaye or ab meri beti pe, hoti kon hai tu ise bolne vali ki iska koi nahi hai. Yeh gbar isi ka hai Tum logo ke sahare ki zarurat nahi hai ise, hum haise iske liye. Leela ji aap kyu chup hai? Aapse yeh umeed nahi thi. Kher aap sab ab yaha se jaiye.”
Something was going on Leela’ s mind because which she kept mum.

As they all left twinkle slumped on fllor with a thud. Usha immediately took her side, twinkle hugged her. Usha never supported her. But today she did, bebe too came near her and tried to calmed her down.

So how was it?
Hope you guys like it.

Credit to: Avantika

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    1. rt says that twinkle is adopted but not mahi and then……….mahi says to twinkle that she is shameless girl taking husbend s side when her sis is raped by him after all she is adopted so dont know about her father(he may be as bad as u) and also says u r alone now and dont come to our house
      bebe and usha slaps her usha asks mahi how dare she is to talk like this to her dil and says this house is hers and she dont at all need u and we r there for her she is my daughter and u accused my son first and saying ill about my daughter now then she asks leela why she is silent and u all go from here

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  7. Thnking u all..from the corw of my heart..but I will not post it daily coz I said it earlier that it would be of 2to 3 chapter only like the three slot ff..have patience..see ya..!! <3

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    Tara..i.would soon come with my three slot ff again and it would be dedicated to u.. (I m of 15 years tara as u asked ..u said that u want a friendly relation amd and not didi one..so I didn't call u didi)

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  10. avanthinka… gosh your just amazing man.. nd thank god ki ur back yaar..:)))
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  11. also update nxt epi fast…..asap.. just luvin it<3<3<3<3

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