New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 4)

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the episode starts with ranveer and ishani says wow…ishani then remembers the call and asked ranveer can we meet now.ranveer asked are you’s late man.ishani asked him to come.ranveer says ok.
ranveer reached ishani’s home and calls her.ishani says wait and turns to see if pragya and bulbul slept.they are slept so ishani jumps out of window.ranveer asked what you are doing…if someone comes to know.ishani says what…5 years experience.ranveer says great.but why you called me.ishani says I want to enquire about abhi…sorry Abhi jiju…
ranveer says carry on.ishani asked if abhi is flirting type.ranveer asked what..ishani says I mean..if abhi have lot of girl friends.ranveer says may BE. .what’s the problem for you..ishani says no it’s not a problem for me.but for my di..and tels him about the call.ranveer laughs and says it may be someone who did NT like abhi .ishani says but…ranveer says arey are impossible. ishani laughs.ranveer says then are you in love.ishani says not till now.ranveer says did you meet anyone..ishani says no..but if so only after my di’s marriage.ok it’s late..if someone comes to know I am not in room ,then i am done.ranveer says ok bye and leaves…

ranveer reached home ,straightly went to abhi’s room.he says about that unknown call.abhi asked how you know
ranveer asked so it’s you..abhi how can you…
abhi : first day how you came to know
ranveer: actually my friend ishani na..she is pragya di’s sister…so she informed me
abhi : oh really…ok go and sleep it’s time.
ranveer : ok …good nyt

next day
after dropping bulbul and ishani at their respective places…pragya meets abhi.abhi was actually waiting for her.yes…pragya is late
in park..
abhi: how much time yaar…I am waiting for you..
pragya”: I am sorry
abhi; it’s ok and both sits.
pragya in fear sits at edge OF the bench
abhi looked at her and thinks it’s of yesterday ‘s phone call.
abhi: why are you behaving so different today
pragya: is it so…oh come on abhi…I am normal
abhi puts his hand around her shoulder and sits close to her.
pragya stands up and thinks it’s not good…and thinks to call that unknown number.
meanwhile abhi was happy seeing pragya
pragya called that number and abhi’s phone rings.pragya turns .abhi thinks oh shit …I forgot to take the sim
pragya asked so it’s you…why did you did like this.abhi says its just for fun yaar.pragya says don’t talk to me and leaves.
abhi thinks hey…you are only for me..I know you love me…

ranveer and ishani was seeing this..ranveer says this mad abhi na…ishani says fault is on abhi.ranveer says I agree.ishani says we have to do something….

hope u balanced between 2 jodies ..

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  1. Amazing job! This is a cute ff and you are a great ff writer!

  2. very lovely………..but dude make ISHVEER together

  3. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice yaar

  4. 1sec RV thks tanu as pragya Na if he seen pragya thn he shd get confuse ni just dont understand yaar… Thn today episode s nice n call s soooooooooooo cute

  5. Plz make them know tanu is not pragya and make them meet the real pragya before anything stupid happens plzz

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Pls unite ishveer.ur episode was Soo nicee.

  7. The episode was nice


  9. Hey I am little confuse if ranveer thinks tanu as pragya then he will also confuse after seeing abhigya together

  10. O poor abhi?? n ishveer part was also?? really loved it

  11. So cuteee..i really loved it keep rocking dr

  12. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode yaar. Update soon.

  13. Its Awesome yaar…..But Rv is thinking Tanu as Pragya na…..Then ????

  14. really amazing yaar….i am also hav same doubt

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