New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 2)


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The episode starts with abhi drops pragya ,bulbul and ishani .
ishani: ok rockstar let’s see…
bulbul : ok rockstar bye and they both leaves
PRAGYA says thanks abhi.because of you my both sisters are happy.
abhi:arey they are not only sisters for you…they are for me too.
pragya smiles at him.abhi says ok it’s late ,you go…WE will see later .
pragya: ok..good night

Abhi: good night.

Abhi reached home.arti, yash, ranveer and purab are waiting in his room.
aarti: abhi what happened..did your princess came.and you proposed her.
abhi: talk like my bhabhi…no its our first meet na..I didn’t say anything.
ranveer: why bhai
abhi: if I proposed her ,I would have lost my friendship
Yash: say what happened
Abhi said everything…
purab: how sweet na….they three ..I want to meet bhai
yash : if pragya accepts your love then i will speak to dad and mom.
Abhi: thanks bhai
ranveer: okay let’s leave…

Next morning
pragya gets ready and prepared sweet as her sister is going to attend her interview.
pragya dress her and drops ishani In office
Pragya: okay..all the best well…dad and mom will be with you
ISHANI hugs her and pragya leaves.

ISHANI enters the office and gets into the cabin.
ishani: excuse me sir.may I come in.
ranveer: yes and looks at her.
suddenly ranveer gets up saying arey ishani
ishani arey buddhu ,you are boss…I am shocked.ranveer: don’t call me buddhu.
ishani says ok sir.
RANVEER : how come you here
ISHANI : I just came to attend the interview
RANVEER : you are selected.from tomorrow you are my personal assistant
ishani : thank you ranveer
RANVEER : sit let’s have a talk

Both seated
Ranveer: you were in Pune na…how come you here.
ishani.: my parents my uncle and aunty brought US here.though we lives with them.I have to earn na.
RANVEER : oh I am sorry…how is your sister’s
Ishani: both are fine and you know di. .dropped me.if I know you were my boss I would have introduced you.

( both ranveer and pragya doesn’t know each other.ranveer knows that ishani has a sister but he doesn’t know her name).
That time ishani gets a call.she says pragya di…and attends the call.
ranveer says pragya di…oh she is only whom bhai told let’s ask her.
ishani attends the call and says she gets the job and the boss is none other than ranveer.pragya congrats her and says today I will pick you…in evening.ishani says ok and cuts the call.

RANVEER asked your sister name is pragya.ishani nods yes.
ranveer : did you went to restaurant to meet abhi yesterday..I mean rockstar abhi
ISHANI : ha…I mean di knows he invited us.but how you came to know
RANVEER thinks so it’s pragya’s ishani’s sister nice.
ishani shooks him.
ranveer : ha…actually woh …abhi is my brother .he told me.
ishani : really…oh my God.

ranveer : waise can I meet pragya di
ISHANI : why not she will come today to pick me.

Prague comes to home saying aunty ,ishani got the job in rv group of companies. Tanu and neethu wonders how could she.pragya says I am going to pick her and was about to leave but tanu says I am going for my’s on my way .I will pick her.pragya asked are you sure.tanu says yes and pragya leaves..
tanu says I will see how she is behaving in that office and leaves

RANVEER got a call from a client so he ishani signs to go…
ishani sees tanu and asked where is pragya di .
tanu says I came to pick you …tats it come on.
ranveer sees this through the window and thinks its pragya and captures a photo.
He says bhai…now I will show this photo to all.

RANVEER gives his phone to purab, aarti,yash to see pragya.they all mistaken tanu as pragya…

Let’s see what will happen further…

Credit to: sriti kapoor

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