New FF…MERI AASHIQUI (episode 1)


Oh….guys thanks a lot …and support me. Ha ishveer will meet in next episodes and there is a wonderful twist in no worry ishveer fans. episode is yours.

BULBUL and ishani were speaking about meeting Abhi
BULBUL .ishani I could not believe we gonna meet abhi.
ishani: ha bulbul. .ok see whether this dress is good for me
BULBUL :ha pakka….see WE have to get autographs, selfies….
tanu asked from whom.
both bulbul and ishani shocked.
BULBUL ::arey tanu when did you come.
tanu: it’s not important.what were you both speaking.

ishani : woh ..ha…di ka friend na…he is a professor of bulbul so we thought to get autographs from him.
tanu: ha….these two are irritating .she leaves
BULBUL : if tanu comes to know that we gonna meet abhi…that’s it

In mm.
abhi ‘s room.
yash and ranveer comes .abhi asked what happened. Yash says there is a party.shall we go this evening.abhi asked this evening….no i am not coming.I am having important meeting
purab comes in …bhai there is no meeting today let’s go.
abhi: ho. ..when this ematharman came.I mean …I have personal meeting.
all shouts personal meeting.
abhi: ha…actually I met a girl na yesterday..
ranveer : pragya…
abhi : ha…get two sisters are big fan of I decided to meet them.
yash.: I thinks you want to meet pragya not two sisters

abhi: arey bhai not like that.I mean
ranveer: ( sits beside him) bhai promise on don’t have feelings on her
Abhi thinks what to do now…no I couldn’t say…what I think.what an i feeling.
yash: brother it’s called love.
abhi: what no…you three are making fun on me..leave from here
Yash : abhi…close your can able to see her. feel like she is near you.
abhi closed the eyes.he could only think of pragya.abhi opens the eyes and hugs yash.
Yash: arey my brother is in love.ranveer and purab hugs and they all took a selfie.
yash : so for what you are waiting propose her man
ABHI: no bhai. I want to confirm whether she have same feelings on me.for that I have to become a friend of her.
ranveer: bhai I want to see my bhabhi.take me with you.
Abhi: no …ranveer .come on yaar.first I will meet .after I proposed her I will introduce to all.
arti comes in asking what’s going on here.who is gonna propose whom.
abhi: nothing bhai..we are just talking .ha na bhai

Yash: ha…ha…aarti…
aarti: so the matter is about abhi.I casually asked whats the matter ,why you got tensed .
abhi.: me no bhabhi…tell na bro.
Aarti: so you people will not say na..wait I will call dad and he will ask .
abhi: no bhabhi.I will tell.and tells evrrything.
Aarti : I could not believe and sits .ranveer gives water to her.aarti says thanks
Aarti asked so you gonna meet her.abhi nods yes.she says all the best.all smiles.

At seven
Prague,bulbul and ishani gets ready.all the three comes down.pragya is in mild makeup.they three was about to leave but neethu called them.bulbul asked what aunty
.neethu:where you three are going.
Pragya: woh …aunty .we gonna meet….
ishani : doctor…doctor..we gonna meet doctor
Neethu: why …what happened
bulbul: aunty ,pragya di was not feeling well so..
neethu : ok ..ok..come soon.
bulbul and ishani in chorus…bye aunty.

Coming out …pragya asked why you both lied. BULBUL : if you told that we gonna meet rockstar. .she would not allowed and say thanks to me.
ishani: no to me..I only helped you.
bulbul : say thanks to both of us.

pragya: stop it ..let’s go.already late.
abhi was waiting…he thinks seriously why does a girl takes more time to get ready.sure the three will not reach .actually pragya..she is cute ,so may be she took time to get ready
Its ok i will wait.
abhi gets a call.he thinks oh no…it’s from home.he attends the call.ranveer: bhai ,did bhabhi came.abhi: no.
purab : bhai she will come na
abhi: don’t know
Yash: arey don’t become angry when she comes .because I know you will get angry when someone you gonna meet is late
abhi: bhai. .may be she strucked IN traffic
ranveer: arey bhai’s you speaking.

abhi sees pragya coming and says she came I will talk to you later..and cuts the call.

Pragya searched abhi.abhi calls pragya ,she turned…and says there.and three went. Abhi says hey…pragya smiles at him.pragya introduces bulbul and ishani TO abhi both hugs him saying we are big fan of you..abhi says you gonna speak like this ..let’s have dinner and drags a chair near him and ask pragya to sit.bulbul and ishani noticed it.pragya tooks his offer and seated.abhi says to himself…good job abhi…

They three had a chat…pragya says excuse me and left to washroom.abhi asked so what’s up.what you both are doing.ishani says I am going to interview tomorrow.abhi says all the best.bulbul says I am studying in college.abhi says cool.then what your sister is doing.ishani ,she is a professor in bulbul’s college.abhi thinks so my wife is a professor.abhi asked so what’s about your parents.both ishani and bulbul becomes sad.abhi asked what happened.if I asked anythg wrong.ishani says no..actually my father left us when we are young and my ma died …bulbul says for us…ma and pappa is only our sister.abhi asked but where are you staying.ishani says In my uncle’s house.they are rich they don’t need our di’s money ..but used to taunt uncle is good but my aunt used to taunt us.and both cries.abhi says I am so sorry. Ishani says it’s ok…no problem ..bulbul sees pragya coming and asked ishani to wipe her tears if she sees she will get hurt.abhi thinks wow…what kind of binding they have and says I decided ..whatever my fate …I will marry pragya.
screen flashes between abhi and pragya.

Ishani meets ranveer and says you buddhu …are you …ranveer says ishu and both hugs.ranveer asked how is your sister’s …and both have a talk.

Hope ishveer fans waiting for next episode and abhigya fans comment….

Credit to: sriti kapoor

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