New FF – A cute relationship exists (Intro)


Hi guys… Hope everyone were happy with my Shaadhi FF..

Its time to end of Shaadhi…

New FF.

Today end of Shaadhi FF.
Next I m coming with our new concept…

A cute relationship exists… Other than love and friendship..

Its brother and sister..

According to a brother.. A sister is his mom, his child, his friend….
According to a sister.. A brother is a father to her…

Here are our characters…
Raman Bhalla…. Assistant Commissioner of police…
Ishitha Bhalla…. Raman ‘s niece… She is a lawyer…
Mrithula Bhalla…. Raman ‘s sister… Doctor..
Aashish Khurana…. A business man…

Raman’s mom Saindhavi Bhalla fought with her husband Mr. Amrish Bhalla…

Raman lives with his dad.. Mrithula lives with her mom..
Raman and Mrithula hate each other…

Another side..
Ishitha Bhalla’s engagement is planned with Aashish Khurana…

Raman loves his mom… But he wont show that. Mrithula too..

Before the day of engagement.. Aashish and Ishitha having a talk in balcony…

In their engagement Raman Mrithula meets and starts fighting..

What will be the destiny?
Will Raman and Mrithula be lovable sibiings?
Will this engagement happen?

Today end of Shaadhi…
From tomorrow u LL get this new FF..

Please provide ur feedback

Credit to: Nivedha

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  1. Ishita-raman’s niece…???? strange.,what is raman’s age?

    1. U ll see it in my first epi Shakshi… Hope u guys ll like it

  2. Sissy and brother relationship right its cool

  3. Plz make ishu & raman pair

  4. Wowww so this is ur another ff awesome dr i know u will rock this

  5. Reshma Pradeep


  6. I like d story plz continue…..

  7. interesting nivi continue…………. waiting eagerly for first episode ………..

  8. interesting and i think neoce means in ur ff cousins ma
    very eager to read it

    1. Niece means Raman ‘s mom’s bro ‘s daughter… No worries always ishra

  9. Niece means brother or sister’ s daughter if ishita is raman’s mom’s bro’s daughter ( mama ji ki beti) then she’s raman’s cousin and her sur name will not be bhalla coz if people have same surname means they are treated as brother and sister so please change raman and ishita’s relationship and ishita’s surname please other than that I am eagerly awaiting for your ff because I am a big fan of your shadhi and dosthi ff please consider this….. I think you are a tamilian so you thought of making raman as ishita’s athai paiyaan am I right dear…

    1. Sure meera I ll make it lets change ishu’s surname..

      1. Thanks for considering my comment buddy I am eagerly awaiting for your next update hope this ff Will be as fantastic as your shaddhi and dosti ff congrats and all the best!!!

  10. Sorry nivedha but niece means brother or sister’s daughter i.e. raman will be uncle of ishita….???

    1. Yeah sorry sakshi I made it wrong.. They are cousins onlyy..

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