hi!guys iam new here and its my first ff hope u like it say via comments….

TWINKLE:she is employe in patels&her family is middle class depends on her she can do anything for her family.

KUNJ:he is doing job in sarnas&he can do anything for her mother&help everyone.

UV:he is younger bro of twinkle&studying in colledge&flirty with girls.

KAVYA:she is also younger sis of twinkle&studing in 10th.

NISHA:she is younger sis of kunj&studying with uv….

CHINKY:she is best friend of twinkle&she help her in everyway…

here twinj donot know eachother lets see how they fell in love twinj made for each other….

here a lady is shown and she is preparing a brekfast and from back a younger girl come and say good morining maa lady:good morining beta she none other than leela and a girl twinkle&she wearing a pink frok and her open hair &a voice come from back he is uv u get up soon today is sunday u have office di no today i have some work i have to go.leela:how much work u do beta take some rest after your dads death all my business loss&u r my brave child u mange us&u have so many responsibility in u see your bro&sis me&dadi no maa dont say i love u very much after my bro will merchude he will take all my responsibility no uv ya di..

here a young man who is still sleeping a lady come on getup beta she is usha&he is kunj no maa give me 10 min more after all today is sunday no get up soon beta your papa will see then he will gets angry see your sis ready&went to see her friends&he get up and freshup does breakfast and niki her bhabi say deverji where r u going?today is sunday any gf is there what bhabi no one is going to see my friends other days office take responsibility iam borred with that ohhh

here twinkle goes for market and buy some house hold things flour,vegetables etc…opposite side kunj is coming& both bang with each other she about to fall kunj take her in arms&both lost in each others eyes saaja na ve ve plays…. screen freeze…….

hope u like it comments if anything want to change …..

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Hai dear..loved the ff…
    Make more Twinj scenes…
    N m here to read ur ff so continue..n yeah good story Line..

  2. Good! All the best

  3. Nice episode

  4. Will u tell me hmw tm upload a ff for tei

    1. Wlcm zakira … .. Ur intro iz very gud and i hope ur ff will be also awesome ..

    2. In telly updates home page menu there is an option of post my article in which 1st u select category ff from.episodic anlysis n other options and then post it it will take time nearly 5 hrs
      ….n sry zarmeen i answered ur Q

  5. Btw i like your idea its unique

  6. Osm start dear looking forward for d nxt update

  7. nyc start ….. lyked it …..keep going ….

  8. shreya so many its failed after 5to6 times its given successful msg why any questions??

  9. Good story zarmeen

  10. Welcome dear Zameen…..ur ff is very nice…..keep going

  11. good start….waiting for next episode..

  12. Nice start dear keep it up

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