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next day

here twinkle is with her frnds they ask to say some thing about kunj twinkle says kunj is a little short tempered but has a very nice heart.twinkle says i and kunj will have to adjust a lot with each other and will have to understand each this much time i had realized that he has a very good heart.and his emotions shows on his face. this is honest quality is very important to me. her frnds looked amazed and asked have u fallen for kunj?the way u r talking it shows but twinkle argues love cannot happen so soon.her frnds tells her that love can happen anytime u think yourself why u r saying so many good things about him what is this if not love????she thinks…..

here bebe calls leela and says we will send twinj for selecting ring &we will others work ……

shopping mall

here twinkle selects jewlery for hereself and imagines kunj in the mirror who opines his choice and she buy it……….and kunj reaches there for real twinkle sees her and gets happy………..

k:hi somebody is here waiting for me….
t:nooo i was waiting for bebe and maa
k:oh ….
then they select rings&come out of mall
kavitha sees kunj and give a passionate hug.twinkle gets jealous to see kunj with kavitha and they leaves……..

twinkle is wearing blue saree with diamond earing and necklace with open hair kunj is wearing blue shervani dam hot both sit next to next …….

the dance performance starts uv with her partners dance on (sanam re)……they

kunj says u r look very beautiful.and she blushes and he ask me she says hot both shy and laugh…

family members ask twinj to dance they dance on (jeene laga hoon…)

and uv flirts with girls this nisha sees and says kitna besharma ladka hai tu……filirting with all so he ask my di function i will do what ever i want why u r jealous?because iam handsome she u r handsome ……

they both fight with each other

then pandit says this time to engagement…..

so both stand bebe gives ring here leela gives both put rings and feed eachother as a rituals and they take a family pictures and make a eye contact………

screen freeze…….

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  2. Osm epi dear loved it do cont soon plzzzzz

  3. awesome bt bit longer

  4. Hey zarmeen nice one…kya sid se baat huwi…

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  6. Awesome episode

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