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all the girls r jealous with twinkle because she was dancing with a handsome guy….she is thinking in shocked what was she is going to do& says u just attend the party and go twinkle dont focus on others..
here same happen with kunj.

here a girl with modern high hills come towards kunj and he surprize and both give a passionate hug(she is kunj colledge frnd)ohhhhh SUGANYA you yaaa iam manohar uncle has invited me here but i ask uncle to not to infrm u because i want to surprize u how is it he says very goood ……and u r very handsome and flirty she tease him…..

he introduced her with all his frnd & goes to twinkle

k:she t which she helped me

here twinkle is waiting for uv who is coming to pick her…..
kunj comes hi…..
twinkle gets angry and says go&flirty with your frnd iam helped frnds i have just came to eat&go naaa….
k:he takes one eyebrow up&smile and says r u jealous
t:noooo iam not jealous…all the boys r same but just girl says somethings they started to ask r u jealous if u r handsome,stylish if 1% i can says jealous but u r not….
k:really dont say lie…u like me …….
t:what r u doing?move back dont come close to me their nok jhok going on uv enters di come lets gooooooo
ohhhhh u r bro she goesssss… here twinkle is trying to sleel but she thinks how kunj dance with her roamantically&they close to each other how he lift her in his arm……..same this happen with kunj allsoolk

next day
twinkle is in gurudwara she is sitting there with immense pureness in the front of the holy place&prays pls god pls give my parents all the happenies&pls give me a nice job…
but there a priest come&blesses her.
p:why puttar you have any problem
t:woo mere ghar walo ko mere zaroot hai aur mujhe toh ek acchi kam ki zaroot hai….
p:fikir mat karo puttar tumhar pareshani door karnea ki liye tu tumhare zindagi mai koi hai joo tumhe pehchan nahi haiiii…
she gets confused&here leela thinking to find a groom for twinkle and disscused this about uv&told her to find a job&he says yessss

screen freeze………
epi 4 ends here ……..
lets see now how twinj love story will start……and guys dont forget to comments if positive or negative then only i can improve my ff…..pls support guys……

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Nice epi tell me wn u called sid he really said he is sid plllzzz…..zarmeen

  2. when i called it was yesterday 11pm i called him 2times but he did not attend my call&next time he attend but did not talk next time if i try he talked in sleeping hello hello aap kun?i got exited&ask r u kunj he said ya then i asked r u really sidhanth gupta ya he said i ask say promise i cant belive pls he said promise iam your sidhanth gupta i used send msgs in fb allso but he doesnot rply but yestarday i send him pls send atleast yes if u r really sidhanth gupta if u truely love your fans today he replied me that ya iam here bolo………ohhhhhhh i was very exitied pls anybody contact him say pls pls&jasmine where does u got number pls rply

  3. Zarmeen yr i got sid no. From truecaller.u also check na plzz. Bt mai confuse hu yr adres UP KA hai truecaller pai bt work as Tv actor model.hai Tclr pai plz check kro.muje bolo..

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode.

  5. Osm epi dear loved it…

  6. Awesm….keep going

  7. Wonderful

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