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k:t think some thing?
t:wait let me think!ahhh i got an idea
k:what ?
t:i will go&say to raunak that i know the truth of him when he does something you take a record of him&we will expose him?ya good idea na?
k:it is risk?h do u know he will do some thing?
t:y i know he will do something
k:no i wont let u to do?its risk
t:she takes kunj hand in her&says pls kunj say y. if u r with me there is no risk.
k:he is touched by her words and says ok we will excute our plan with in 15min&he calls salman and says all plan and says while iam excute plan i will send msg u jst inform police..
t:she goes to cabin&received a msg from kunj excute a plan now only she read and go to excute
t:she goes to patel says sir i know every thing about u how u uses girls for your purpose now iam going to true face through public
r:he gets angry and come close to her&says today iam not going to live u and trying to take advantage of her she gets tensed and scream for kunj
k:he send msg to salman&sees by mistake he has send to twinkle&he gets tensed and search for her and goes and sees twinkle in that condition and beat raunak black&blue
k:already he had fixed camera he shows it to police he arrest him
r:he gets angry and think i am not going to leave u twinkle taneja see what i will do with your life and smriks
k:his hand is bleeding
t:she sees it&torns hr dupatta and wraps his hand kunj eyes him lovingly (sajana ve plays)

m:comes and praised kunj&twinkle
k:he thinks firsf time dad is appreciate me only because of twinkle u r very special to me i got such feelings when iam with which i never got

next scence
twinkle goes home leela is worried
l:r u r beta?
t:y iam good ma dont worry!
l:today u had done good iam proud to say u r my daughter
t:i love u ma
l:i love u too
kavya sees this and gets angry

next day
break fast table
m:every one has came ya iam going to give u all surprise
nikki:what surprise dad?
m:my son has done good so iam going to give a surprise party is at
today at 7 clock
k:what dad i had done such a small thing?
m:no u had done big thinks iam was going to give that my half property in deal of gurantee but u have saved me otherwise what happends god knows….
ok then invite your friend&that girl which she helped u
k:y dad and he gets happy that he got other chance of spending time with twinkle

so second epi ends here

precap:twinj cute movements…….

Credit to: zarmeen

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