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kunj pulles a chair and make twinkle sit and the chair was located in the corner of the hurt…

k:so madam aap kya lena pasand karege wine …wisky…taquilla?

t:she gets tensed and nervous kunj smiled and says tum daro matt …yeh sab kuch nahi hai……

k:batao kya pina pasand karogi..

t:garam garam coffee..

k:jee madam pulls out chair twinkle become naughty she says hmm maine mood change kar diya hai… mujhe coffee nahi kuch thanda ho jayee…..

k:he makes a sad face and laugh..
and he suddenly pulled out 2pepsi and kept infront of her….

t:she got shocked and stop laughingg….

k:he says madam app yeh bhool gayi hai kii aap kunj sarna ke sath hai…agar app abhi chand tari bhi mangtinaa..woh bhi laa detaa…

kunj opened the cooldrinks and both of them did cheer and they both started taking and kunj kept on looking at twinkle face…

suddenly light gets off and it started raining and twinkle got scared…

she holds kunj hand tight and kunj looked at her….

k:tumne kabhi barish maine bhege nahi….

t:barish nahi bhegne see fever hoti hai…

k:smiled at twinkle barrish maine bhegne see tumhe kisne kaha kii fever hota hai….

and kunj pulled twinkle outside the coutagee and started laughing.

t:kunj …kunj….hold twinkle and looked up….

k:twinkle inn barish ke bonndo ko barashnee doo….you fell them ….listen that what they r trying to say.

k:kunj moves towards twinkle she got nervous suddenly kunj took twinkle in his arms..and he tookher and droped inside the water and twinkle intially got shocked then she hold kunj hand pulled him back in the water and both felt and both started enjoying the rain …

then twinkle went inside the courtage and kunj too entered ..

twinkle try to dry her hair but….by suddenly she sees kunj bent down on his knees in front of twinkle…

kunj ask twinkle for a dance….

t:no music..

k:suddenly music start

kunj pulled twinkle closer and pulled her by waist and they started dancing…..

slowly kunj turned twinkle and she was in his arms he did a click and the main light of courtage turned into 100 of candles….

she gets shocked and happy screen frezee….

pls answer my question and say how was my ff and next epi i will update today only……

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Osmm……epi dear loved it so much do cont soon

  2. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    amazing episode….

  3. Zarmeen fab ff as usual

  4. it was marvellous

  5. zarmeen. ur ff rock. I loved it

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