hi!!guys iam sad that i did not got comments i got only 5comments and so i decided to end my ff very sooon till that bear me pls…



here twinkle is thinking about kunj and how they confess their love and their special moments enjoy together…

just then she hear a voice from window she about to scream some one keeps his hand in her mouth he is none other than kunj……

she gets happy and hugs him both hug for a min both feel peace in their arms……and break the hug???

t:u r here at this time?if some one sees us like this???

k:ya i miss u soo much u r making crazy boy of u and if some one sees us allso let them know how much we love each other….&u know na i love u unconditional…

t:she blushes and says i love u till the end..

k:tomorrow if any plan is their??


k:we will go for a date i want to spend more and more time with u i cant wait till the marriage..

t:she blushes and says ok…

k:he says i will come and pick u at 6pm…..

kunj comes close to her she feels and close her eyes and he come close to her and kisses in her cheek and other cheek and her forehead and remove her hair at other side and kisses her neck she breaths faster and feels her touch and he comes closer to her lips to kiss her twinkle open her eyes and stares at him he closing her eyes he is about to kiss but she keeps her hand on his mouth and he open his eyes she says enough for today he smile and says without your permission i wont do any thing she is touched by his words and kiss him on his cheek both smile and someone knoks the door she signs him to go he goes….

twinkle get revilved and opens the door uv is standing why u were not opening the door any body was there she says no?????she smile and sleeps …….uv thinks what happens to this girl i dont know someone said its right to understand girls its very difficult???


leela comes and says get up twinkle your marriage is with in 10days u r sleeping…..

she gets up and sees leela is in tears and she says dont cry maa after marriage allso i will come u to meet daily they share mother and daughter emotional moments…..


twinkle goes to leelas room

t:i want to say u thanks maa?

l:thanks for what?

t:maa thanks for giving me a such a good life parthner maa he cares about me and he does not see his happy but first sees about my happy only ma thankyou sooo much ma

l:iam very happy to see u very happy beta from small to u had only taken our responsibility only …u allso has rights to be happy to see u like this and god bless u

t:i have to take a permission maa today iam and kunj going out maa he will come to pick me shall i go…

l:ya go beta enjoy this moments is very percious after marriage we will get double work we look out our new house and we need to settle their way…

t:thanks maa …

she goes to her room and select a blue dress and remember last night how he kissed her ang feels shy and same happens with kunj….


kunj comes and greeds leela and takes permission and both leaves …

kunj ahead and put his hand forward twinkle gave her hand and slowly escort twinkle goes into courtage which has been decorated with flowers roses…which was twinkles favourite and lots of stars hanging in the courtage …. the lighting of courtage was beautiful twinkle was mesimerized with the decoration..

screen freeze ………

so my epi 14 ends here so comments guys how was it next epi i will upload soooon…..

Credit to: zarmeen

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  1. Amazing epi dear loved it so much do cont soon

  2. Amazing episode…..loved it

  3. No Dear Don End It Soon
    I just luv ur ff but couldn’t comment every time due to my xms

  4. are why so angry . it happens . chill . i dont get time thats why cant cmnt . pls dont end it .

  5. Nice episode

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)


  7. dont end it soon…ur ff is nice..dont lose hopes just becoz u got a less comments..there r many more people are reading..just be patience..

  8. amazing episode

  9. pleaseee! don’t end it
    love your ff very much

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