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here all decided to go to ice cream parlour…

twinj r front of car and uv and nisha in back seat…

they go and order icecrem and enjoy…….

kunj goes to counter(bill) twinkle follows him and a girl comes to kunj and says ahhhh handsome
k:who r u?
g:ahhhh u dont reamber me???
k:iam sorry i dont reamber u?
g:in school u were crush yon me?
k:ohhh priya u and kunj sees twinkle standing starts flirting with her????

twinkle sees him with a girl goes and says to priya u dont have anyshame where ever u see boys u stars to flirt and bu i say he is my fiyance and we r getting married but kunj try to explain but no of use she is in full anger and leaves….

kunj aplogize her she says twinkle loves u alot that why she cant see any other girl with u………

all leaves to sarnas just then uv gets a call he leaves but kunj try to talk but she ignores and leaves……

she searches her mobile and she remember she has kept in kunj room and she goes…..

kunj sees her and says ohhhh tu agai mujhe pata tha tu mujhe say zada dere taka naraz nahi reh sakti…

t:its no like that khadoos sarna i came to take my mobile
k:ohhh!u kept mobile here to by chance u can see me
t:dont try to act smart i had forgot and kept here…

they were fighting suddenly power goes……she gets afraid she bang both fall on bed(twinkle on top of kunj) sajana ve ve plays…..

both gets up kunj switches his mobile torch on and walks around room to find candles. twinkle follows him&he finds matchboxes light stick and stares at her face….

twinkle says she needs to go to washroom but is afraid of dark ness…..

he ask her how can be anyone be afraid of darkness so much &he says he will take her to washroom .she ask him to speak to her he says shall i come inside in (funny tune)and he stand outside the washroom….

he makes evil voice she gets afraid and comes out and hugs him…

power comes and twinj break the hug she takes her mobile&leaves but kunj stops her
k:u say one thing u were jealous when u saw me with other girl???
she realize and say no…
kunj say no u said y say why?

she says y i said y because u r my pheyonce and we r getting married soooon if any other girl sees her husband is with other they will jealous …..

kunj is touched by his words and says iam only yours no one cannot come between us….both smile…..

t:she says bye and says ohh see u soon
k:see you

both smile and leaves…….

and as vote as got more for before marriage so i have decided to confess before marriage…..

and guys soory for grammatical mistakes as this epi was not written by zarmeen this was written by her sister as she got injured in finger she has got cut in her finger sooo but story line was her only ………

as sooon she poosible she will upload next epi of twinj confess of love…..

Credit to: zarmeen

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